Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Are You Sure You Want To Wait Until Next Year to Buy Real Estate

The older Realtors get, the more they like to tell stories.  Let me tell you the story about the first house I ever sold. 

It was 1974. I was a Realtor in Orlando.  I was showing houses to Terry, a cab driver and Mary, his wife, a waitress.  They felt like the largest payment they could possibly afford was $190 per month.  We found a house in a neighborhood called "Monterey Homes".  The price was $18,900.  The payments would be $195 per month.  We found another house in the same neighborhood that they liked better.  The payments on this house would be $205 per month.  They decided to go for the nicer, $205 per month house.  They bought it.  It was my first sale.

Twelve years later, I was walking through the Fashion Square Shopping Mall in Orlando.  A lady runs up to me, hugs me and says, 'You are Ron Climer You are our family's hero.  I pray for you all the time."  I replied, "Who are you?".  She said,  " I am Mary.  My husband Terry and I bought our first house from you in 1974.  You talked us into paying more payments than we thought we could possibly pay."  We sold that house last year.  We made $38,000.  That is more money than we could ever have saved in a hundred years.  We have bought a bigger nicer house You made it happen by getting us to buy that first house and make those sooooooooo big payments.".

If you are considering waiting or not buying a house to live in because you can not afford those big $1500 per month payments, change your mind.  If the mortgage company says you can afford it, you can afford it.  Watch this video if you do not understand how the bank knows what you can afford. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy1Y7zDO3M4&t=219s 

Please do not stay in that rental.  You don't own it.  The rent will go up.  Your house payment will never go up.  Tell the Terry and Mary story to your parents.  I am confident that they have a similar story.  Everyone has a story about how they thought their first house payment was impossible.  A few years later, no problem. 

As long as we use paper money, we will have inflation.  There is no better protection against inflation than owning a home to live in with a fixed payment that seemed large when you started fifteen years ago.  It usually seems OK today. 

Interest rates will go up soon.  One per cent of $100,000 is $1000.  Divide that by twelve months.  That is $83 per month.  If you wait until next year to buy that $200,000 house, that is $166 per month more that you are paying for waiting. 

MAAAAAAYBE the same house will cost more money.  Add that to higher interest.  House have been appreciating since 1492.  When Terry and Mary bought their house, an average house in Orlando was $33,000.  Today it is closer to $233,000.  It is the same house.  Watch this video that I posted in 2012.  Time flies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKaIsTSTsEU 

Prices go up.  House payments stay the same. 

If you live anywhere near Hendersonville, N.C. ,  call me if you want to become a homeowner.  828 755 6996

Friday, September 21, 2018

North Carolina Real Estate Commission Please Repeal 58H 0303

     September 20, 2018

     Dear North Carolina Real Estate Commission

     I recently received a letter from Corean Hamlin.  In this letter she stated that the Commission has for years measured the performance of real estate instructors  based on the performance of their students.

     It appears to be the opinion of the Commission that an instructor can be so good that he can teach a person to pass the North Carolina real estate exam that does not study at all outside of real estate  class.

     It also appears from this that it is the opinion of the Commission that an instructor could be so bad that even if a student read the entire textbook and made flashcards and studied ceaselessly and availed  himself to several outside study aids, that student could fail the North Carolina real estate exam due to the ineptness of the instructor.  I can not follow this logic.

     It would seem that the student is the deciding factor as to whether or not the student passes the North Carolina real estate exam.  Why would two students sit in the same classroom for the same 75 hours with the same instructor with one having a result of making a 98% on the test and the person in the next desk making a 48 per cent ?  This is not an unusual story.

     I submit that the Commission's  method of evaluating instructor's skill by the performance of their students is flawed.  It is the student (not the instructor) that makes the difference.  In any real estate class, there are students that understand studying.  They have a basic knowledge of math.  They have a basic knowledge of real estate.  Some students have a college degree.  Some students have advanced degrees.  They take notes in class.  They avail themselves to other study aids that are recommended by the instructor and some that they find on their own.  They have leadership skills.  They start a study group that meets outside of class.  They watch my real estate math videos that are posted on You Tube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HbEwoiVBMY  They pass the real estate school test.  They pass the North Carolina real estate exam.

     There are other students in class.  They barely got out of high school.  The don't know the difference between the numerator and the denominator.  They work fifty hours at the plant.  They show up at my night class tired.  Have they done their assigned homework?  Have they answered the questions at the end of the chapter?  Are they listening to me?  The truth is they are probably trying.  I am trying to make explaining agency interesting for them.  As I am explaining it, they are texting their ten year old son that is home alone.

     They are plagued with problems.  Their husband is sick and not working.  Their car payment is overdue.  Their son just got kicked off the little league team.  Their spouse is having an affair.  They were arrested last week at the demonstration in Charlottesville.  Studying real estate is about number seven on their list of priorities.

     They scrape through my real estate school exam with a barely passing grade.  They go fail the North Carolina real estate exam.

     The Commission measures my performance ( Any Instructor's Performance) based on how  many of my students are able to leave my classroom and pass the North Carolina real estate exam the first time.  They could attend a state exam review from my competitor.  I don't teach such a class.  Why don't they avail themselves to such a class?   Some do.  Most don't.  They do not want to pay the tuition.  They could watch my free You Tube videos to help them with the math.  They are too tired.  They could read Appendix A in the textbook or listen to me read it to them from You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaPLEyKzX24  They are too busy for that.

     They could answer the questions in Dearborn's book, "Guide to Passing the the AMP Real Estate Exam".  They could but they have to attend their daughter's soccer game.  They could take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com .  There is so much demand on their time.

     The Commission evaluates my performance,  Mr. Instructor's performance, based on the success or failure of  someone that I have absolutely NO control of.  The Commission connotes that it is my fault that Mr. Idon'thavetimetostudy fails the North Carolina real estate exam.

     Can I study for my student?  Can I make the book unboring? 

     What would happen if you dropped item 5 and 6 from rule 58H 0303   ? 

     Corean said in her letter that changing from 180 days to 30 days measurement period is "fairer and more accurate evaluation tool".

     There is nothing fair or accurate about evaluating me (or any other instructor) based on the performance of someone else, our  students.

     The students come to us with language problems.  They come to us without basic math skills.  They come to us with no study skills.  They come to us with enough personal problems to write a soap opera.  They come to us with stress and anxiety.  My ability to teach someone that does not want to expend the effort required to learn is how the Commission thinks I should be evaluated.  Does the Commission think I am a good instructor if I can instill in them the desire to learn?  Is that the job of the North Carolina real estate instructor?  That does not seem right to me.

     One of the problems in the world today is that no one wants to accept responsibility.  Everyone wants to blame someone else for their problems.  The Commission is demanding that the instructor take the blame when the student will not expend the effort that is required to study enough outside of class to pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  This is not fair.  This is not accurate.  This is not necessary.

     A perfect example of this is in class attendance.  It is extremely rare that a student that fails my real estate school exam was 100% in attendance.  More likely that failing student missed two nights of class and left early on a third night.  The Commission measures my performance based on the actions of someone that can not even get to class every night.  This is so obviously wrong.

     The Commission does not need to evaluate real estate instructors based on the performance of their students.  The Commission does not need to evaluate instructors at all.  The market will evaluate the real estate instructors.  If an instructor is bad, he will soon find himself with no students.  If you need an example of that, notice that First Real Estate School is the only school teaching pre license classes in Hendersonville.  Before I arrived in May 2016, there was someone else.  He is gone.  I had forty students in my last night class.

     Evaluating the quality of potential instructors is not the job of the Commission.  This does not in any way protect the public.  There is nothing wrong with a dull, boring, monotone, humorless, instructor that says AH ten times per minute.  If listening to an instructor like that would cause harm, I would have died in high school.

     The marketplace will get rid of bad instructors.  This is not a job for the Commission.

     Please repeal item 5 and 6 from 58 H 0303.  or what ever the rule is that requires the Commission to evaluate real estate instructors based on the performance of others.

     The Commission does not evaluate real estate brokers.  Can you imagine a rule requiring real estate brokers to send in a video of their listing presentation with special emphasis on how well he presented the WWREA brochure at first substantial contact.  Then if Mr. Broker only listed  two out of ten prospects, DISCIPLINARY ACTION.  We don't need the Commission to do that.  The market does it.  The market will do it for real estate instructors. Please  repeal 5 and 6 of 58 H 0303.

     Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.  Remember MLS seemed like a far out idea in 1957.  Letting the marketplace decide about instructors may seem far out.  Once you stop wasting time evaluating real estate instructors, you will wonder why you ever did it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The North Carolina Real Estate Exam Pass Fail Statistics for August 2018

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission just released last month's results for the North Carolina real estate exam.  Here is the news.  In August 2018, six hundred and fifty one real estate license applicants took the North Carolina real estate exam for the first time.  Three hundred and ninety two of those test takers passed.  Two hundred and fifty nine of these real estate license candidates will be paying $164 to try again.  It costs $164 every time a candidate takes the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is a good idea to pass it the first time.  As you can see, in August, only sixty per cent of the exam takers passed it the first time.  Do not underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is tough. 

     Also in August 2018, one hundred and sixty two repeat test takers took the North Carolina real estate exam for the second or third or fourth or fifth try.  Thirty one of these of these repeat exam takers passed.  That is 19% pass rate.
Pass the North Carolina real estate exam the first time.  

     If you mistakenly believe that the North Carolina real estate exam is easy, think again.  It is not easy.  It is not inexpensive.

     North Carolina probably has the lowest pass rate in America.  The North Carolina real estate exam is a two part exam.  One hundred questions are the "national" portion of the exam.  These are questions that would be answered the same in all fifty states.  This would be questions like. "What is the CFPB?".   The answer would be the same no matter what state you are in.  Forty questions on the North Carolina real estate exam are questions that are unique to North Carolina.  These are questions like,"What is the Machinery Act?".   The other forty nine  states probably do not have a Machinery Act.  A real estate license applicant needs to get 29 of these 40 questions correct to pass the North Carolina portion of the exam.  Of the thirty seven  real estate license applicants that took the exam last month as a repeat test taker at an expense of $164, twenty five of them passed.  That is 68%.

      If you are soon taking the North Carolina  real estate exam, please heed my advice .  OVERSTUDY!    I has been my observation from thirty years of teaching real estate classes that most students want to study just enough to baaaaaarely pass.  May I suggest that you study with an attitude that you want to make 100% on the North Carolina real estate  exam.  Study like you want to get an A plus on the North Carolina exam.  If you fall short of your goal, you will still pass and get a North Carolina real estate license.

     Here is a list of links that I have to help anyone pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  If you are having trouble with any of the math, I have it on You Tube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMdJ-2iHepM  This is one of a dozen videos to help you understand the real estate math on the North Carolina real estate exam.

     If you have NOT read Appendix A in your text book, you have very little chance of  passing the "North Carolina " portion of the exam.  This is DULL reading.   I have read it to you on You Tube.  Check it out.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaPLEyKzX24   I apologize that I can not make this as interesting as a Tom Clancy novel.  When you get to the North Carolina portion of the exam, you will be glad that you sat and listened to me or followed along in the book.  Twenty five of the questions come right off these pages.  Watch all seven of the videos or read Appendix A yourself several times.  Save yourself $164.

     Go back in this same blog and read some of my other posts.  Most of what I write about is about passing the North Carolina real estate exam.  Here is one of my most unique posts.  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2017/12/what-about-those-trick-questions-on.html   I hope you read this post about trick questions.  Stay in touch with your classmates.  Study together.  Find out when your classmates are taking the exam.  Call them a few hours later and congradulate them on passing.

     If you think you are ready to go spend $164 and "give it a try", take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com  This is a 100 question test with me explaining the answers on video.  It is definetly worthwhile.

     Here is a video with just some general tips on passing the real estate exam the first time.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQXpmazIjeU   Listen to these tips and implement them.  If you don't have contact info for your classmates, get it and stay in touch.

     It costs $164 every time that you take the North Carolina real estate exam.  Pass the first time.www.firstrealestateschool.com

Saturday, September 15, 2018

What To Do When the Real Estate Appraisal Comes in Low in Hendersonville, N.C.

      Mr. Seller's Realtor advises him to list his house for $275,000.  Mr. Seller insists on a $300,000 price.  After a long wait and several rejected offers, Mr. Seller finally gets a $295,000 offer.  He accepts it.

     He congratulates himself for hanging tough and getting the top price. Then the real estate appraiser from the bank shows up to appraise the house.  Mr. Seller points out to him that his rafters are made of 2x8 lumber.  Mr. Seller points out that the nails are extra heavy duty galvanized nails.  Mr. Seller points out several features that his house has that other "ordinary" houses do not have.

     A few days later the appraisal comes back at $269,000.  WHAT!   Is this appraiser crazy?   Mr. Seller showed him all the extras that his house has.  Didn't he see the electric garage door opener with the remote control?

      The first thing Mr. Seller needs to do is get mad.  He needs to call his Realtor and let him know how mad he is.  He needs to let his Realtor know that he knows that real estate appraiser is an idiot.  He needs to tell his Realtor that surely his house is worth $295,000.  The buyer is willing to pay that for it.

     Mr. Seller's first question is probably," Who picked that appraiser?" .  Unfortunately, the answer to that question will usually bring Mr. Seller no peace. Mr. Appraiser was chosen by the bank to protect the bank's interest.

     If Mr. Appraiser says  the house is worth $269,000, the bank is comfortable loaning Mr. Buyer $215,200 or 80% of the value of the house.  Mr. Buyer wants to borrow $236,000 or 80% of $295,000.  Mr. Buyer has scraped up every penny he can to get the $59,000 down payment  together.

     BUT Mr. Appraiser says that the house is only worth $269,000.  What does he know???   Mr. Seller believes that he knows more about property values in Hendersonville North Carolina  than Mr. Appraiser knows.  So what if Mr. Appraiser has been to appraisal school?  So what if Mr. Appraiser looks at more houses in a month than Mr. Seller has looked at in a lifetime?  So what if Mr. Appraiser has been appraising real estate  for 17 years?   So what if Mr. Appraiser has some fancy initials after his name?  So what if Mr. Appraiser is considered to be an expert real estate appraiser?  Who cares about all those credentials?

     After Mr. Seller gets over being mad, he can ask his Realtor for some advice. What can we do to save this transaction?

     We can ask the buyer to pay $295,000 for this house even though the expert real estate appraiser declares that it is only worth $269,000.

     There are two problems with this.  The first problem is that since the house is appraised for $269,000, the buyer has to have $79,800 for a down payment.  That is $295,000, the price, minus the $215,200 that the bank is willing to loan on this house that the bank knows is only worth $269,000.  The bank will loan 80% of the price or the appraisal whichever is lower.
Trying to sell your property for more than it is worth rarely works

     The other problem is that the buyer, not only has to come up with $20,000 more down payment.  The buyer has to sign a form that admits he is certified stupid.  The buyer has to sign a form acknowledging that he is aware that the house was appraised by an expect real estate appraiser for $269,000 but he is buying it for $295,000.  Who would do that?  Only a stupid person would do that. 

     If the seller and the Realtors are lucky, Mr. Buyer will do that IF HE IS ABLE.  He has to have the extra $20,000 to make this happen.  Mr. Buyer says, "I don't care what the experts say.  My wife loves this house and we are buying it."  Let's go to closing.  Sometimes it happens this way.

     More often, this deal dies.  Several months later Mr. Seller accepts a $269,000 offer from another buyer.  We go to closing.   Several months can be a long time if you are making payments on an empty house and paying taxes and HOA dues on an empty house and insuring an empty house and paying utility bills on an empty house. 

     If Mr. Seller's  Realtor advises Mr. Seller to lower the price  and if an expert appraiser that has already been paid advises Mr. Seller to lower the price and if several offerors (buyers) advise Mr. Seller to lower his price and his current buyer that obviously loves the  house but does not have an extra twenty grand advises Mr. Seller to lower the price, maaaaaaaaaaybe  Mr. Seller should start to believe what the entire market is telling him.  His house is not worth $300,000. 

     Price your house right.  It will sell.  Do not depend on "We might get lucky."  for the largest transaction of your life.  No matter how good your Realtor is, he is not good enough to sell your property for more than it is worth. 

    If I can help you with any real estate advise call me at 828 755 6996.  www.firstrealestateschool.com

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Failing the North Carolina Real Estate Exam is Not So Embarrassing Since It has Become So Expensive

     Because I have so many real estate math videos posted on You Tube, I receive phone calls from all over North Carolina from real estate test candidates that have failed the state portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  They tell me things like, 'I have never heard of the NCREC.  My instructor never mentioned that."  They say things like, "My instructor never talked about willful omission."  I ask them, "Did you read the "COMMENTS, Appendix A, in your textbook?  One hundred per cent of the time, the answer is NO. 

Read the "COMMENTS".  Pass the real estate exam the first time
     The Comments is about the North Carolina real estate license law.  It is 22 pages in your textbook.  It is a free download from the N.C.R.E.C. at www.ncrec.gov .  There are forty questions on the North Carolina portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  Twenty five of those questions come from this 22 page document called the "Comments".  You only have to get 29 of the questions right to pass. 

     If you don't like to read, listen to me read the "Comments" to you.   Here is a link to the first of seven videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaPLEyKzX24&t=142s  .  Watch them all.  It is free.  It costs $164 every time that you take the state portion of the North Carolina real estate exam. 

     At First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, our motto is "Pass the First Time."  www.firstrealestateschool.com    If you think you are ready for the $164 version of the real estate exam, take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com  If you can not make a 85% on my practice test, keep studying. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pass Fail Statistics for the North Carolina Real Estate Exam for July 2018

     Today,the North Carolina Real Estate Commission in Raleigh released the pass fail statistics for the real estate exam for July.  The news is bad.  www.ncrec.gov

     Four hundred and ninety one real estate license applicants paid $164 to take the North Carolina real estate exam.  Two hundred and fifty two of those applicants passed both portions of the exam.    That is a 51% pass rate.  Two hundred and thirty nine of those real estate license applicants will be paying $164 to take this exam again.

     It is expensive to take this exam without studying.

     The repeat test takers did even worse.  One hundred and sixty one real estate license applicants took the exam for the second or third or fourth or fifth time.  Eighteen of those passed.  That is an eleven per cent pass rate at $164 per opportunity.  Maybe someone is underestimating the North Carolina real estate exam.

     It is best and least expensive to pass this test the first time.  You are going to learn the material before you get your North carolina real estate license.  Why not do plenty of studying before your first attempt at this difficult test?  At $164 per try, you do not need a "practice run".  You need to pass the first time.
First Real Estate School in Hendersonville

     There are lots of things that you can do to be CERTAIN that you pass the first time.  Read the textbook.  As simple as this suggestion sounds, I will bet that there are plenty of test takers that go take the test without reading the textbook.  They did not read it when their real estate instructor told them to in real estate class.  They have not answered all the questions at the end of the chapters.  They have not done the 100 question practice test at the back of the book.  This is free.  It costs no money.  Why would anyone go take a test with a 51% pass rate when they have not read the textbook?

     The North carolina real estate exam ten per cent math.  To go take a test when there are math problems that you don't know how to do is foolish.  Why would anyone do that?  Watch my free real estate math videos on You Tube.  It is free.  It is as close to effortless as possible.  Go to You Tube.  Put my name, Ron Climer North Carolina real estate math, into the search bar.  Watch them all.  You will see fourteen of these problems on your state exam.

     Last night, I gave a repeat test to six of my students that failed our school test at First Real Estate School in Hendersonville. There was an amortization problem on that test.  Six out of six of my students missed that problem.  There is an amortization problem on the North Carolina real estate exam.  Here is a video of me teaching this in class.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HbEwoiVBMY   If you can not tell me the balance of a loan after two payments when given the loan balance, constant factor, and interest rate, you probably should watch this video if you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is on the state exam.  There are fourteen math questions on the North Carolina real estate exam.  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2016/12/solving-real-estate-math-problems-for.html   If you need math help, read this.

     Do my free practice exam at http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2015/04/real-estate-practice-exam-for-north.html   Do my ten dollar practice exam at www.ncreexam.com  If you can not pass these exams, you are NOT ready to go spend $164 trying the real thing.  If the ten dollar exam is too expensive, split the cost with one or two classmates.

     Speaking of classmates, you are in class for seventy five hours.  Get together with your classmates.  Get their contact information.  Get together and study together.  When you find study aids on the internet that help you, share that with your classmates.  Make passing the real estate school exam and the North Carolina real estate exam a group effort.  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2017/12/what-about-those-trick-questions-on.html

    Let me close this month's article with some new advice about getting more out of real estate school.  Your school is only as good as your instructor.  If you have a lively, knowledgeable, engaging, personable instructor, your class will be better.  I know that you have other things going on in your life competing for your attention.  You have kids.  You have a spouse.  You have a job. You have a boss.  You have Facebook and TV and hobbies  and clubs and softball teams and bowling leagues and church etc etc etc. 

     May I suggest that between when class starts and when you get your North Carolina real estate license, put real estate school at the top of the list.

    If you want to spend time with your kids, teach them how to compute interest.  Teach them how to fill out a pro forma statement.  Teach them how to compute price per front foot.  These are good things for young people to know.  If your daughter is enrolled in Calculus two, maybe she could teach you how to determine the seller's net at closing.

     If you are a poor reader, ask your spouse to read a chapter to you instead of watching that old rerun on TV.  If your spouse is reading to you, you better pay attention.  Put more effort into paying attention in class.  Make flash cards.  Ask your spouse or kids or classmates to help you with them.

     Also remember that you have paid your tuition to the real estate school.  Please do not let the instructor intimidate you into NOT asking questions in class.  If you don't know what a deficiency judgement is, ask your instructor.  So what if everyone in class thinks you are dumber than a box of rocks?  Who cares?  They are not paying your $164.  The truth is they are not thinking that.  They are thinking," I am so glad that he asked that because I don't understand it either". If the instructor can not make you understand, do not drop the subject.  Embarrass yourself.  Ask another question until you do understand.  Ask where the info is in the textbook.  If all else fails, call me.  I know the answer.  I will help you. 

     If I can help anyone get a real estate license in Hendersonville or Asheville or Arden or Brevard or Saluda or Zirconia or Fairview or Black Mountain or  Forest City or Horse Shoe or anywhere in western North Carolina, contact me at www.firstrealestateschool.com   If this article has been any help, please leave a comment.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

How to Know You Are Ready for The North Carolina Real Estate Exam

     If you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate school test or the North Carolina real estate exam, the one with the 57% pass rate,  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2018/07/pass-fail-ratio-for-north-carolina-real.html  , please,please,please invest ten dollars in your study process and take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com . 

     The North Carolina Real Estate Commission charges $164 to take the North Carolina real estate exam every time you take it.  My budget says pass it the first time.  Take my practice test.  If ten bucks is a financial burden, get with one of your classmates and split it fifty fifty.  Meet up at Panera.  Take the test together.  Watch the video answers.  If five bucks is too much to invest in your study aid portfolio, get together with three of your classmates, split it four ways.  If $2.50 is a burden, get with nine of your classmates and order this practice test.  Invest one dollar apiece and save yourself $164.  Do not underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam.  The best pass rate from last year was 62%. 

     When students take my practice test, they leave comments.  Answer this question:

     If you are the grantor, which is the best deed? 
The North Carolina real estate exam is not easy

     A.  general warranty deed
     B.  special warranty deed
     C.  quit claim deed
     D.  bargain and sale deed

     The correct answer is quit claim deed

     I received one comment that was several paragraphs long informing me that the best deed is the general warranty deed.  This student explained several reasons why the general warranty deed was best for the grantee.   The question asked which deed was best for the grantor.  The answer is the quit claim deed creates no liability for the grantor.  I explain that in the videos.  This is a lesson, not only in knowing the material, but also in reading the question thoroughly.  Both are necessary skills.

     The questions on my practice test are very similar to the material on the North Carolina real estate exam.  If you can not pass mine, you probably will be paying $164 to try the real thing again. 

     If you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate school test or the North Carolina real estate exam, invest ten bucks and take my test.  If you have any questions about my questions, ask your instructor.  It is better to ask your instructor BEFORE your real estate school exam than after.  Some real estate schools charge you to take their test a second time.  If your instructor does not know why the answer is what it is, call me.  My phone number is right on First Real Estate School's Facebook page.  We are not hard to find.  www.firstrealestateschool.com  

     If this sounds like an advertisement, forgive me.  It is.  If you are not CERTAIN that you are going to make a 100% on the North Carolina real estate exam, you need to take my practice exam.  It is too expensive to make a practice run with the North Carolina real estate exam.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erGSsTBXatc