Friday, October 31, 2014

North Carolina Real Estate Math Help

     If you are enrolled in real estate school in North Carolina, you may be having a challenge with the math.  If you are, here is some help.  I have posted ten videos on You Tube to help real estate students understand the real estate math that is in the real estate course in North Carolina.  Here is a link to one of the videos.   This video is question 1 through 5 from the textbook, "Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina"  There are nine more videos to help you with your North Carolina real estate course.I have explained about five questions per video.   If you are soon taking the north Carolina real estate exam, watch all ten of the North Carolina real estate math videos.

     I hope this will help you .  If it does , share this with your classmates.

Income Increase Challenge, October Thirty First

     Today is October 31st.  October is over.  Is the number of listings that you took and the number on the rear view mirror the same?  Did you follow the instructions all month long?  Did you learn anything? 

     Here is what I want you to learn.  Aggressive prospecting is the best way to make money quickly.  I believe that you can list and sell a lot more houses in the future than you have in the past.  Calling yesterday's expired listings is such a wonderful place to start.  It is not pleasant but it is lucrative.  Did you get into real estate sales to have a good time or did you get in real estate to make money?  You can always go back on November first and do the  Income Increase Challenge again.  By the way, have you noticed that yesterday's expired have become very scarce on the 28th, 29th , 30th.  There will be a ton of them on the first.  Don't miss it. 

     I hope that you have learned that for sale by owners are great prospects.  I will tell you this.  The ancillary benefits that come from calling and visiting with for sale by owners is far greater than their benefit as a prospect.  You will learn things from visiting with for sale by owners that you just can't learn anywhere else.  Call a few every day.  Go visit with them.  They don't bite and they do list. 

     Blogging and videos are today's news.  This did not exist when I was out on the street.  It is essential in the twenty first century.  No matter what you do, web presence will help your career.   Web presence is vital in today's business world.  If you are reading this, you know that I practice what I preach.  Those hundred videos on You Tube did not just jump up there.  Those three hundred blog posts on "The Best Of Ron Climer" and "Ron Climer Mountain Messages" did not just happen.  Find the time to create web presence.  It is very important.  It is the 21st century. Create web presence. 

     Build your "who you know" list.  Stay in touch.  Stay in touch.  Stay in touch.  Send them some mail at least four times a year. Send them email. 

     Most of all, get face to face with a prospect.  Marketing is great.  Selling happens face to face.  Get face to face with a prospect.  If you wake up without an appointment, you are unemployed.  Make an appointment with a prospect for tomorrow every day. 

     I will continue to write articles of interest to Realtors.  If I can help you get trained, contact me.  Be my friend on Facebook.  I will continue to send out daily inspirations. Forward these to your friends.   Call a prospect today.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rookie Realtor, Your Most Important Chore For Today

     Who are you talking to today?  Do you have an appointment with a for sale by owner?  Do you have an appointment with an expired listing?  Do you have an appointment with a buying or selling prospect that was referred to you by a friend or acquaintance?  Do you have an appointment with someone that called you from your name rider on your listing?  Do you have an appointment with someone that responded to the company website because they want to list or sell?  Do you have an appointment with a foreclosure victim that called you because they read your blogpost about the foreclosure process?  Do you have an appointment with an empty house owner that you contacted?  Do you have an appointment with someone that called the office while you were on floor duty?  Do you have an appointment with someone you met at an open house?  Do you have an appointment with a friend or relative that has been pre qualified and wants to move? 

     Appointments are important.  If you don't have any today, I will bet that you are not going to make any money today.  If you don't have an appointment today, contact a prospect and get an appointment.  You must get face to face with a prospect .  Real estate is not a mail order business.  The prospect is not going to look at your picture on your website and email you a listing.  You must get face to face with a prospect.

     This is simple.  Get face to face with a prospect.  Ask them to buy.  Some of them will say yes.
     Watch these videos if you have no appointments today.

October Thirteth Income Increase Challenge.

     Today is the 30th.. Barring luck or a miracle, you have probably all te listings that you are going to get for the month.  Do you know how to create luck?  Work.  Abraham Lincoln said, "The harder I work, the luckier I get." . 

     Run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS.  Send mail to them all.  Call the ones that you can get a number for.  If you have been following my instructions, you should be getting some calls from mail you sent out two weeks ago.  You are familiar with the phrase in computer technology, garbage in garbage out.  In sales prospecting the phrase is nothing out nothing in.  If you don't mail the expireds, your competitor will.  She will get those calls.  Use the post cards from the post office.  They are easy and effective.

     Add five for sale by owners to your for sale by owner pile.  Call, at least, one for sale by owner.  Read the article I wrote yesterday about friends that are for sale by owners.

     Add a blog post to your blog.  Remind yourself this is along range project.

     Add ten names to your who you know list.  You should have 300 names on that list.  Did I make that list?  I have only received one Ijustgotintorealestate letter in October.  I have only received about five letters all year. Isn't modern technology great.  You can go to your electronic calendar and make a note now to send out Christmas cards to your who you know list on December 20th.    Here is a link to an article that I wrote in 2011.  Can you see how this blogging thing is cumulative?  It is a looooooonnnnnng range project.  You have to start and you have to add to it constantly.  My new address is P O Box 403 Tryon, North Carolina 28782.  I hope I get a holiday card from you. 

     Get an appointment with a prospect today. 

     Write down next month's goal. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rookie Realtor, What If Your Friend Is A For Sale By Owner?

     Do sales trainers ever tell you things that you do not believe?  Maybe you believe that could happen where the trainer lives but it could never happen here.  Here is a story about my personal experience.

     Before I start the story, let me ask you a question, Mr. Rookie Realtor.  In your city where you live and prospect for listings, if I put my house for sale by owner for thirty days, how many Realtors would call me and solicit my listing?  Would a hundred Realtors call me?  Would fifty call?  Would the number be closer to ten?  If I had a sign in the yard, a sign down at the intersection, a ad on Craigslist and a 3x5 card on the bulletin board at the laundromat where all the people that can not afford a washer and dryer are, how many Realtors would call me?  Do you know the answer?  How do you know? Are you just guessing?  Have you read a research report?  I think the answer is none.  Why do I think that?  I had my house for sale by owner for thirty days between September and October 17th.  Not one Realtor called me to solicit my listing. Zero.  None of your competitors are calling for sale by owners.  Call a few.  How did I choose the  Realtor that I listed with?  Go back and read my article about prospect traps that I wrote a few days ago.  This Realtor had a very effective prospect trap.  My wife called him. Once Kathy contacted him, he did a great job of following up.

     I know a bunch of Realtors in Orlando, why didn't I list with one of them?  None of them ask me.

     As a training exercise, get together with several of your peers and ask them how should you handle it if one of your friends or acquaintances is a for sale by owner.  Ask your co workers how to handle this. How would you handle this situation?

     While I was a for sale by owner, I received a call from the Realtor that listed my house four years ago when I bought it.  She told me that if when I got tired of being a for sale by owner, call her.  If I had not ran into the person that I did list my home with, I probably would have called her.  I am certain she would have done a good job.

     Here is how I think you should handle your friend, your fellow club member, your acquaintance your previous customer that is a for sale by owner.  Treat them like any other for sale by owner prospect.  That is what they are. They are a prospect.  If you don't ask them to list with you, don't be surprised when they don't.  Watch my video about calling for sale by owners.    This video is about calling strangers that are for sale by owners.  If you use this approach with strangers, you will get listings.  We are not talking about strangers.  We are talking about your friend that is in the Rotary club with you.  He mentions that he has his house for sale by owner and he will be moving in forty five days.  He is going to try it on his own for forty five days and then he will call you and list with you just before he leaves town.  WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION?

      The best way to handle this situation is just like you would handle a for sale by owner stranger.  Agree that that sounds like a good plan.  Ask you friend if you had a customer , could we work out a one time commission.  This is exactly the way I would handle a stranger.  Ask your friend if you can stop by and look at the house.  Proceed with your friend just like you would with a stranger.  Here is a little hot tip they don't teach in real estate school.  You still have to meet and impress the spouse.  What better way than to go look at the house and treat this acquaintance like what he is , A PROSPECT.   If you don't know what to say to a for sale by owner stranger, here is the video . 

     if you read my previous article, you know that I think for sale by owners are super prospects.  A friend that is a for sale by owner is a super duper prospect.  Prospects don't buy what you are selling if you don't ask them to.  Don't wait for your friend to call you.  Call your friend, prospect.

     Get together with your sales manager and several of your peers.  See if you can find a better plan.  This is a perfect plan.  If you come up with a better idea, leave me a comment here.

October twenty ninth, Income Increase Challenge

     Only three days left for the month.  If you are one listing short , you can still make it.

     Run yesterday;s expired listings off the computer and call them.  Send them mail.  The mail  won't help with this month but it will certainly have next month started right.  This is called momentum.  It is a powerful force in sales. 

     Add three cards to you for sale by owner file.  Call at least three for sale by owners.  If you don't know what to say, go back and watch my vido. 

     Post a blogpost or video today.

     Call one empty house owner. 

     Start reading a book about salesmanship. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Reasons Rookie Realtors Need To Call For Sale By Owners

     What else are you doing with your time?  To earn real estate commissions, you have to get face to face with  a buying or selling prospect.  Are you face to face with a prospect?  If not, what could you possibly do  that would be more lucrative than calling a for sale by owner prospect?  These people meet the definition of a prospect.  Unless you are contacting hotter prospects, you are not using your time as effectively as possible.  Am I right or wrong?  Getting face to face with a prospect is paramount.   That is one reason.

     Here is another reason.  If you call for sale by owner prospects, as I describe in my video,   you will find no better way to practice talking with people.  Do you know how to steer a conversation? For sale by owner prospects are perfect people to practice this skill on.  Do you habitually answer questions with a question?  For sale by owner prospects are just a perfect opportunity to practice this essential skill.  If you never listed a for sale by owner, it is worth your time just to to practice these skills.  You also, probably need to practice your get people to like me skills, your listening skills, and your  other people skills.  You need to practice these skills.  What better opportunity than to spend time with a HOT prospect that will welcome you into their home, spend time with you, and give you an honest sincere evaluation of your skills.  You could hire a professional real estate coach or sales trainer.  That coach could not give you as good an evaluation as Mr. Forsalebyowner will.  Call these people.  Use the script that I have in the video.  Go see them.  Visit with them.  Get them to fall in love with you.  You need the practice.  I know you do.  You know you do.  Forget about getting a listing.  Just go  practice your people skills on a real live red hot prospect.  They will give you honest feedback.  That is the second reason that you need to call for sale by owner prospects.

     The third reason that you need to call for sale by owner prospects is that ninety per cent of them are going to list with a Realtor.  They will list with you or they will list with your competitor.  That is for ninety per cent certain.  Some Realtor ( you or your competitor ) is going to earn 3.5% of the price of the for sale by owner's house as a commission.  If it is a $200,000 house that is $7000.  Your broker gets some of that money. 

     Let's say you need a lot of practice with your people skills.  Nine out of ten prospects that you talk to like your competitor better than you.  You really need some practice.  You need to practice smiling more.  You need to practice talking less.  You need to practice saying,"That is nice" more.  You need lots of practice .  Nine out of ten like your competitor better than they like you. One out of ten likes you the best.  WOW!  You have a listing.  If you are on a 60-40 split with your broker, that is $4200 in your pocket.  That is assuming that it sells co-op.  Who is the most likely person to sell your listing?  You are.  Double that $4200.  The number three reason you should call for sale by owner prospects is YOU NEED THE MONEY.

     Let's recap. 

     You have no better prospects to call and the phone is not ringing.
     You need the practice talking to someone so you can practice your people skills.
     You need the money.

     That is three good reasons to call for sale by owner prospects.  Call one before your fanny leaves the chair.

October Twenty Eighth Income Increase Challenge

     Today is Tuesday the twenty eighth.  What is the number on the rear view mirror?  How many listing have you taken this month?  There is plenty of time left. 

     Run yesterday's expireds off the MLS.  Call as many as you can find a number for.  Are you teaching yourself to find numbers?  You should be.  Remind yourself of the value of a listing.  Watch this video.   Your listing inventory will determine your income.  This is a business.  It is not a hobby. 

     Add some forsalebyowner cards to your pile.  Please call, at least, one forsalebyowner today.  Add an article to your blog.  Remind yourself that this is a long range project.  The article you write today might make you money in 2016.  Add to your blog.  Add to your You Tube.  Post a link, as I do, on Facebook and twitter to attract readers to your blog. 

     Google yourself

     Google "Search Engine Optimization".  Read an article about that.

     Answer one question on Trulia Voices .  Leave one comment on Active Rain.

     Start thinking about next month's goal.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October Twenty Seventh, Income Increase Challenge

     Monday, October 27th.  What is the number on your rear view mirror?  Do you need one more listing to reach this month's goal?  Run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS computer.  Call them.  They are going to list with someone.  It may as well be you.

     Add ten names to your who you know list.  Send out a Ijustgotintorealestate letter to the 270 people on this list if you haven't already. 

     How is the blog?  Post a blogpost on your blog today.  Start planning your next You Tube video.  If you ignore this part of your marketing, you will pay the price for that mistake for  a long time to come.  Did you read my Facebook post today?  "Little by little does the trick"  This is a quote from Aesop.  The hare did not win the race.  The tortoise won the race.  Where did those 150 blogposts come from?   They came from two years of writing blogposts that you wonder if anyone is reading.  They came from getting up early and posting a blogpost about qualifying for a mortgage.  Six months later, you have a appointment with a forsalebyowner that told you they had their house under contract but the buyers did not qualify.  You send them a link to that article that you wrote six months ago.  When you arrive for that appointment, you are an expert.  This is a long range project.   Every journey begins with a single step.  Create an arsenal of articles  that you can use to solve tomorrow's problems.  It was not raining when Noah built the ark.

     Call, at least, one forsalebyowner today. 

     Send out one thank you card today by U. S. mail. 

     Make one comment on Active Rain.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Twenty Sixth Income Increase Challenge

     Today is Sunday, October 26th.

     Add ten names to your who you know list.

     Go to Trulia Voices or Bigger Pockets and answer a question.

     Hold an open house this afternoon.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Overcoming Fear, A Real Estate Agent's Worst Enemy

     Today is Saturday, the twenty fifth.  What is the number on your rear view mirror?  How many listings have you taken this month?  This is the last Saturday of the month.  If your results are not meeting your goals, it might be a good idea to work today.

     I downloaded an advertisement from Zillow, yesterday,  "Ten Ways To Get More Real Estate Listings".  What do you think was hot tip number one?  It was call expired listings.  I have been telling you for twenty five  days to call yesterday's expired listings.  On Saturday, you will have no competition.  If you have not called yesterday's expired so far, it is probably because you are afraid of the rejection.  Forget about the fear.  Call yesterday's expired listings today.  Go back and watch my video if you don't know what to say.  Just today, there is no competition.  It is Saturday.  Suzy Superstar is not calling them today.

     I heard a sales trainer use this example to explain fear.  He said imagine a ten foot long 2x10 board lying on the floor.  For a one hundred dollar reward, could you balance yourself and walk from one  end to the other.  Everyone in the room agreed that we could.  He asked if there was anyone in the room that would not try.  We all agreed that we would try because what was the worst that could happen?  The worst that could happen was we would lose our balance and fall two inches.  We would not get the hundred dollars but we would lose nothing.  Then he asked us to imagine that the 2x10 was stretched between two ten story buildings.  For a one hundred dollar reward, how many would walk across the board?  He lost about eighty per cent of us.  The penalty for failure (falling ten stories) was too great for the reward.  Then he took things a little further.   He asked us to imagine that the other building was on fire and one of our kids was trapped on the roof.  The only way we could save our kid was walk across the 2x10 and carry our kid back.  Every person in the room was ready to go.  The point of this illustration is two things.  We often imagine that the danger is greater than it is.  When we call yesterday's expired listings, we are not going to fall ten stories if they say no.  We are going to fall two inches.  So what?  The other point of this illustration is we underemphasice the reward.  Would you walk across the 2x10 sitting on the floor for a two thousand dollar reward.   That is the value of an average listing.  What is the worst that can happen if you call?  What is the reward if you call and the expired listing lists with you?  So what if some of them say no?  So what if most of them say no?  Do not let fear stop you from calling.

     Add five cards to your forsalebyowner pile.  Call five forsalebyowners today.  Today is Saturday.  The forsalebyowners are home.  They are in a good mood.  It is the perfect day to call forsalebyowners or better yet, go knock on their door.  If you don't know what to say, go watch my video on You Tube.

     Start your next blogpost.  Answer a question on Trulia Voices.  Read a blog on Active Rain and leave a comment.  If you have not joined Active Rain yet, it is free .  Follow this link and join today. 

     Start thinking about November's goals.

     If you get a listing, mail out 200 "just listed " post cards to the neighbors.  If you put a house under contract, mail out 200 "just sold" post cards to the neighbors.  If you have a closing, mail out 200"just sold" post cards to the neighbors. 

     Plan your open house for Sunday.  Remember to bring a chair.

     This is the Income Increase Challenge instructions for today.  If you don't know about Income Increase Challenge, watch this short video.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Income Increase Challenge for October Twenty Fourth

     Today is the 24th of October.  What is the number on your rear view mirror?  How many listings have you taken this month?  If you need a couple more to meet your goal, run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS.  Send them some mail.  Mail won't help with this month's goal.  It will certainly make next month's goal easier. Call a couple of these folks.  They are going to list with someone.   Did you read yesterday's instruction?  If you started to do what I described yesterday, you will quickly discover that every thing you do has ancillary benefits.  If you did yesterday's exercise, it would seem that the purpose of the exercise is to sell the super bargain house.  That is true.  Also you would build a list of people to call when you find such a bargain again.  The cool thing about super bargains is they come along all the time.  Have that list of super bargain hunters ready when you find the next one.  

     Add three cards to your forsalebyowner pile.  Call three forsalebyowners.  If you don't know what to say, go watch my forsalebyowner video.

     Write a blogpost or post a video on You Tube.  This is a long range project.  Just today, I went back to an article I had written in 2011 and sent a link to someone that asked a question that that article answered.  You will find yourself doing this in the future.  When you have an appointment with a person that owns a ninety year old house, you send them a link to that article you wrote last year about old houses.  When you have an appointment with a foreclosure victim, you send them a link to that article you wrote last year about how  foreclosure works. Here is one of mine.   Your credibility is established before you show up.  You can't do that today if you wrote NO articles or posted no videos last year.  You can't do it next year if you post nothing this year.  Start posting something on the internet.  Go to Trulia Voices or Bigger Pockets and answer a question or two.  Have you posted a blog on Bigger Pockets?  There are lots of prospects there. When would be the best time to start , yesterday, today or tomorrow?  I think yesterday would be best.  Today would be second best.

     Send out one thank you card by US mail.

     Add ten names to your who you know list. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Red Hot, Cash Paying Prospects For Real Estate

     Today is October 23rd.  It is Thursday.   If you are participating in the Income Increase Challenge, you are probably tired of me starting every day with the same old instructions.  Here is something different for today.

     Could you go into MLS and find a house that is worth $100,000 but you can buy it for $50,000?  Often bargains like this exist because there is no financing available for some reason.  Often these bargains exist because  the owner needs the money RIGHT NOW.  Sometimes these real estate bargains exist because there is a commercial potential for the property that the residential sales associate that listed the property did not recognize.  We don't care what the reason is.  Just know that these bargains exist.

     Let me re phrase my original question.  Could you go into MLS and find a property that, if you had the cash, you would buy today and could sell tomorrow for a handsome profit?

     Maybe MLS is not the place to look for these bargains.  There are plenty of them in MLS.  Maybe, if you went to the court house and looked in the probate files that are being processed, you could find some heirs in Chicago that have inherited a house in Orlando.  The heirs don't want the house.  They want some money in their pocket.  Call them.

      It doesn't matter where you find them.  Maybe you could find such a bargain by contacting those empty house owners that I mentioned in the earlier article. 

     When you find this super bargain, I want you to take your Who You Know list and start calling these people and ask them if they know anyone that has the financial ability to take advantage of this super duper bargain. Tell them that you have to pay cash and you have to act quickly.   I want you to tell them that you would buy it yourself if you had the ability.  Do not say this if it is not true.  If it is not true, it is not enough of a bargain to warrant your calling.  Don't you agree?  Ask your Who You Know list if they know anyone that can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.  How many do you think you would have to call before you hit a winner?

     Don't waste your time or your acquaintance's time with luke warm mamby pamby maybe bargains.  Find a super duper extraordinary it makes me sick that I can't buy it bargain.  If no one on your list knows someone that can buy this bargain, you need a new list.

     In the daily instructions for the Income Increase Challenge, I have urged you to call forsalebyowners.  If you will start calling forsalebyowners, you will find that a lot of forsalebyowners are investor types that buy and flip houses.  When I first started selling real estate a hundred years ago, this aggravated me because most of them are not prospects to list their house with a Realtor.  In fact, I considered them a competitor.  After a while, I learned that these folks are prospects.  They are buying prospects.  I started to chat with them about what they like to buy, what neighborhoods do they like etc.  I kept their information on file until I found a super bargain. I have sold many house to the buyers that I found while calling forsalebyowners.

     This works equally well in a social situation.  You meet someone in a social situation.  What do they usually ask when they discover that  you are a Realtor?  "How's the market?"  How is this for an answer?  " I just ran into a property that is worth $200,000.  It can be bought for $100,000.  I am so frustrated because I can't find a buyer for it. Do you know anyone with $100,000 cash that would like to take advantage of this desperate situation?  I know it will sell before I can find a buyer."  Don't say this if it isn't true.

     Have you read the book,"The Millionaire Next Door"  by Thomas Stanley?  If you are in real estate, you better read this book.  The main lesson from the book is it is hard to recognize a millionaire.  Your neighbor down the street that drives the F 150 pick up truck just might have a few hundred thousand in the bank.  He might just be looking for the opportunity you described. Ask. We can close next Friday. Go find a bargain and sell it.

     Also today, run yesterday's expired listing off the MLS.  Send them mail.  Call them.

     Also write a blog post about how frustrated you are because you found this fifty cents on the dollar bargain but you could not find a buyer fast enough.  Someone else took advantage of that situation.  Your "call to action" in this blog post is if you would like to be on my list of super bargain hunting, cash paying, quick decision making buyers, contact me and expect my call when I find the next one.

     That is the instructions for October 23rd.    

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Twenty Second, Income Increase Challenge.

     Today is Wednesday, October 22nd.  take a look at the number on your rear view mirror. How many houses have you listed in October?  The month is two thirds over.  You do the math.  Getting face to face with a prospect has to be high on your agenda.  How can we do that?

     We could run yesterdays expireds off the computer.  Send them some mail.  Call the ones we can get a phone number for. 

     We could call some of the forsalebyowners that we have accumulated in a stack of three by five cards.  Please call at least one today.  Two would be better.  If you would call three, WOW.

     We could call one of those foreclosure victims that we discovered yesterday. Have you sent them any mail?  What would happen if you sent them a post card?

     Are you adding posts to your You Tube channel?  Please try to make that a minimum of one per week.  In about six months, this will start working so well, you will not believe it.  It will not work until you start posting videos that Mr. Iwanttosellmyhouse is interested in.  Do not make this into a chore.  You don't need to convert a room in your house into a production studio.  Do what you can with what you have available. Here is a video I made yesterday at my new house in Tryon, North Carolina.   We just moved here on Sunday.  I can't even find my razor.  I am busy,busy,busy.  It took me about thirty minutes to set up the easel on the front porch, shoot the video, load it onto You Tube.  This will not affect your income today.  It will affect it six months from now.   Stand in front of the camera.  Tell Mr. Iwanttosellmyhouse how to find some buyers. Tell him how to make his home more attractive to buyers.  Tell him how to stay safe while showing his home to buyers.   Tell him what has sold in XYZ Estates lately and for how much.  Tell him the difference between Pine Hills and Pine Castle.  Make sure your contact information is in the video.  Post a video today.

     Mail out one thank you card by US mail.

     Start paying attention to how you are spending your time.  If you don't have time to do the things I have suggested, what are you doing with your time?  Are you doing something that will lead you to a face to face meeting with a prospect in October?  Spend your time doing something that will lead to a face to face meeting with a  prospect.

Have fun.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Income Increase Challenge, October Twenty First

     Today is Tuesday, October 21st.  Did you read my Facebook quote today from William Shakespeare?  It was Polonis ' advice to his son from Hamlet where Polonis told his son to be honest with himself.  This is hard.

     Run yesterday's expired off the MLS.  Do you notice that there are fewer and fewer expired every day lately.  Let me tell you why.  I had been in the real estate business a long time before I figured this out.  No trainer ever mentioned this to me.   When you take a six month listing on the 21st of October it should expire on April 30th.  Most listing forms have the expiration date on the form.  Most experienced agents run the expiration date until the end of the month.  That is why on thee 30th, there is a hundred expireds.  This may not seem like a big deal and it is not.  If you list fifty house a year, you pick up a few more days on every listing, it becomes a big deal.  Maybe twice in my career, I have had someone NOT agree and ask me to change it to the 21st.  The other 998 were OK with it. Send mail to yesterday's expireds.  Call as many as you can.  Watch the video again if you don't know what to say.

     I feel like you want to do some strange, unusual, and exotic.  Here you go.  Go to the courthouse.  Go to the clerk of the circuit court.  Ask to see a new foreclosure file.  Then ask to see a foreclosure file that is ready to be sold at auction soon.  This is available to see online.  Go to the courthouse and ask the clerk questions.  That is how you learn. If you will read  those new foreclosure files and call those people.  List their house.  They are moving soon.. Soon means about ten to twelve months.  Every scammer vulture on the planet is going to try to scam these people.  If you will take the time to understand the foreclosure process, there is a lot of money and satisfaction that comes from helping foreclosure victims.  This is not for everyone.  Go learn a little about how the process works.  Learn about how foreclosure auctions work. Look at the file for the house that is set for sale.  When did that file start?  When is the auction?  That is how long that process takes. As time went by, I gravitated to foreclosures.  I have listed and sold a lot of short sales.  It is a long learning process.  Start your learning at the court house, not at an expensive seminar.

     Add one card to your forsalebyowner pile.  Call at least one forsalebyowner.  Watch both of my forsalebyowner videos if you need direction. 

     Send out one thank you note by US mail.

Monday, October 20, 2014

October Twentith, Income Increase Challenge

     Run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS computer.  Send them all some mail.  Call some of them. I have mentioned this before but I must say it again..  Do you know there are people that pay for prospects.  If you haven't call these red hot prospects, don't foolishly pay for less hot prospects.  These people are going to list their house today.  They are hot prospects by any definition.  Call them

     Add ten names to your who you know list.

     Send out a thank you note by U S mail.

     Find the owner of one empty house and call them. List that house. If they don't want to sell it, ask them if they would like to buy another one to sit empty.  

     Post a video on You Tube.

     October is two thirds over.  What is the number on your rear view mirror?  How many listings do you have in October?

     Start reading a book about salesmanship.  Do you need a suggestion?  Ask Suzy Superstar.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Income Increase Challenge, October Eighteenth

     Today is Sunday,  October 18th.

     If you ran today's expireds off the MLS and called a few of them, you would have less than no competition.

     Did you plan your open house?  If not, you could have an unplanned open house.  You are probably thinking,  " I don't have an empty listing."  Let's solve that problem.  Set yourself a goal to list one empty house before the end of the month.  They are easy to list.  Did you read my article about empty houses?  Here is the link, 

     Today is Sunday.  You don't want to work on Sunday.  You also don't want a mediocre income.  Sometimes you have to choose.  Would you like more family time?  Lets make it a family project to find an empty house and find the owners.  You fifteen year old can probably find the owner on his computer  better than you.  Let them teach you .  Give you r fifteen year old 25% of the commission.  You will  probably be amazed at the results. Here is the caveat.  If your fifteen old finds them, you have to call them.  If you are fearful about calling empty homeowners, don't be.  You will not meet any rejection with this.  You will more likely be greeted as a hero as I described in the article.

     Today's instruction is call a empty homeowner. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

October Seventeenth, Income Increase Challenge

     Do you have an open house scheduled  for Sunday afternoon?  That is a perfect prospect trap.  Plan one.
     Run yesterday's  expired off the MLS computer and send them mail.  Is there any rejection to that?  If the fear of rejection stops you from calling, that is OK. There is no rejection to sending mail. You have to find prospects someway.

     Today is Friday.  If you haven't mailed your who you know list, mail it today.  If you have a list of 170 people that you know, I certainly hope I made the list.  My address is P O Box 403 Tryon ,North Carolina, 28782. 

     Do you have an appointment with a prospect today?  What time is the appointment?  Are you prepared for that appointment?  Today is Friday.  How many prospects have you been face to face with this week?  If they are buying prospects, do you know how to tell if they are really prospects?  The sooner you learn, the more money you will make.  Here is a link that will give you the basics to figuring out if buyers are buyers .  Do not spend time with buyers that are not going to buy soon.  Do not spend time with sellers that don't want to sell.

     Add ten cards to your for sale by owner stack.  Call at least one forsalebyowner today. 

     If you haven't met your weekly goals, plan on working tomorrow. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Sixteenth Income Increase Challenge

     Today is the 16th.  The month is half over.  What number do you have sticky noted to your mirror?  If you have a four on the mirror, you need two listings to be on target.  If you are not on target, increase your activity.  See more prospects.

     Today, add ten names to your who you know list.  By tomorrow, you need to have a letter in the mail reminding these people that you are in the real estate business.  Do you remember I asked you to ask your co workers where their last closing came from.  Referrals from friends is the most common source of prospects in America.  Make sure your friends remember that you are in the real estate business. 

     Run the expired listing off the computer.  Send them all some mail.  Call the ones you can get a number for.  This is solid gold. These red hot prospects will list with someone. 

     Add ten cards to your Forsalebyowner lists.  Call at least one fsbo today.  Go back and read yesterday's instruction and watch the fsbo video.  Get your attitude right about fsbos.  These folks are prospects by any definition.  call one.  Go visit with them.  About ninety per cent of these fsbos will list with a Realtor.

     If you don't know what SEO stands for, Google "search engine optimization" and read a couple of articles about that.  Google your name. 

     Post a video on You Tube.  Post a blogpost.  Go to Trulia Voices and answer a question.

     You must talk to prospects to make money. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Fifteenth, Income Increase Challenge for New Realtors.

     Today is Wednesday.  Those of you that are participating in the challenge, are you following the instructions?  None of this will work if you don't.

     Run today's expired listing off the MLS.  Send mail to 100% of them.  Send post cards if cash flow is a problem.  Get a nice letter and use it if you can.   This instruction is not going to change.  There is no hotter prospect than an expired.  They are going to list with someone.  They still want to sell their house.  They are making payments.  They are already sold on a Realtor.  Mail is good.  Mail and a phone call is better.  A knock on the door works.  Go back and read my article about prospects.  Yesterday's expired listing is a red hot super duper deluxe prospect by any definition.  Contact them.

     Have you set some prospect traps?   Have you posted a blogpost?  Have you posted a video on You Tube?  Are you wearing your Realtor pin?

     Start looking for forsalebyowners.  Call at least one. Let one be the minimum, not the maximum. Watch my video about calling forsalebyowners.   I want to try and communicate my attitude about forsalebyowners to you.  These guys are prospects.  You must talk to a prospect to make money.  Did you talk to a prospect yesterday?  Did you?  If you went to a million dollar closing yesterday, that is cool but it is not talking to a prospect.  Going to look at a million dollar forsalebyowner that has told you he has no intention of listing with a Realtor is talking to a prospect.  Did you talk to a prospect yesterday?  Do you have an appointment to talk to an prospect today?  If not work on getting one.  Please get tuned in to the concept of talking to a prospect.  You must get face to face with a prospect to make money in real estate.

     Lets get back to my attitude.  I don't want you to call a forsalebyowner and aggressively try to make an appointment to go out to their house and convince them that they are wrong and you are right and they should list with you.  Watch the video.  After you watch that video, scroll up and watch the video,"First visit with forsalebyowner'.  Here is what I want you to do.  I want you to call Mr. Fsbo and say what I told you on the video.  I want you to go visit with him.  Go shoot the breeze with him.  Go talk to him.  What do I want you to talk about.  I want you to talk about whatever he is interested in.  Just visit.  Hold the hard sell.  Just go make a friend.  If you are not in the mood to be rejected, stop there.  Spend a few minutes with them.  Say Goodbye and don't even ask them for a second appointment as I describe in the video.  You must speak to a prospect.  These folks are prospects.  These folks are pleasant.  Call at least one fsbo today.

     Add    ten names to your whoyouknow list.  Don't forget we are getting U.S. mail out before Friday to everyone on the list. 

    Mail me a Happy Birthday card at P O Box 403  Tryon N.C. 28782

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Fourteenth, Income Increase Challenge

     Today is our fourteenth day.  Are you getting tired of me telling you to run the expired off the MLS computer?  IF you have been doing this since the beginning, it is starting to become a habits.  Good habits will make you rich.  Running the expired listings every day.  is a good habit.   Run the expired off the MLS.  Are you teaching yourself how to find phone numbers?  If you read my previous article here on "Mountain Messages", you know there are lots of ways to get the job done.  Finding contact info for out of town expireds is easy and lucrative.  Call as many of yesterday's expireds as possible.

     Call at least one forsalebyowner today.  Those of you that took your basic real estate class from me at Climer School of Real Estate have heard me tell the story about me asking Linda to dance at the eighth grade dance. .  I have told that story a thousand times .  One thing I know for sure, every man in the room can relate to that story.  Every man in the room knows that your imagined rejection is ten times worse than the real rejection.  More often, there is no rejection because Linda is glad that you asked.  She was hoping and praying that some brave young man would walk across that dance floor and ask her to dance.  After you have called a couple of hundred forsalebyowners, you will realize they are glad you called.  They know what they are doing isn't working.  Reading this will not convince of this.  Talking to 200 forsalebyowners will.  Call one today.  Imagine success.

     If you read my previous article, you know that you need a You Tube channel. Create one today.  Post a video.  You need a blog.  Create one. 

     Google yourself. 

     Google, "Best real estate agent in Your Neighborhood"  Who comes up?  You will if you have a video posted titled " Best Real Estate Agent in Your Neighborhood"

     If you haven't mailed out 130 letters to your who you know list, let's set Friday as the deadline. 

     Add ten names and addresses to your who you know list.
     Plan an Open House  for Sunday

Monday, October 13, 2014

New Realtors, Set Some Prospect Traps And Put Some Bait In Them

     Every new real estate agent hates to look for prospects.  I did it for years.  I taught it for years.  I still do it.  I still teach it.  Aggressive prospecting is tough.  Cold calling, calling for sale by owners, calling expired listings and foreclosure victims is tough.  It is tough by any standard.  It works but the overdose of rejection is tough for a lot of folks.  You will learn things from these activities that you just can't learn any other way.  There is another way.

     If we were pioneers in America three hundred years ago, how would we get food?  We could go out and hunt down food with a rifle or we could set some traps.  Either way, we would have food.

     Selling real estate is the same deal.  You can go hunt down prospects by cold calling and calling expireds and for sale by owners.   There is nothing wrong with this.  Aggressive prospecting works very well.  Most folks can not handle the rejection.  What is the solution?  Set some prospect traps.  Anything you do to make your phone ring instead of you dialing it is a prospect trap.

     Fifteen years experience is the best  prospect trap.  I once had a young rookie trainee tell me that he was going to follow Suzy Superstar around for a week.  See what she was doing and do that.  He discovered that what Suzy did was answer the phone.  Mr. Rookie's phone was not ringing.  Suzy had been setting prospect traps for fifteen years.

      The best prospect trap is a listing.  If you have one listing with your name rider on the yard sign, your phone will ring a little bit. If a listing is a prospect trap, a listing in a very desirable neighborhood is a better prospect trap.  A well priced listing in a very desirable neighborhood is an even better prospect trap.  Forty listings is a forty times better prospect trap.  Listings will make your phone ring.  Remember that when you are deciding whether you should spend your time looking for listings or showing houses to a lukewarm buyer prospect.

     Listings attract buyers.  They also attract more sellers.  There is your two week old, well priced listing in that very desirable neighborhood with a SOLD sign on it.  There is a prospect trap extraordinaire.  Concentrate your efforts on getting listings.

     A listing farm is a prospect trap.  This is labor intensive up front.  Does it work?  Wow! Does it work?  You pick a neighborhood that you like.  You go knock on all three hundred doors  in the neighborhood in January.  You give the owner a free magnetic calendar with your picture on it.  You go back in February with a magnetic valentine with your picture on it.  In March you bring them a shamrock refrigerator magnet.  You come back in April with some income tax forms, just in case you need them.  In May you drop by a bouquet of flowers .  In June you bring a flag for Flag Day, a box of firecrackers for July.  Stop by with a hurricane tracking map in August and a pencil for back to school in September.  Drop off a pumpkin for Halloween.  When you bring that turkey in November, you will be a hero.   OK, maybe I am getting a little carried away.  You get the gist.

     Start a neighborhood news letter on line.  Ask for their email address and ask for news.  News would stuff like we have our canoe for sale or we are having a garage sale.  Post some videos on You Tube about the neighborhood. Post a video about the local high school.  Video an interview with the local elementary school principal.  Post it on You Tube.  Interview a couple of local businessmen and post that on You Tube.  Create a neighborhood website.  When someone Googles XYZ Estates there is the official XYZ website just chock full of information about XYZ Estates.  Who decides what information goes on that website?  You do.  You own the website. . 

     This is a long range project but I think it was Confucius that said," A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  After a while, depending on how hard you work at it, this is a super prospect trap. 

      A real estate newsletter is a great prospect trap.  Start a newsletter and write news that would be interesting to anyone. Ask anyone you meet to subscribe to it.  Put some good content in it.  Write about new projects like Sun Rail.  Write about housing trends.  Write about things that almost anyone would be interested in.  Put a couple of jokes in it.  It doesn't have to be huge.  It does have to be interesting.  After some time, your newsletter will become a prospect trap. 

     A You Tube channel is a very good prospect trap.  Create one if you don't have one.  You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world.  When people want to know how to do something, they go to You Tube.  " How to right an overturned kayak"  would be an example.  Go to You Tube and watch the video.  Some kayak instructor just got a little publicity.  Go post a video about " How to get top dollar for your house in Altamonte Springs, Florida"   There you are with a few tips about ways to fix up your house, turn on the lights, be open to negotiate etc.  Can you do that?  Yes you can.  When people start thinking about moving, what are some questions they may have?  Be there on You Tube with the answer to those questions.  Go make a ten minute video about something that you know a person about to move would want to know.  Post it on You Tube.  How many videos should you post?  If you want to attract one prospect, post one.  If you want to attract one hundred prospects, post a hundred.  Does this work?  Is the pope Catholic? 

     When you post videos on You Tube, don't be offended or aggravated when other people, your competitors, steal your videos and post them on their website.  Go to You Tube and look at one of my videos.  Do you have any problem knowing that that is MY video?  My name and my phone number is all over that video.  Put your real estate sign in the background.   Put your name rider in the background.  Look at the picture in this article.  That is what you want you You Tube video to look like.  Don't be shy. Get yourself a T shirt with your name and phone number on it.  Wear it in the video.   If your competitors want to steal your video, make sure you get the credit. 

Ron Climer , Real Estate Mentor
     Another wonderful prospect trap is a blog (like this one).  Write articles that your  prospects would be interested in reading and post them on the internet.  There are plenty of blogs that are free or cheap.  Start one and start writing articles.  This is a super prospect trap.  Let's say you wrote an article," Five Mistakes You Don't Want To Make When You Sell Your House".  You write the article and post it on your blog.  Six months later or six years later, you are at a little league baseball game wearing your Realtor baseball cap.  When a fellow parent mentions that his house is for sale, you ask for his email and send him a link to your blogpost article.  Does this help establish your credibility? Yes it does.  You write the article one time.  You send a link to it a hundred times before an appointment.  That is called leverage.  That is another article.

     Set prospect traps.  You can go hunt prospects down with aggressive prospecting.  or you can set prospect traps that will make your phone ring.  That is; you can make your phone ring or you can dial the phone.

      Here is an easy to implement prospect trap.  Be a walking, talking prospect trap.  Wear your Realtor pin on your lapel all the time.  Buy wearing apparel like T-shirts and baseball caps with Realtor or your company logo on it.  Wear it when you are at the soccer game or the running errands.  You know how it goes.  There you are at the boat ramp wearing your Century 21 baseball cap. Some guy starts asking you about home values in XYZ Estates.  Don't cancel your fishing trip.  Give him a business card and a link to your blog.  This is zero effort.  This is high reward.  This is the easiest prospect trap available .

     Almost any basic sales training class will suggest that you join some sort of service club and attend Chamber of Commerce type meetings.  Certainly, this is a great place to prospect.  You don't have to go out and look for clubs to join.  Just let this happen naturally.  Your hobbies and interests will make this happen.  You don't need to be obnoxious and aggressive.  You also don't need to be a secret agent.  Let you club members know what you do for a living.  Wear your Realtor T shirt to the meetings. 

     You need prospects to talk to.  If your phone is not ringing, set some prospect traps and put some bait in them to make it ring.  If the phone is not ringing, you better be dialing it.


Creativity, You Have More Than You Know

     Creativity is taunted  as being some unique, highly desirable  trait that some people have and the rest of us lowly mortals can not get.  The truth is we all have creativity in us .  We just have to let it out.

     Here is a teeny tiny small piece of creativity for you.  If you are not doing  this already, please try it.  Your rewards will far outweigh any effort you put into this.  I have already suggested this to my Income Increase Challenge participants.

     Get out of bed a few minutes early tomorrow.  Get a cup of coffee and a legal pad or wire bound notebook.  Sit down alone and write down your biggest goal as a question.
What should I be doing to list 5 houses per month?
 How can I get my weight to ____ pounds?
 How can I find a wonderful person to marry?

 Then, write down twenty answers to the question.  Don't worry that some of your answers may be ridiculous.  Don't concern yourself that some of your answers may cost a million dollars to implement.  Just write down twenty answers to your question.  Think of ways to accomplish your goal.  If you will keep writing down ideas, you may write down a winner.  I wrote down an idea many years ago that tripled my income in one year. The ideas don't always come out fully developed and ready to implement.  Everything starts with ideas.  One ancillary benefit to doing this is that you become more open and receptive to ideas from other sources.

     Another benefit to doing this .  It gets easier.  Just like weight lifting or jogging, it is hard when you start but six months later, it is easy.  I suggested that you use a legal pad or wire bound notebook.  I believe that there is a connection between our brains and our hands.  Writing down the ideas with a ball point pen is part of the magic.  Put a date on every list.  Come back a year or two later and look at your old lists.  That may spark a new idea.

     I could go on and on and write 1000 more words about this.  I won't.  Try this with just a little discipline.  You will amaze yourself.                         

October Thirteenth Income Increase Challenge.

     It is thirteen days since we started the who you know list.  You should have 130 names on that list.  It is time to start sending some mail to the people on the list.  Put together a letter that lets them know you are still in real estate or new in real estate  which ever is appropriate.  Ask them to send you a referral.  Ask them to read your blogpost.

     Run yesterday's expireds off the MLS.  Send mail to all if it is not a financial burden.   Look up phone numbers and call as many as possible.  Call the out of  towners.  If you don't know what to say. watch the video again. Today is Columbus day.  Lots of people will be home to answer your call.

     Google listing presentation

     Google yourself
     If you have an exceptionally attractive expired that you can't get a phone number for, go knock on their door about 6 PM.

     Add at least two 3 x 5 cards to the for sale by owner list.  Call one for sale by owner.

     Send a thank you card via US mail to someone. 



Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Twelth Income Increase Challenge

     You should be able to add ten names and mailing addresses to your who you know list just from people you see at church but forgot to put on the list.  Run yesterday's expired off the MLS.  Try to get phone numbers for the out of towners.  They are soooooooo easy.  You can call them today or you can wait until tomorrow.  Search for the phone numbers today.  Go to Bigger Pockets or Trulia Voices and ask on their question page  how can we find these house owners.  Have you created a profile on Bigger Pockets and Active Rain and Trulia and Zillow yet? What are you waiting for?     Read this old article if you have not taken care of this.

     If you have a empty listing, go hold it open house today from 1 to 4 Write a couple of articles while your are there.  Take a chair.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Less Rejection Means More Real Estate Sales

     Take the rejection out of selling real estate.  Think about a dangerous job like being a policeman or fireman or soldier.   These folks earn a living by placing themselves in personal jeopardy.  What do they do to minimize this danger?  They get training.  They train constantly. 

     Our job of selling real estate is not nearly this dangerous.  It is dangerous in that we are constantly doing things that attract rejection to us.  Training is our remedy.  The more you know, the harder it is to reject you.  Don't forget this.  When you go to see a forsalebyowner or an expired listing or a foreclosure victim or any other prospect, they are looking for a solution to their problem.  Be sure that you are part of their solution.  Do not be part of their problem.  That is where  the rejection comes in.

     These people want information.  You tell me.  What do they want to know?  Write down ten answers to that question and you have ten blog titles.  Write those ten blogposts and post them on your blog.  I call your blog and your You Tube channel and any other web presence that you have created a prospect trap.  The more prospect traps that you have, the less you have to dial the phone.  The more bait that you put in the prospect trap, the more prospects you will catch. 

     If you are new in real estate, here is a fabulous prospect trap that you can use to get started.  It is called floor duty or the politically correct term, opportunity time.   Floor duty has kinda gone out of style but I believe it is coming back into style.  If you company has a time that it assigned to you to be in the office and take incoming phone calls, this is called floor time or floor duty.  The key word is duty.  If you are assigned you have to be there even if you would rather be elsewhere.  Most real estate agents dislike floor duty.

     If yo need some prospects, here is what I want you to do.  Put a sign on the company bulletin board  and let your co workers know that if they don't want to do their floor duty, you will do it for them.  When they call, say yes.  At any real estate office I have ever worked at, you can do as much floor duty as you want. 

     What is the deal?  The deal is you are "stuck" answering the phone.  You have to develop skill at answering the phone.  If you want to develop that skill rapidly, record your calls. Get a forty dollar digital recorder .  Set it on your desk and record your end of the conversation.  Teach yourself to answer questions with questions.   Most Realtors after five years experience have not developed that skill.  Training and practice will shorten your learning curve.  Watch this video.  It is a good start.  If your personal phone is not ringing, I certainly hope the company phone is ringing.  You need to talk to a prospect. 

     You must develop skill at taking incoming phone calls.  The object is to get an appointment with the caller.  That is another article.  Get your prospect traps set.  Write some articles, post some videos .  The traps won't work if you don't put bait in them.  They call you or you call them.  You decide.

October Eleventh Income Increase Challenge

     Today is Saturday.  Did you meet your weekly goals so far this week?  The month is 35% over .  Are you on track to accomplish your goals?

     Run today's expired listings off the MLS .  Send mail to as many as you can afford.  All of them would be best.  No other Realtors will be calling these red hot prospects.  Call as many as you can get a phone number for.  Pick one that you can not get a phone number for and go knock on their door.  They are not going to bite you.  You reception will probably be much warmer than you think.  Since you are only going to knock on one door, do a CMA.  Take it with you.  What are the odds that the expired listing would meet you, know you are in real estate and not ask you a question like,"Why do think my house expired?"  I think the odds are pretty good that you will hear that question.  Be prepared when you hear that question.  You have your listing presentation ready.  You have a CMA in your hand.

     "Why do I think your house expired?  I am glad you asked me that.  I have brought a market analysis and a marketing plan that I think you will find very interesting.  Could we sit down over here at the kitchen table for ten minutes or make an appointment for me to stop by later on today ?"   Sit down.  Do your listing presentation.  Show them the CMA.  Close the deal.

     If you don't have a prepared listing presentation, Google "Listing Presentation"
     Google yourself
     Start putting together a letter to mail to the expireds. Often a well done letter gets better results.  If that is your only contact because you can not get a phone number, it is your only hope.

     Start writing down the for sale by owners.  If you watched my video, the three by five card method is still a wonderful way to keep track of these.  Use your device if you prefer.  Here is the deal.  Did you read my previous article about getting face to face with prospects?  Prospecting has to become a habit.  If it is a chore, you are probably going to do it for a couple of weeks and then quit.  Prospecting has to be like brushing your teeth.  You start your day running the expireds.  The fsbo cards are just laying there on your desk.  You have ten minutes, lets check our emails.  That is a habit.  Lets don't check our emails.  Let's call a fsbo or an expired.

     It is Saturday.  Put some bait in the prospect trap.  Write a blogpost  or post a You tube video or both. You won't catch any prospects if there is no bait in the trap.

     If you went out to Lowes or a yard sale or a little league ball game and got arrested for being a Realtor, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  Are you wearing a Realtor baseball cap?  Are you wearing your Climer School of Real Estate T shirt or your century 21 T shirt or the T shirt you had made that says," Ask me about real estate"?  Are you wearing your Realtor pin on the lapel of your sweat shirt?  Be a walking prospect trap.  Don't be a secret agent.  You don't have to be obnoxious.  Buy some wearing apparel that lets people know you are a Realtor.  What do you do at  the little league game?  You talk to the other parents.  They move.  Always have business cards in your pocket.  Always. 

     Send a Thank You card by U S mail to someone.

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Realtor, Get Face To Face With A Prospect

     In today's modern world, we have Skype, text, email, instant message.  We can send a photo around the world in a minute.  People claim to be so busy, they don't have time to talk on the phone.

Ron Climer lives in Tryon, North Carolina. If you need sales training,
     Some things are as constant as the rising sun.  Here is one constant.  The main most number one most likely reason that people do business with you is.......  Do you know?  Are you sure? Finish that sentence.  What is the answer?  The answer is the main most number one most likely reason that people do business with you is they like you.  The number one main most likely reason they don't do business with you is they don't like you or they like your competitor better.

     You don't have to go far to prove this to yourself.  Who is your favorite mortgage person?  Who is your favorite title insurance person?  Who is your favorite real estate school?  People today and people when Jesus walked the earth do business with people that they like, personally.

     That is the good news.  It is also the bad news.  Have you had a sales trainer tell you,"Don't take rejection personally."?  Have you had a sales trainer explain the law of averages?  The more you see, the more you will sell.  That sounds good when you are standing in front of a classroom.  Try it in person.  You go see ten prospects.  Nine of them list with your competitor.  What does that tell you?  Nine out of ten people don't like you.

     That is big time, first class, deluxe rejection.  That is for tough guys only.  Sissies need not apply for that gig.  What is the solution?  It is simple.  Don't call any prospects.  Don't go see any prospects.  You won't have any rejection.  Rejection is less painful on the phone than it is in person.  True or false?  I think most of us will agree rejection is painful.  It is less painful on the phone than it is in person.

     You get all dressed up.  You go see a forsalebyowner or an expired listing or a foreclosure victim or a referral from a friend.  You show them your fabulous listing presentation.  They list with  your competitor.  That is a dagger in the heart. 

     Apparently, sales trainers are teaching new Realtors to qualify buyers on the phone the first time you meet them.  Apparently, sales trainers are teaching their students to do their listing presentation on the phone.  Tell the prospect about our wonderful marketing program on the phone.  If your sales trainer is telling you that, Ron says,"Get face to face with a prospect.".  I know gasoline is expensive.  I know time is money.  Ron says," Get face to face, eyeball to eyeball, knee to knee with a prospect.".

     If you get face to face with a prospect and they list with your competitor that only talked to them on the phone, you might want to work on your people skills.  I say that to be funny.  I say it as a joke.  It may not be a joke.  How are your people skills?  Do you know how to make people like you?  Are you a ten on a scale of one to ten?  You need to be.  How do you get to be an excellent people person?  The same way that you get to Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, practice.

     What better way to practice your people skills than to go visit with a couple of forsalebyowners every day.  Practice letting them talk.  Practice using their name in conversation.  Practice asking questions.  Practice admiring their home.  Practice listening to stories about how cute their grandchildren are.  Practice steering the conversation.  If you did that two or three times a day, you would get really good.  Get face to face with a prospect. 

     Forget the phone.  Forget Skype.  Forget text.  Get face to face with a prospect, someone that needs or wants your product, can afford it and will most likely buy  it from you or your competitor in the near future.

     What are you doing with all of your time?  Young Realtors tell me," I don't have time to waste on unqualified prospects.".  Why not?  What are you doing with ten hours a day?  Do you have an appointment with a more qualified prospect?  Ron says," Get face to face with a prospect.".  Face to face is where the action is.

     The phone is for making appointments.  I want you to do business with me is for FACE to FACE.  If you are closing twenty listing per month on the phone, you don't need to read my article.  Please, leave a link to your article in the comments on how to do that.  I want to read that article.

     Mr,. FSBO " Can I stop by and take a look at your house at two or is three better for you?"
     Mr. Referred by a friend,  " May I stop by your home at noon today or is tomorrow better?"
     Mr. Expired " I would like to stop by and show you what XYZ can do to get your house sold quickly. Is ten thirty good or is two thirty better for you?"
     Mr. New Licensee," I know you have decided to go to work for Bozo Bob Realty, I would love it if you could stop by the office just for a quick tour.  Are you available today at four or is tomorrow at ten better?

     If you don't have a face to face appointment today, get on the phone and get one.  What are you doing with your time?  If you are a new Realtor with less than ten listings in inventory, you have plenty of time if you will quit wasting your time on trivial matters.  Get face to face with a prospect.  Get yourself rifle barrel focused on this.  Get an appointment, face to face, with a prospect.  If you have forgotten what a prospect is , go back and read my previous blogpost about prospects.  A face to face appointment with a prospect every day will change your life and your lifestyle.  YOU MAKE LISTING PRESENTATIONS IN PERSON.  The phone is for making appointments.  Ask your trainer if I am right.

     I know I am right but I want you to convince yourself.  Do you have an appointment to get face to face with a prospect?  Get one.  If you will get on the phone right now and start calling prospects, you would have to be awful on the phone to not get some apointment with somebody sometime.  Start dialing.  You will hit a winner.

     Prospecting and presenting, everything else is a detail.  If you will start prospecting and presenting, it won't be long until you can hire someone to take care of the details.  Get focused.  get face to face with a prospect, today.

     I probably should write a separate article for this.  I won't.  Consider this.  How much money is a listing worth?  If an average house in Orlando is $175,000 and average commission is 6%. and you coop every transaction,and you are on a 60% split and only 70% of your listings sell, your average commission for a listing taken is $2250 whether it sells or not.  If you do not understand this , ask your manager to explain it to you.  two thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars, do you have time to drive to Longwood for that?  Do you have time to drive to Lake Nona for that?   Do you have time to drive to Ocoee for that?  YABUTT , only 25% of them list with me.  Whose fault is that?  Is that the prospect's fault?  How are you going to get smooth without practice?  How are you going to get good without practice. You are not.  Go practice your presentation on a prospect, face to face.

October Tenth, Income Increase Challenge

     Here are today's instruction.  Run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS computer.  Find a website where forsalebyowners advertise.  Write down the name and number for at least five forsalebyowners  in your neighborhood.  Add ten names to your who you know list. If you did not spend a few minutes alone first thing this morning,  writing down the "ten ways to get face to face with a prospect today", find a few minutes to do this sometime today.

     I did this for years first thing in the morning. For the last five years, I didn't do it first thing in the morning.  I did it the when I first got to my classroom.  When I was teaching at Climer School of Real Estate, class started at 8 AM.  I always got to class at about 7:15.  I usually had about twenty minutes of alone time before students started to show up.  I wrote down my goal.  I wrote down things I could do to accomplish that goal.  This works.  If you are not doing this every day, start. I promise you you will amaze yourself. 

     Have you started sending mail to yesterday's expired?  I like the post cards from the post office if money is a problem.  If you read my previous blogpost about expired listings, you remember I told you that I sent a letter to every expired every day.  If you can't do a letter, do a post card.  If you can't afford to do them all, do five.  This works.

     Your prospect traps will only work if you put bait in them.  Post a blogpost on your blog.  Post a video on your You Tube.  If you can't do both, do one.  Need an idea,  

     Today is Friday.  Here is a little  exercise for you to try.  Set weekly goals. Is one listing a week a superstar goal?  I don't think so.  It is certainly a worthy goal if you are currently doing less than that.  If one listing is your weekly goal, do this.  If you don't have a listing on Friday night when the sun sets on Friday, work on Saturday.  If you do meet your goal, reward yourself and don't work on Saturday.  If you don't meet your goal, get up Saturday morning .  Go to the office.  Start calling yesterday's expired listings.  Get face to face with a prospect today. 

     I have to give you one more instruction.  Go back to the October first expired.  Get a phone number for one of them.  Call that one expired.  Ask them if they have listed with a Realtor.  I will bet they have.  They are going to list with someone.  It may as well be you.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Ninth, Income Increase Challenge

     Nine days into the Income Increase Challenge.  Here are today's instruction.  Run yesterday's expired listing off the MLS computer.  Send some mail to all of them.  Use the postcards from the post office for now.  It is easy and it is cheap.  Call at least one expired listing. 

     Add ten names to your who you know list.

     Put some bait in your prospect traps.  Do you have your You Tube channel started?  Post a link to your first video here as a comment or on Facebook.  Do you have a blogpost posted?  If not, for what are you waiting?  Put a link to that here as a comment.  Is this hard?  Is this difficult?  If it is call me and tell me.

     I posted a video yesterday.  You may not be personally interested in the subject matter unless you are taking your North Carolina real estate exam.  I want you to just go take a look at it. Does it look like I hired a professional studio with three production people or does it look like I set up the portable easel on the back porch and got something done now? Here is the link.   Don't use this link.  Go to You Tube.  Put in the search bar," North Carolina real estate exam"  This video will show up.  Why am I telling you this.  Post a video with this title,"  Why Your House In College Park Is Not Sold"  Post that today.  Tomorrow, Go to Google and search 'Why is my house in College Park not selling?'   This is a prospect trap.  Put some bait in the trap.  You will catch prospects.  For what are you waiting?

     Do you remember, yesterday, I instructed you to get up one hour earlier today and write down ten ideas on a legal pad.  If you have done that , do it now.  Write at the top of the page.  "Ten ways I can get face to face with a prospect today"   Ideas will POP into your head.  Write them down.  You may never act on any of these ideas.  You may come up with a revolutionary idea.  Try this for the next few mornings.  One thing I will promise you; getting face to face with a prospect will be on your mind. 
     One last instruction.  Read my article about forsalebyowners. Watch the video if you haven't already.   Call at least one forsalebyowner today.           


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Eighth, Income Increase Challenge

     Today is the eighth day of the challenge.  How many listing do you have written down on the rear view mirror?  How many listings have you taken this month?  The month is one quarter gone.  If you have four written on the mirror, you should have one so far.  The number on the mirror is called a goal.  Goals are critical to your success.  Talking to prospects is critical to your success.

     Run yesterday's expired off the MLS computer.  Look up five phone numbers and call five of these red hot super duper primo prospects.  They are going to list with someone.  Call a few of them.

     Add ten names to your who you know list.

     Have you set any prospect traps?  Did you post a blog post yesterday?  That is a prospect trap.  Did you start your You Tube channel yesterday?  That is a super prospect trap.  Post a video there today.  You could go to Trulia Voices or Bigger Pockets and answer some questions.  This is a great prospect trap.  You know how I know this is a great prospect trap?  If you will go to these websites, you will see many real estate agents that are there constantly.  Your competitors are not there for entertainment.  They are finding prospects there.  It is free. Here is video for you   Have you watched any of my videos on You Tube?  Did you notice that is MY video?  If you will post some worthwhile content on You Tube, other people will "steal" your videos and put them on their website.  It is a subtle form of plagiarism.  It is OK with me.  You notice in all of my videos, my name and phone number is right there in the background.  As you start to post some video,  put your name and phone number in the background  and in the description.  You Tube is a wonderful prospect trap.  If you don't have any prospect traps, you are not going to trap any prospects. My new phone number is 828 440 1064.

     Here is one last instruction for today.  Set your alarm clock for one hour earlier tomorrow.  Get out of bed.  Get a cup of coffee and a legal pad and a ball point pen.  Write at the top of the page,"Ten ways I can get face to face with a prospect today"   Write down ten ideas for ways you can get face to face with a prospect.  Do not let the sun set on your head without finding a prospect to talk to.  If you would make that a daily goal, you would amaze yourself. If you don't have a number on the rearview mirror, please watch this video.   Write down your goals.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For Sale By Owner, A Prospect For Realtors In Disguise

     We need to talk to a prospect every day.  Do you remember the definition of a prospect?  A prospect is someone that needs or wants your product or service, can afford it and will likely buy it from you or your competitor in the near future.  Does that describe someone trying to sell their own house?  They have their house for sale.  They need the services of a Realtor. They will likely list with some Realtor within a few weeks.  It is unlikely that the forsalebyowner will be successful selling his house on his own.

     The odds are against him.  Most forsalebyowners have a hard time being objective.  When the buyer tells them that there drapes are ugly, they get offended.  Most forsalebyowners have a severe lack of knowledge.  They don't understand financing.  Most forsalebyowners believe that a buyer is going to show up with a suitcase full of cash or a A plus credit rating.  If you have been selling real estate long, you know it rarely happens that way.  I could go on and on about the perils of being a forsalebyowner.  The bottom line is it is tough. A forsalebyowner's likelihood of success is very low.   Most people (80%) give up and list with a Realtor. 

     If that is true and it is true, what would you have to lose by going to see Mr. and Mrs. Forsalebyowner?  You could admire their house.  You could get to know them.  You could get them to like you.   You could bring them a gift like a refrigerator magnet.   What would you have to lose?  You would have nothing to lose unless you are so busy because your phone is ringing too much.

     Forsalebyowners are prospects.  Go back to the definition of a prospect.  Does the definition mention that thet KNOW they need or want your product.  No, that is not in the definition.  I like to use this analogy in my live classes.  If you were a life insurance salesperson, would this person be a prospect?  Would a thirty year old man with two kids and a pregnant wife that is living payday to payday be a prospect for life insurance?  What if he is so broke that he can hardly make his car payments and pay his cable bill?  Would he be a prospect for life insurance?  Does he need the product.  He needs life insurance like a drowning man needs a life raft.  Does he know that he needs life insurance?  No, he needs a good salesperson to point out to him that he needs life insurance.  He is a prospect for life insurance by any definition.  

     Forsalebyowners are the same way.  They meet the criteria of a prospect by any definition.  They need a Realtor.  They have to afford it. What they are doing isn't working.  They (80%) will list with a Realtor soon.  It will probably be you if they know you.  Call them.  Go meet them.  The only reason to NOT call aforsalebyowner is fear.  Let's take the fear out of it.

     Working forsalebyowner prospects requires a patient salesperson.  It is like fishing.  There is no hurry.  Relax and enjoy the process.  I have two videos for this.    If you need to know what to say on the phone, watch this video.  If you need to know what to say when you go see them, watch the other video.

    If there is a secret, the secret is just go see Mr. and Mrs. Forsalebyowner.  Get them to like you.  Do not over complicate this.  You need to talk to prospects.  Forsalebyowners are prospects.  I don't know what else you are doing with your time.  If it is not seeing prospects, call a forsalebyowner.  Make an appointment.  Go look at their house.  Make them fall in love with you.  There is no magic to this.  Just dial the phone.  That  is the only magic.  You need to talk to prospects .  You need to talk to prospects.  You need to talk to prospects.  Do not let the sun come up and go down without you talking to a prospect.

     Call a few forsalebyowner prospects.  Just go visit with them.  Look at their house.  Admire their house.  I told you what to say in the video.  What else are you doing with your time?  If nothing else, you will get practice talking to people.  Learn to ask questions and learn to let them do most of the talking.  Just visit with like you would visit with an old friend.  There is no opportunity for rejection if you do this the way I told you in the video.  After you look at their house, send them a "Thank You" card thanking them for showing you the house and assuring them if you   find a prospect, you will be in touch.  Add them to your "who you know" list.  They are going to list with someone, it may as well be  you.