Friday, December 8, 2017

Real Estate Referrals, The Best Compliment For Your Loved Ones

     If the shoe fits, wear it.  What does that phrase mean?  It means if your behavior is perceived by most of your peers as as the behavior of a rude person, it is probably rude behavior.

     It could be that your peers are not really an authority on rudeness.  If 5 out of 5 of your friends tell you that you are being rude, what you are doing is likely rude.

     Is it OK to be rude?  If you want to have friends, it is best NOT to be rude.  You are probably wondering why I am writing about this at this particular time.

     I have just finished teaching a post license class.  This is a class we have in North Carolina for rookie Realtors.   
Send a referral to your favorite Realtor

     One of my students mentioned that her brother that lives in another state was selling his house.  She suggested that he listen to a listing presentation from a Keller Williams agent from his market area.  He told his sister that he did not want to listen to the Realtor that she recommended.

     Pardon me for feeling this way.  I think that is rude.  If my brother wanted me to listen to an expert that he recommended, I would listen to that expert.

     Especially, if I had to hire some expert, I may as well listen to the expert that my brother recommended.  If I were paying that expert and my brother could earn a referral fee, why would I NOT listen to my brother's recommended expert?  Why indeed?

      The only reason I can think of is that I have no respect for my brother's opinion.  That would be considered rude in the Climer clan.

     Many people do not know that your Realtor in one city can refer you to a Realtor in another city and get paid for doing so.

     If you do know that , why not call your sister or brother or friend in Whatever City They Live In and ask them to refer you to a Realtor in the city where you are and the city where you are moving to?  I did this when My daughter, Amy, moved from Madison Wisconsin to Asheville.   I referred Amy and Julie to a Realtor, Sara Rodriguez,   in Madison     They were very happy with Sara and the results that she produced selling their house quickly and hassle free.  I earned a small fee and they got an excellent Realtor with which to work.  WIN WIN

     This is not unusual.  You will probably find a better Realtor through a referral than you would find on your own.  If you need a good Realtor anywhere in America, contact me at www. or 828 755 6996 I can refer you to an excellent Realtor.


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