Friday, January 3, 2020

Ron Climer to Teach Florida Real Estate Exam Preparation Course in Daytona Beach in 2020

Ron Climer will teach a Florida 2 day (weekend) state exam review course in Daytona Beach, Florida.  This course is not for credit.  This real estate course is for someone that has already graduated from real estate school either online or in person. The first class will be January 11 and 12 in 2020.  That is Saturday and Sunday.  On Friday night the 10th of January, Ron will teach a FREE real estate math class.

If you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam to get your Florida real estate license from the Florida Real Estate Commission,     you need this real estate class.  Forty five out of a hundred real estate license applicants that take this test fail at least one time.  Many real estate license applicants fail it more than once. At $31 per try, passing the Florida real estate exam the first time makes sense to me. The tuition for this real estate class is $100.
Take the Florida Exam Prep Course.  Pass the first time. 

The Friday night real estate math class is free.  If you don't know how to compute documentary stamps on the deed and mortgage OR how to compute balance of an amortized mortgage after two payments OR how to compute number of acres in a lot when given the dimensions OR how to compute the real estate commission of a net listing, you need to learn before you attempt the Florida real estate exam.    Here is a link to that last one. 

If you can not do the math that is on the Florida real exam, you need to know that the math is ten per cent of the Florida real estate exam.  It is easier to pass with a ten point advantage.  To take this class in Daytona Beach or to get more details, call Ron Climer at 386 236 9280.  To take the class in Orlando, call Karen Climer at 407 493 3974.

This two day exam prep class will prepare you for the Florida real estate exam.  Join us.  Bring a classmate with you.  The tuition includes the book.  

Please join me.  Pass the first time.  If I can help you or answer any questions, contact me at 386 236 9280 or