Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Failing the North Carolina Real Estate Exam is Not So Embarrassing Since It has Become So Expensive

     Because I have so many real estate math videos posted on You Tube, I receive phone calls from all over North Carolina from real estate test candidates that have failed the state portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  They tell me things like, 'I have never heard of the NCREC.  My instructor never mentioned that."  They say things like, "My instructor never talked about willful omission."  I ask them, "Did you read the "COMMENTS, Appendix A, in your textbook?  One hundred per cent of the time, the answer is NO. 

Read the "COMMENTS".  Pass the real estate exam the first time
     The Comments is about the North Carolina real estate license law.  It is 22 pages in your textbook.  It is a free download from the N.C.R.E.C. at www.ncrec.gov .  There are forty questions on the North Carolina portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  Twenty five of those questions come from this 22 page document called the "Comments".  You only have to get 29 of the questions right to pass. 

     If you don't like to read, listen to me read the "Comments" to you.   Here is a link to the first of seven videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaPLEyKzX24&t=142s  .  Watch them all.  It is free.  It costs $164 every time that you take the state portion of the North Carolina real estate exam. 

     At First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, our motto is "Pass the First Time."  www.firstrealestateschool.com    If you think you are ready for the $164 version of the real estate exam, take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com  If you can not make a 85% on my practice test, keep studying. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pass Fail Statistics for the North Carolina Real Estate Exam for July 2018

     Today,the North Carolina Real Estate Commission in Raleigh released the pass fail statistics for the real estate exam for July.  The news is bad.  www.ncrec.gov

     Four hundred and ninety one real estate license applicants paid $164 to take the North Carolina real estate exam.  Two hundred and fifty two of those applicants passed both portions of the exam.    That is a 51% pass rate.  Two hundred and thirty nine of those real estate license applicants will be paying $164 to take this exam again.

     It is expensive to take this exam without studying.

     The repeat test takers did even worse.  One hundred and sixty one real estate license applicants took the exam for the second or third or fourth or fifth time.  Eighteen of those passed.  That is an eleven per cent pass rate at $164 per opportunity.  Maybe someone is underestimating the North Carolina real estate exam.

     It is best and least expensive to pass this test the first time.  You are going to learn the material before you get your North carolina real estate license.  Why not do plenty of studying before your first attempt at this difficult test?  At $164 per try, you do not need a "practice run".  You need to pass the first time.
First Real Estate School in Hendersonville

     There are lots of things that you can do to be CERTAIN that you pass the first time.  Read the textbook.  As simple as this suggestion sounds, I will bet that there are plenty of test takers that go take the test without reading the textbook.  They did not read it when their real estate instructor told them to in real estate class.  They have not answered all the questions at the end of the chapters.  They have not done the 100 question practice test at the back of the book.  This is free.  It costs no money.  Why would anyone go take a test with a 51% pass rate when they have not read the textbook?

     The North carolina real estate exam ten per cent math.  To go take a test when there are math problems that you don't know how to do is foolish.  Why would anyone do that?  Watch my free real estate math videos on You Tube.  It is free.  It is as close to effortless as possible.  Go to You Tube.  Put my name, Ron Climer North Carolina real estate math, into the search bar.  Watch them all.  You will see fourteen of these problems on your state exam.

     Last night, I gave a repeat test to six of my students that failed our school test at First Real Estate School in Hendersonville. There was an amortization problem on that test.  Six out of six of my students missed that problem.  There is an amortization problem on the North Carolina real estate exam.  Here is a video of me teaching this in class.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HbEwoiVBMY   If you can not tell me the balance of a loan after two payments when given the loan balance, constant factor, and interest rate, you probably should watch this video if you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is on the state exam.  There are fourteen math questions on the North Carolina real estate exam.  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2016/12/solving-real-estate-math-problems-for.html   If you need math help, read this.

     Do my free practice exam at http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2015/04/real-estate-practice-exam-for-north.html   Do my ten dollar practice exam at www.ncreexam.com  If you can not pass these exams, you are NOT ready to go spend $164 trying the real thing.  If the ten dollar exam is too expensive, split the cost with one or two classmates.

     Speaking of classmates, you are in class for seventy five hours.  Get together with your classmates.  Get their contact information.  Get together and study together.  When you find study aids on the internet that help you, share that with your classmates.  Make passing the real estate school exam and the North Carolina real estate exam a group effort.  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2017/12/what-about-those-trick-questions-on.html

    Let me close this month's article with some new advice about getting more out of real estate school.  Your school is only as good as your instructor.  If you have a lively, knowledgeable, engaging, personable instructor, your class will be better.  I know that you have other things going on in your life competing for your attention.  You have kids.  You have a spouse.  You have a job. You have a boss.  You have Facebook and TV and hobbies  and clubs and softball teams and bowling leagues and church etc etc etc. 

     May I suggest that between when class starts and when you get your North Carolina real estate license, put real estate school at the top of the list.

    If you want to spend time with your kids, teach them how to compute interest.  Teach them how to fill out a pro forma statement.  Teach them how to compute price per front foot.  These are good things for young people to know.  If your daughter is enrolled in Calculus two, maybe she could teach you how to determine the seller's net at closing.

     If you are a poor reader, ask your spouse to read a chapter to you instead of watching that old rerun on TV.  If your spouse is reading to you, you better pay attention.  Put more effort into paying attention in class.  Make flash cards.  Ask your spouse or kids or classmates to help you with them.

     Also remember that you have paid your tuition to the real estate school.  Please do not let the instructor intimidate you into NOT asking questions in class.  If you don't know what a deficiency judgement is, ask your instructor.  So what if everyone in class thinks you are dumber than a box of rocks?  Who cares?  They are not paying your $164.  The truth is they are not thinking that.  They are thinking," I am so glad that he asked that because I don't understand it either". If the instructor can not make you understand, do not drop the subject.  Embarrass yourself.  Ask another question until you do understand.  Ask where the info is in the textbook.  If all else fails, call me.  I know the answer.  I will help you. 

     If I can help anyone get a real estate license in Hendersonville or Asheville or Arden or Brevard or Saluda or Zirconia or Fairview or Black Mountain or  Forest City or Horse Shoe or anywhere in western North Carolina, contact me at www.firstrealestateschool.com   If this article has been any help, please leave a comment.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

How to Know You Are Ready for The North Carolina Real Estate Exam

     If you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate school test or the North Carolina real estate exam, the one with the 57% pass rate,  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2018/07/pass-fail-ratio-for-north-carolina-real.html  , please,please,please invest ten dollars in your study process and take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com . 

     The North Carolina Real Estate Commission charges $164 to take the North Carolina real estate exam every time you take it.  My budget says pass it the first time.  Take my practice test.  If ten bucks is a financial burden, get with one of your classmates and split it fifty fifty.  Meet up at Panera.  Take the test together.  Watch the video answers.  If five bucks is too much to invest in your study aid portfolio, get together with three of your classmates, split it four ways.  If $2.50 is a burden, get with nine of your classmates and order this practice test.  Invest one dollar apiece and save yourself $164.  Do not underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam.  The best pass rate from last year was 62%. 

     When students take my practice test, they leave comments.  Answer this question:

     If you are the grantor, which is the best deed? 
The North Carolina real estate exam is not easy

     A.  general warranty deed
     B.  special warranty deed
     C.  quit claim deed
     D.  bargain and sale deed

     The correct answer is quit claim deed

     I received one comment that was several paragraphs long informing me that the best deed is the general warranty deed.  This student explained several reasons why the general warranty deed was best for the grantee.   The question asked which deed was best for the grantor.  The answer is the quit claim deed creates no liability for the grantor.  I explain that in the videos.  This is a lesson, not only in knowing the material, but also in reading the question thoroughly.  Both are necessary skills.

     The questions on my practice test are very similar to the material on the North Carolina real estate exam.  If you can not pass mine, you probably will be paying $164 to try the real thing again. 

     If you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate school test or the North Carolina real estate exam, invest ten bucks and take my test.  If you have any questions about my questions, ask your instructor.  It is better to ask your instructor BEFORE your real estate school exam than after.  Some real estate schools charge you to take their test a second time.  If your instructor does not know why the answer is what it is, call me.  My phone number is right on First Real Estate School's Facebook page.  We are not hard to find.  www.firstrealestateschool.com  

     If this sounds like an advertisement, forgive me.  It is.  If you are not CERTAIN that you are going to make a 100% on the North Carolina real estate exam, you need to take my practice exam.  It is too expensive to make a practice run with the North Carolina real estate exam.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erGSsTBXatc

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Dream Job in Central Florida

     Did you ever meet someone that seemed to have a dream job?  A job with good pay, good benefits, little stress, good hours and a pleasant work environment is a blessing.

     In Orlando, Florida there is such a job that is within reach of of any reasonable person.  You don't need a college degree.  You don't need any fancy connections.  You just need to know about it. 

     What is this job?  It is selling time shares.  Central Florida is the time share capital of the planet.  There are more time shares resorts in central Florida than anywhere else in the world. 

     If you can get along on $100,000 per year, selling time shares is a job that you would love.  Many of the really good time share sales people make twice that.  Times shares are sold on commission.  Time share sales people are employees  with benefits at most time share resorts.  Most resorts pay you while you are  in sales training.  Selling time shares is selling vacations and dreams. It is a very pleasant way to make a living. 

     In most sales jobs, the biggest challenge is finding prospects to present to.  At a time share resort, the company finds the prospects.  They put the prospect in front of the sales person.  All the salesperson has to do is to get their signature on the contract. 

     Most time share sales people are home from work before the kids are out of school.  You don't take your job home with you in a briefcase. 

     Do you want a pleasant place to work?  Most time shares are sold right at the luxury resort that you are selling.  You are working where other people go on vacation.  It is tough touring through the pool twice a day. 

     If you have a Florida real estate license or can get one, check out selling time shares.  http://floridarealestateinstructor.com/looking-for-a-real-estate-class-in-orlando/   It is a fun way to earn an extraordinary living in central Florida.   .