Thursday, December 21, 2017

How to Choose The Best Real Estate School in North Carolina

     Is the location of a real estate school important?  It certainly is.  You need to consider how far you are willing to drive to real estate school.  How far is the real estate school from where you live? 

     What about price?  Is that important?  Unless you have money to burn, price is important.  First Real Estate School at 404 S.  Main Street in Hendersonville charges $300 for the basic pre license class that is required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to get your North Carolina real estate license.  That price includes the textbook. 

     What about the instructor?  That would seem like the most important thing to me.  Is the instructor dull?   Is the instructor monotone?    Is the instructor condescending?  Does he know his stuff?  How can you know the answer to these questions? 
First Real Estate School in western North Carolina 

     Watch him or her teach on You Tube.  You Tube is not new.  I have over 100 videos posted on You Tube to help people pass the North Carolina real estate exam,.  I get thank you emails from real estate students all over North Carolina thanking me for having these real estate math videos available. 

     You can watch these videos before you show up in class.  You will know if I am the kind of instructor that you would like to spend seventy five hours with.  If you are soon taking a real estate class, find out who the instructor is.  Check him or her out. 

     If he is dull boring and condescending, it will be a long 75 hour real estate class.  There is not much titillating material in a real estate textbook.  A good instructor can make it better or worse. 

     If you live anywhere near Hendersonville, North Carolina and need a real estate course, check out First Real Estate School.   We would love to help you get your North Carolina real estate license. 

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