Thursday, April 11, 2019

Who Said "Teams Don't Work" in Hendersonville, North Carolina Real Estate?

     In real estate sales, there are dependent business models.  There are independent business models.

     At Keller Williams Realty, we have an interdependent model.  The way our pay plan is structured makes the "team" concept make a lot of sense.

     The team concept is based on the realization that we all have different strengths and "challenges".  It is not unusual for a Realtor to have a very aggressive personality that is comfortable calling cold leads but maybe be less than stellar doing the paper follow up that is critical for success.

    Some Realtors like to list houses and dislike showing houses to finicky, indecisive buyers.  Another Realtor might love potential buyers and dislike sellers that can not acknowledge that their home is not in showcase condition.
Keller Williams Realty is a great place to start your real estate career

     In recent years, the team concept has expanded in the real estate industry.  It seems to be working like a charm.

     The old dependent business model where all the real estate agents split their commissions with the company really does not work well to encourage an agent to be a team leader.  Financial incentive is critical to success.  The old dependent model makes it almost impossible for the team concept to flourish.

     As a new Realtor gets a few years experience, younger agents start to ask them for help and advice.  It becomes obvious that starting a team would be mutually beneficial to the younger agent and the experienced agent.  There is another character in the mix, the company.

     The old dependent business model company needs everyone, the young agent and the experienced agent,  to remain dependent on the company.  That is keep paying thirty per cent of their income to the company.

     This is usually the time that the experienced agent start looking for a better way, a different business model.  The often find Keller Williams Realty.  Then they lament their previous choice which made so much more sense when their income was half what it is now.  As the agent's income grows, the old 70 -30 split makes less and less sense.

     As that agent's income grows, their opportunities grow also at an interdependent company like Keller Williams Realty.

     That experienced agent can start a team'  She can profit from her mentoring efforts.  The inexperienced agent also profits because he has a "sergeant" leading him.  This is a win-win for the young agent and the experienced agent.

     WIN-WIN is the first premise of the Keller Williams Realty belief system.

     If you are selling real estate anywhere, call me at 828 755 6996 or email me at .  Let me put you in touch with a Keller Williams Realty team leader near you.

     You may not decide to leave your current company.  You will certainly learn something that will put more money in your pocket.  Call me.

     If you are anywhere near Hendersonville, North Carolina, call me.  If you need a real estate license, check out First Real Estate School at

     Whether on a team or as an individual,  selling real estate is a great way to make a living.


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