Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Little Known Secret about Selling Real Estate

After I had ten years experience selling real state in Orlando, I attended a real estate seminar which was really a sales pitch for Mr. Guru's "advanced course" for real estate investors .  The Guru at the front of the room would get very quiet and say." Let me tell you a little known secret about real estate.".  Then he would tell us some basic fact that I had known for years and I assumed that everyone else knew.

After the meeting was over, I was standing around in the lobby talking with other people that were in attendance.  I was amazed to learn that most of the people there did not know these "little known secrets" that I thought everyone knew.  This was a big lesson for me.

If you are new to real estate sales, there may be things that your sales trainer knows that are so basic that she forgets to mention it. Here is a "little known secret"  for new real estate agents.  Listen carefully.

In order to make money selling real estate, you have to have a prospect ( someone that wants to buy or sell real estate ) to talk to.  Did you get that?  Did you understand that?  Do you believe that?  You have to get face to face eyeball to eyeball toe to toe belly to belly with someone that wants to buy or sell some real estate.

This is simple.  If the sun comes up and the sun goes down without you talking to a prospect, you will not make any money that day.  It is simple.  It is true.

Any sales training course anywhere for new agents will tell their new agents to create a list of every person that you know.  Mail
Send out some mail. Prospects will call you. 
 them a card or letter and ask them to remember me if you need any real estate.

Do you think most new Realtors do this?  NO!  One in a hundred listen to this fabulous advice.  They tell their sales trainer, Oh, I don't know anyone.".  Do you go to church?  Do you belong to a club?  Do you belong to the PTA?  Do you participate in a hobby with other people?  Do you have relatives?  Do you have a doctor, dentist, plumber, mechanic, piano teacher, accountant, yoga coach, butcher , baker or candle stick maker that you do business with?  Send these people a letter. Send them a card.

Why doesn't every new Realtor contact these people?  It is a mystery to me.

If you want to launch your career, mail out two hundred letters to everyone you know.  Here is the strange thing.  You will be flabbergasted and amazed at who calls you.  Some high school friend that you have not spoken to in ten years will call you and wants to buy a house.   Your old boss that fired you five years ago will call you and list his house with you.

If you don't send any mail out, nothing will happen.  DO IT.

If you are interested in starting a new real estate career in Hendersonville, North Carolina, contact me at .  If you are interested in starting a new real estate career in Orlando, Florida contact Karen Climer at

If you are interested in advancing your current real estate career, send out some mail TODAY.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Free Real Estate Math Class in Orlando in 2019

If you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam, you need to know that it is ten per cent math.  You need to know how to compute interest.  You need to know how to determine how many acres when given the dimensions of a property.  You need to know how to compute per cent of profit.  You need to know how to compute deed stamps and mortgage stamps and intangible tax.
After this class, real estate math will be a walk in the park

Good news !  On July 19, 2019 Karen Climer from Demetree Real Estate School in Orlando will be teaching a FREE real estate math class in Orlando at 5 PM.  This is to teach you how to do the math that is on the Florida real estate exam.  If you have applied for a real estate license in Florida, you are going to have to learn how to do this math before you pass this very difficult exam.  Come to Demetree Real Estate School and learn for FREE. 

To enroll in this free class, call Karen at 407 493 3974.  Invite your classmates to join you.  If you have any questions, call Karen.