Monday, April 15, 2019

What To Do When You Fail The "North Carolina" Portion of the Real Estate Exam

It costs $164 every time you fail the North Carolina real estate exam.  The North Carolina real estate exam is in two parts.

There are eighty questions on the national portion.  There are forty questions on the "North Carolina" portion.  You have to pass both parts.  You could make a 100% on the national portion and fail the "state" portion.  You will be back taking the "state" portion again.

When you go back to take the "North Carolina" portion for the second time, please pass.  Here are some tips to be certain that you do.

When you failed the "state" portion the first time, did you write down the things that you missed?  If not, please use this suggestion.  When you go back for your second attempt at the North Carolina real estate exam, please leave a legal pad or an audio recorder  on the seat of the car.  If you fail, before you crank up the car, start writing down questions that were on your exam.  You will see those questions again.

If you see a question asking how many members of the NCREC must be real estate brokers, you will likely see that same question again.  If you don't know for certain, be certain that you know the next time you see that question (at $164 per try).  Does that make sense?

My second suggestion is to read the "Comments" also known as Appendix A in your textbook.  There are only forty questions on the "state" portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  Half of them come right out of the "Comments".  If you find the "Comments" just too boring to read, I have read them for you on You Tube.  Here is a link to the first one.  There are seven of them.  Read the comments five times or listen to me read them five times. The "Comments" are on the exam.
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My third suggestion is take my practice exam at  There are two exams there.  Just take the one for "out of state"  This is just the "North Carolina" portion of the exam.  If you have not yet passed the national portion, take them both.

There are eleven questions on brokerage relationships on the exam.  Read that chapter in the textbook.  Answer all the questions at the end of the chapter.  There are eight questions on agency contracts on the exam.  Read that chapter.  Answer all the questions at the end of that chapter.  There are ten questions on real estate license law and Commission rules on the test.  How do I know this?  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission publishes a booklet, "Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina".  It is re published in your textbook.  It is also a free download on the Commission's website.  It tells you in the booklet EXACTLY what is on the exam.  My fourth suggestion is read this booklet.  Study what is on the exam.  Here is a link to a video about that. 

When you went the first time to take the North Carolina real estate exam, I will bet that you did not take a small box of chocolate candy for the test monitor.  My fifth suggestion is take a box of chocolates.  Smile and give them to the test monitor and ask her to give you the easy test.  She will laugh and assure that there is no EZ test.  You let me know if that is true.

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