Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saluda Toy Run in Polk County North Carolina

     When Kathy and I arrived at the Saluda Fire Station at noon on November 28, 2015, there was already a huge crowd.  Bikers coming from all around Polk county to donate a toy to the Saluda Fire Department.  There must have been one thousand bikes.
Thank you Saluda Fire Department for hosting the Toy Run

     The Saluda Fire Department served us Bar B Q and hot dogs.  At two oclock, we left and headed down U.S. 176 towards Tryon.  We went down the Saluda grade which is plenty of excitement for most motorcyclists.

     People were out in the yard waving and cheering as we rode by all along the route.  We rode through Tryon, North Carolina.  As we approached the South Carolina state line, my friend, Ken was standing in front of Bird Mountain Liquor Market taking still pictures and movies as we passed into South Carolina.  I hope he posts those pictures on Bird Mountain's Facebook page.  I am certain that movie will end up on You Tube.

     We rode on into Landrum, South Carolina.  We turned left on Highway 14 and rode through downtown Landrum, South Carolina.  It is nice that the local police and fire department have blocked the streets for us.  There were lots of people waving and cheering as we went by in Landrum.

    We proceeded on Highway 14 to Highway 9.  We turned north towards Mill Spring, North Carolina.  This is one beautiful strip of highway.  You see the big mountains of North Carolina in the background as you motor up and down the foothills.
Highway 9 heading north towards Mill Spring

      In Mill Spring, we turned left onto Highway 108 and ended up at the Polk county courthouse in Columbus, North Carolina.  The steps of the courthouse was covered with donated toys.

     It was a fun ride.  We had perfect weather.  Thank you God.  There had to be over one thousand motorcycles on this run.  There were lots of Harley Davidsons.  There were BMWs. There were Suzukis, Kawasakis, Hondas, Yamahas and Victorys.  There were Ducatis and Triumphs.  There was a sidecar.  There was a Can Am.  There was even a Polaris Slingshot.  There were Gold Wings. There was old bikes.  There were new bikes.  There were big bikes.  There was little bikes.  There was only one Suzuki Calvacade.                  
There were big bikes and small bikes at the Saluda Toy Run
The weather was perfect for the Saluda Toy Run
A Polaris Slingshot at the Saluda Toy Run 2015
Lots of pretty girls at the Saluda Toy Run
Triumph Bonneville at The Saluda Toy Run
Sidecars were welcome at the Saluda Toy Run
Custom Paint looks good at the Saluda Toy Run 2015
Can Am at the Saluda Toy Run
The Polk County courthouse steps was full of Toys
There is another side car in the background on the Saluda Toy Run
Lots of Motorcycles in Columbus from Saluda Toy Run
That Indian is looking good on Saluda Toy Run
Cool Boots
Did I mention we had small bikes at Saluda Toy Run?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Tryon Rolling Art Antique Car Truck and Motorcycle Show

     October 31, 2015 in Downtown Tryon, North Carolina was the Tryon "Rolling Art" Antique Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show.  I thought I would take my 1961 Harley Davidson Super 10.  Maybe I could win a prize.  I knew there was no chance of that when that 1927 Indian Four showed up.
Tryon Antique Car and Motorcycle Show was won by a  1927 Indian

There were over a hundred great looking antique cars and trucks and bikes at  The Tryon Car show in Tryon, North Carolina.  A Ferrari won for the cars.  A 1930 Ford Truck won for the trucks.  The prizes were decided by popular vote.  The weather was perfect.

     Thompson Garden Center donated their parking lot for the Tryon Antique Car Show.  They had the movie,"The World's Fastest Indian" playing on the DVD in the lobby .  If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you haven't seen that movie starring Anthony Hopkins, check it out.  It is a super motorcycle, human spirit movie. 
Start your saving account now!
 Harley Davidson Super 10 at the Tryon Antique Car Show

Any antique car show is fun.  This one seemed a little cooler than most.  There were lots of British cars including a 1937 Rolls Royce.   Antique car shows let you know how far automobiles have come since they were invented.  Here,in 1937, the finest car in the world was built with no heater.  That luxury Packard didn't look like much of a car compared to that Rolls. There were lots of Volkswagen.  There were a few rat rods.
1937 Rolls Royce at Tryon Antique Automobile Show
Rick Greer's 1960 Willys looks good at the Tryon Car Show

There were 56 Chevys and Plymouths and cool looking trucks were everywhere.  The Tryon "Rolling Art" Antique Car Show sponsored by Mother's Car Polish is one car show will be at next year.
There were lots of Triumphs at The Tryon Motorcycle Show
There were over fifty old bikes at The Tryon Antique Show
This Lotus has the steering wheel on the wrong side
Side Car racing?

An antique Porsche at the Tryon Rolling Art Car Show

Several Racing Ducatti bikes at the Tryon Motorcycle Show

Rat rods and Chevys at The Tryon Antique Car Show

1960 Ford Thunderbird at the Tryon Antique Car Show

Yesterday's RV at the Tryon Antique Automobile  Show

A BMW dragging a trailer at Tryon Antique Motorcycle Show
     Put the Tryon Rolling Art Antique Automobile, Truck and Motorcycle Show on your list of events to be at next year.  It was big this year.  It will be huge next year.  It is in October in Tryon, North Carolina.