Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Real Estate Thirty Day Income Increase Challenge, October First

    Today is October first. Here is today's easy chore.   Write down the name and post office mailing address of ten people that you know.  Write this on a sheet of paper, like a legal pad or make it a list on your computer.  You need the name and U.S. mailing address for ten people that you know to qualify. If you already have such a list, add ten names to it. 

     Run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS computer.  Look at the list and write down the owner's  name and address of the ones you would like to list.  Don't send them any mail.  Don't call them.  Just look at the list.  See if you can guess who they will list with.  I told you this is easy progressive baby steps.  If you see your mother's in law's name, call her.  How many are there? Tell us in the comment.

     After you have made your ten person list of names and mailing addresses and run yesterday's expireds , post a comment at this blog and tell me if it has been easy so far.  How much time have you invested in today.s chore?   I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Monday, September 29, 2014

The Real Estate Career Butterfly Effect

Ron Climer's "Income Increase Challenge" starts October first
     There is a scientific principle that has a fancy scientific name.  Most of us regular people call it the "Butterfly Effect"  .  This applies to weather patterns.  This scientific principle basically states that a slight change in the beginning of a (weather) process can have a major effect on the final outcome.  A butterfly in one part of the world flaps his wings, this causes-------------, which causes-----------, which causes--------------, which causes-----------, which causes a hurricane in Florida. 

     I believe this is true with our careers.  Slight changes in a salesperson's daily routine can have major effects on their final results.  This is what the "Income Increase Challenge" is all about.  It starts on Ron D. Climer's Facebook page on October first.  Join us. Read the previous post for details.  www.ronclimer.com

Sunday, September 28, 2014

If You Want To make More Real Estate Commisions In October Than You Did In September.

     Most of my Facebook friends are previous students from Climer School of Real Estate.  They are new Realtors.  As most of you know, I no longer own Climer School of Real Estate.  I intend to move to Asheville, North Carolina and do some sales training.

     I learned something recently that makes too much sense to me.  When we try to train people to do something new, we don't break the training down into small enough "chunks" to make it easy for our trainees.  If we could break everything into smaller easier "chunks", our trainees would probably implement the changes and programs that we suggest.

     I have come up with a plan.  I need about fifty volunteers to help me test this "Increase your Income" plan.  What is in for the volunteers?  I believe that your income will go up by 150% immediately.  If you are currently listing two  houses per month, you will list three in October.  If you are currently listing four houses per month, you will list six in October.  Would that interest you?  This is my first attempt at this.  I have no track record.

     I am writing this on September 28.  You know how many closings you had in September.   Next Tuesday is October first.  It is a brand new month.  If you would like to participate, I am going to post a request for volunteers on October first .  If you want to increase your real estate commissions, there will be a post on my Facebook page every day in October.  Follow the link to this blog.  There will be a simple easy chore for you to do.  If you will commit to comply with the daily instructions, you will experience NO rejection.  You will not have some daunting task that you don't have the time or the skill to implement.  There will be no hard, laborious, difficult tasks that are fraught with opportunity for rejection.  

     Every day in October I will post a short chore for you to do.  I believe ( I have no evidence to back this up) that if you will follow these simple instructions for thirty one days in October, your listing results will increase by 150%.  If you are willing to try, leave me a comment  on this blogpost and check my Facebook on October first, next Tuesday.  If you are sales manager or trainer, recruit one of your average associates to try this.

     I will promise you this.  This will be easy.  You will learn a lot.  None of the chores will take over an hour to perform.

     Leave me a comment here and go back to Facebook and leave me a comment there.  All I ask from you is this.  If you commit to do this on October first, take the number of houses that you listed in September and multiply that number by 150%.  Write that number on  a sticky note and put it on the rear view mirror of your car and leave me a comment every day in October and let me know if you did or did not follow today's instruction.                                                   www.RonClimer.com   
Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrl_EXiChUM 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Realtors, You Must Do This.

     Finding prospects is the most basic skill of a successful Realtor.  You have to have someone to talk to.  Prospects are people that want to buy a house or sell a house.  Your income is depending on how well you can find prospects, make a presentation to these prospects.  The hard part is, and always has been, finding the prospects to talk to.

     It is hard.  It is not impossible.  If you are new in real estate, what fills up your time.  What time do you start working?  What time do you quit?  Do you know what "working" is?  It should be looking for prospects.  If you spend eight hours per day looking for a prospect, how could you NOT find one.

     Get yourself tuned in to finding your next prospect.  Concentrate on finding a prospect.  Let's assume that you are brand new.  The ink is barely dry on your real estate license.  Where can you find a prospect?

     Any basic sales training class will tell you to make a list of everyone that you know.  Send them a letter telling them that you have started a new real estate career.  Ask your friends and acquaintances to send you referrals.  Is this a good tactic?  It is fabulous.  Can you think  of one reason why a new Realtor would not do this?  This is a basic activity  in real estate.  You could spend considerable time creating this list.  If you do not know where to start, watch this video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVkyneacp3I  

     Creating this list of two hundred people that know you and mailing them a letter is just the beginning.  It is just the beginning.  Six months later, you can send them another piece of mail. You can add to the list.  After a few years, this list could get rather large.  About twice a year, you send out a letter to this list of all your friends.  This is basic, basic prospecting.  How many Realtors do this?  Very few new Realtors do this.  Even less keep it up  year after year.  One hundred per cent of the Realtors will tell you this is powerful medicine.  It works.  It works like magic.  If you are new, try it.  What else are you doing with your time.

     Pay very close attention to what you are doing with your time.  If what you are doing is not leading you to a prospect, do something that will lead you to a prospect.  Real estate is such a basic simple business.  Find prospects is a basic activity.  In this article, I have suggested one activity to prospect.  Please leave me a comment and tell your peers some other ways to prospect.  If you are an old seasoned veteran, tell us in a comment where you found the prospect that was your last commission.


Monday, September 22, 2014

New To Real Estate , Goals Are Essential To Success

     If you are new in real estate, you need to write down some goals.  Why do you need written down goals?  Only with written down goals can you know if you are doing well.  Written down goals let you know that you need to keep working or you are doing fine. 

     I am writing this at the end of September.  If, back in January, you set a goal to earn $60,000 this year, how are you doing?  The year is three quarters over.  If you have $45,000 in closed commissions, you are right on target.  If you only have $35,000 in closed transactions, you better get the show on the road in high gear.  If you have no written down goals, it does not matter what you do for the rest of the year.  Written down goals keep us on track.  You need written down goals. 

     Write down yearly goals.  Break them down into monthly goals.  Monitor your progress with a graph or chart.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kavX3HhII6Q  Watch this video.  This sounds simple.  It is simple.  Ninety per cent of Realtors do NOT have written down goals. 

     You only need to write down goals if you want to be in that upper echelon of achievers that get the big  awards and the big bucks.  You know the one.  The one that is up on the stage getting the award.  He probably planned that over a year ago.

     Success does not just happen.  You have to plan for it.  You have to write down some goals.  You have to create a plan.  Written down goals are the best compass to get you where you want to be.  Call a prospect today.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mr. Real Estate Sales Trainer, I Already Know That.

       Geico Insurance has created a wonderful ad campaign around ,"Everybody knows that.". 

     That is the biggest problem in sales training.  The trainee thinks they already know what the trainer is telling them. 

     Trainer," Do you know that you should answer a question with a question?"
     Trainee," Yes, I know that."
     Trainer,"  When would be a good time to start doing that?"
     Trainee,"I suppose now would be a good time."
     Trainer," I am sorry.  I did not hear you.  When?"
     Trainee, "Now."
     Trainer,"Did you tell me that you understand that you need to learn to answer a question with a question?"
     Trainee," Yes.  I understand."
      Trainer," Would you like to play a learning game with me?"
      Trainee," Sure."
      Trainer," Here is how the game works.  We both take a dollar out of our pocket and put it here on the table.  One of us asks the other a question.  The second player has to answer the question with a question.  If the second player answers with a statement the first player wins.  Do you have a dollar bill?
       The trainer and the trainee have a dollar on the table.  The Trainer asks," Do you understand the rules?"
       Trainee,"Yes"  Trainer picks up the two dollars.
Ron Climer is a sales trainer in North Carolina.  Study is constant.
       Trainer,"Do you want to play again?"
       Trainee," Hey! Wait a minute.  I wasn't ready."
        Trainer,' Do you have another dollar?"   Trainer places his dollar on table.  Trainee places his dollar on the table.
        Trainer,"Are you ready now?"
         Trainee," Yes. I am ready now."  Trainer picks up the second pair of dollar bills and asks,"  Do you want to go one more round?"

       When you "know" something, you live it.  If you know that you need to prospect every day, you prospect every day.  When you know you need a presence on the web in today's world, you get the show on the road and create a web presence.  When you know that you need to let the customer talk more than you talk, you shut your mouth and let the customer talk.  When you know that rejection is necessary to succeed, you just accept it and get on with it.

     It has been my observation that most people say they know more than they really know. In real estate, look at your paycheck.  If you earned $50,000 last year, you know how to earn $50,000 per year.  If you earned $500,000 last year, you know how to earn $500,000 per year.  If you want to earn $500,000 but are earning $50,000, there must be something that you don't know that you need to know.  Read that last sentence again.  You need to know more to earn more. 

     How can you know more?  Are you reading?  It is a yes or no question.  Are you reading three or four books every month to help yourself earn more money.  There are books about selling.  There are books about personality and motivation.  You need to be reading.  I don't have time doesn't matter.  Read.  Learn how to answer objections.  How many objections are there?  Learn how to answer these objections.  You can not think of the answer while you are sitting at the seller's kitchen table. 

      Sit down with your sales trainer and three or four senior salespeople and admit to them that you don't know  what to say when the seller says," I am going to list with XYZ Realty because the XYZ salesman told me he could get twenty thousand more than you are telling me.'.   You can not figure this out sitting at the seller's kitchen table.  You need to learn what to say in a training session.  Here is a video to give you a little help.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7KlVi2Ic8Y 

     If you don't know what you don't know, it is because you are not seeing enough prospects.  Go see some prospects.  Make some listing presentations.  Hear some objections.  Come back to the office and ask the sales trainer,"What do you say when they say they are going to list with Small Realty because Small Realty specializes in their neighborhood.". 

     Sales training is forever.  It is not over two weeks after you get your real estate license.  Ask the senior sales people for advice.  Some of them will help you.  Some won't.  Learning is constant.  Attend seminars.  Ask your broker to reimburse you for this kind of training.  Most will.  Here is an article i wrote that mightt improve your relationship with your broker.  http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-First-Real-Estate-Office,-A-Dozen-Questions-for-Your-First-Interview&id=6149977   The more you learn , the more you earn.  Call a prospect today. 


Thursday, September 18, 2014

High Commitment Is The Highway To Real Estate Success

     I heard a new word from a sales trainer lately.  The trainer referred to a low commitment salesperson as opposed to a high commitment salesperson.  He went on to explain that a high commitment salesperson is committed  to to his own success as a salesperson.  The weather doesn't matter to the high commitment salesperson.  The political climate doesn't matter to the high commitment salesperson.  Interest rates don't matter.   The high commitment salesperson's goals are the only thing that matters.  Everything else is in second place.

     The low commitment salesperson has lots of things more important than selling.  Their social life is more important.  Their hobbies are more important.  A host of other things are more important.   Until you no longer need the money, I think high commitment is better.

     If you can get committed to success, it happens.  If your commitment is low, it is obvious to everyone around you.  Your spouse knows.  Your kids know.  Your boss, for certain, knows. Since real estate is a business based on constantly reselling your self to someone that needs to list their house with a Realtor, a low commitment is probably apparent to Mr. Seller that lists his house with a competitor.

     High commitment is money in the bank.  It doesn't help your social life.  It probably won't help your golf score.  It will certainly lead you to more real estate commissions.

     What is the problem with commitments?  The problem is pain.  Humans have a natural inclination to avoid pain.  You commit to making five prospecting calls per day.  The first call you make, the prospect is rude to you.  Rude is painful.  If your commitment is low, you don't call the other four prospects that you committed to call.

     Pain, it is natural to avoid it.  Mother Nature intended for us to avoid pain .  Avoiding pains helps us survive.  Avoiding pain helps us to survive.  Avoiding pain does not help us to thrive.  If you want to thrive, if you want to be a top real estate agent, you must endure a little pain.  Do top agents ever get stood up for an appointment?  Do top sales people ever get rejected?  Do top real estate agents ever have a prospect list with a competitor after having seen the top agent's masterful listing presentation?  

     The answer is yes, yes, and yes.  You might think,"Yes, but not as often".  You would be wrong.  The top salesperson probably gets rejected more.  I was at a company awards banquet many years ago.  The top money earner for the entire company received his award for selling more houses than anyone else in the company.  His short acceptance speech brought a standing ovation.  He accepted his trophy and he said,"This award would not seem so special if you knew how many people said NO.".

     No is painful.  You will not find the success you seek without some pain. Some wise person once said." You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a handsome prince.". Commit to success.  Commit to kiss as many frogs as it takes.  Call a prospect today.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New In Real Estate, Find A Prospect

     If you are starting a new career in sales, you need to know the rules.  Usually, the rule is, the more you sell, the more money you make.

     I spent most of my career selling real estate.  One hundred per cent commission is not for sissies.  It amazes me that many people in 100% commission jobs will not do what they know they have to do to be successful.  It is simple.  You have to talk to prospects.  Prospects are people that need or want your product.  A person that wants to buy a house is a prospect.  A person that needs a Realtor to help them sell their real estate is a prospect.  Prospects are people that need your product. 
Ron D. Climer understands real estate

     If the sun comes up and goes down again without you talking to a prospect, you won't make any money that day.  A few days of that in a row will depress you.  If you are a new real estate agent reading this article, have you spoken to a prospect today?  If not, why not?  Does this concern you?  What time is it?  If you intend to make some money today, you need to talk to a prospect today.  Call one.

     What are you doing to get prospects to call you?  Do you have a blog?  Do you have a You Tube channel?  Is your phone ringing? Are you talking to prospects?  If your phone isn't ringing, you need to be concerned.  Are you concerned?  How many days can you get along with no income?  How many days do you want to to get along with no income?

     Find a prospect.  Go talk to them.  Do not over complicate this real estate sales business.  Do you have a blog?  How often do you post on it?  Do you post anything that a real estate buyer or seller would want to know?  Does your competitor have a blog?  Can anyone find you on the internet?  If I Google 'Best real estate agent in your neighborhood', who comes up?  Do you?  I can teach you to come up first when someone Googles ' Best real estate agent in your neighborhood'.  Would you like me to teach you that?  If you would, call me at 828 440 1064.  I can do my part if you can do your part.

     Talking to prospects is how to make money in real estate.  You can make your phone ring.  You can dial the phone.  Who can you call?  Call prospects.  A prospect is someone that needs or want your product.  Is a forsalebyowner a prospect?  Is the pope catholic?  Of course, a forsalebyowner is a prospect.  Do they need a Realtor?  Yes, they do.  Will they list with you if you don't call them?  Will they list with you if you do call them?  The odds are much better if you do call them than if you don't.  Can you give me ten reasons why you should NOT call some forsalebyowners today?  Let me give you ten:

     I am afraid someone will reject me.
     I am afraid I will waste my time
     I am afraid I will embarrass myself
     I am afraid they will not like me.
     I am afraid I don't need the money that bad.
     I am afraid I don't know what to say.
     I am afraid I am too busy doing non productive, low rejection stuff.
     I am afraid I might fail.
     I am afraid my phone won't work.
     I am afraid my peers will laugh at me.

     Here are ten reasons why you should call some forsalebyowners today.

     You need the money
     You need the practice of talking to people
     You need to look at their houses to familiarize yourself with the market.
     Forsalebyowners will teach you things that a sales trainer, like me, will never teach you.
     They are going to list with someone.
     Maybe you can refer them to a real estate broker in their new city.
     What else are you doing with you precious time?
     You need to research your next blog title.
     You need to practice smiling and saying ,"That's nice"
     You need the money

     Calling forsalebyowners is not for everyone.  If you are closing four house per month from people that are calling you, you do not need to be calling forsalebyowners.  If you don't have time to work with the prospects that you have, why would you want to call forsalebyowners?  If your biggest problem is finding time to write ads for all your listings, you do not need to waste your time with luke warm prospects like forsalebyowners.   Calling forsalebyowners is for Realtors whose phone is not ringing.  If you are not talking to a prospect, you are not headed towards a commission.

     If you want a little help learning to call forsalebyowners, watch this video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhzCdscDqxc   If you want a lot of help learning to call prospects, call me at 828 440 1064

     Get yourself face to face with a prospect.  You will make more money talking to prospects than you will talking to your co workers. Prepare for tomorrow.  Call a prospect today.

     Be my friend on Facebook.  Ron D. Climer  I send out a daily message on Facebook  to new Realtors. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

White Water Kayaking In Carolina

     Green River Adventures, http://greenriveradventures.com/  in Saluda, North Carolina is where I started my white water rapids adventure.  It was super fun.  I went on the lower Green River trip in Polk county , North Carolina. 

     Green River Adventures supplied the kayaks and the helmets and the life jackets.  I can not wait to get back and do the upper Green River.  I understand that the upper Green River has class five rapids.  I have never kayaked in a river before.  You don't have to paddle.  The river moves.  That is cool.  The trip was cool.  Here are some pictures. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ron Climer's New Career

     Ron Climer has sold Climer School of Real Estate in Orlando, Florida.  We are now living in Polk County North Carolina.  We are loving it. The temperature is a little more pleasant.  Kathy and I are relaxed.  I am going white water rafting tomorrow on the Green River in Saluda, North Carolina.

     I have started this blog. Look for some interesting posts in the near future.  My daughter, Amy is a kayak instructor.  She teaches leadership skills with ropes and kayaks in Wisconsin.  Check her out at www.climerconsulting.com Look for my first real post tomorrow letting you know about my first white water trip.