Monday, December 29, 2014

At AMP, How To Get The Easy North Carolina Real Estate Exam

     If there was a way that you could be assured of passing your North Carolina real estate exam the first time, would you want to know about it?  I took my North Carolina real estate exam this morning at the AMP center at 1300 Patton Ave in Asheville, North Carolina.  I passed.  I passed because I had the easy test.

     If you want to get the easy real estate exam at the AMP test center, I will tell you how to do that.  The clerk at the AMP test center is the one that decides who gets the easy real estate  test and who gets the hard real estate exam.  Use your head.  Be sure the clerk likes you.  How do you do that?

     What is the best way to be sure that anyone likes you?  Show up with chocolates.  Walk in with a small box of chocolates. Give them to the clerk.  You have invested $500 in North Carolina  real estate school tuition.  You  have paid $64 to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to apply for a North  Carolina real estate license.  You paid $51 for a background check.  You paid $30 to AMP for the privilege of taking the North Carolina real estate exam.   You may have also bought some other education to prepare you for the North Carolina real estate exam.  Why not invest another five dollars in a box of chocolates for the AMP clerk?  They don't have to be Godiva Chocolates.  They could be.

     When you show up on time to take your North Carolina real estate test with a smile on your face and a compliment on your lips and a box of chocolates in your hand, that clerk is going to like you.  Don't you agree?  If you show up empty handed with a cell phone in your pocket and a little bit of negative attitude and not a kind word for anyone, how do you think that clerk is going to feel about you?  Get ready for the hard test.  If you want the easy real estate exam, just remember, candy is dandy.

     There is a couple of other things you can do to be certain you get the easy real estate exam. Study. Study.  Study.   This North Carolina  real estate test is no joke.  You better be studying.  Study morning noon and night.  You could watch the twelve North Carolina real estate math videos that I have posted on You Tube.  Here is a link to one of them.   There are eleven more of these on You Tube.  Three of these videos have the phrase "for my classmates" in the title.  These are the questions that we suspected were going to be on our real estate school test.   All of the videos have the word North Carolina in the title.  If you will watch these videos and do the math along with me, that will help you in your quest to get the easy exam.  If you understand the math, the North Carolina real estate exam is easier.

     One of my classmates asked me if it was possible to over study.  If you pass, you know that you over studied.  Do not underestimate this North Carolina real estate exam.  It is no joke.  Here is my final advice:

Show up on time
Show up with a smile
Show up with candy
Show up with a compliment
That is good advice for any appointment.  Don't you agree? 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

North Carolina Real Estate School, Pass The First Time.

     Yesterday at real estate school in North Carolina, our instructor went over the math questions that he felt were likely to  be on our real estate school exam.  I know that many of my classmates are struggling with the North Carolina real estate math.  Today, I have posted three videos on You Tube to help my classmates better understand these few problems.   Here is a link to North Carolina Real Estate for my classmates math one.  On this video, I explain capitalization rate .  We have to be able to compute capitalization rate.  We also have to be able to explain equity dividend rate.  That is explained in this video.  We also have to be able to compute before tax cash flow.  That is in the video number one.

     Here is a link to North Carolina real estate math for my classmates two.    Video two explains how to compute total interest paid on a loan.  It also shows you how to compute principal balance of a loan after one payment.  The cost approach for unique properties in explained in this video.

     North Carolina real estate math for my classmates video three   explains the comparable sales approach to real estate appraising houses.  A pro rate HOA dues that are paid in advance problem is in this video. 

     If you need a little help with the North Carolina real estate math, watch these three videos.  I have ten other real estate math videos.  The problem with learning math in a classroom is that the teacher goes to fast for half the students and too slow for half the students.  You won't have to watch me long to know that I teach slow.  On the North Carolina real estate exam, there is no prize for speed .  The prize is for accuracy.  When you are watching a video, you can always hit pause.  No one wants to ask a question in a classroom.  People don't ask questions even when they don't understand.

     After you have passed your real estate school exam, you may want to watch some of my other videos about North Carolina real estate math. You folks from out of state that are not going to real estate school, you better know the rates for excise tax.  It is different than it is in your state.  Your "street knowledge" is not going to help you at all..  You have to be able to completely fill out a closing statement (HUD 1).  I am sure you have lots of everyday experience with that.  You have to know who '"traditionally" pays for each expense like the survey etc.  Your everyday experience is not going to help you much on the North Carolina real estate exam.

     Good luck.  If I can help you pass your North Carolina real estate exam, contact me at

Friday, December 5, 2014

Firewood Delivered In Hendersonville, North Carolina

     Since I don't have a firewood burning fireplace, I never realized how difficult it is to get firewood delivered with reliability.  Apparently, many people will promise to deliver firewood and not show up .

     Kathy, a friend of mine was at my house recently lamenting how hard it is to get fire wood delivered.  I told her about another friend, Ray, that delivers firewood to Hendersonville and Tryon and Saluda and Flat Rock and Fletcher and Columbus and Asheville and just about anywhere else in Henderson county or Polk county. 

     She called Ray at 828 674 7023 and asked him to deliver some firewood to her house in Lynn, North Carolina.  Ray was at her house that same day with a load of firewood.  I reckon that is not the service that she got from her previous supplier.  She called me and thanked me for recommending Ray.  She said the price was right.  The prompt firewood delivery was very appreciated.

     If you are in western North Carolina and need some firewood delivered, call Ray at 828 674 7023.  You will like the price.  You will love the reliability.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bed and Breakfast in Tryon, North Carolina

The Stone House is in the middle of Tryon, North Carolina
     There are apparently no bed and breakfasts in Tryon, North Carolina.  When you google bed and breakfast in Tryon, North Carolina, no one shows up.  There is something better than a bed and breakfast in Tryon.  There is the Stone House.  The Stone House is a granite and log house right in the middle of Tryon, North Carolina. 

     The Stone House comfortably sleeps six.  It also is comfortable and affordable for two.  Here is a link to a short video.  If you are in Tryon, North Carolina for a equestrian event at Harmon Field or The Tryon Equestrian Resort or for any reason and you want a super cool place to stay, check out the Stone House in Downtown Tryon.

     The Stone House is not a bed and breakfast, but you can cook your own breakfast on the Viking stove in the gourmet kitchen or you can walk across the street to the Trade Street Cafe and have breakfast.  If you don't eat breakfast at the Trade Street Cafe, be sure you buy a loaf of their sweet potato bread.  It is more than delicious.

     Check out the Stone House at VRBO.  Here is a link.  or call us at 828 440 1064 .

Tryon, North Carolina The Stone House

     Western North Carolina is a magical part of the world.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are lovely.  The people are friendly.  Asheville, North Carolina is a beautiful city.  Cities like Brevard and Hendersonville and Waynesville and Black Mountain surrond Asheville. 

The Stone House at corner of Trade street and Pacolet Street in Tryon
     About thirty miles south of Asheville in Polk county is the small town of Tryon, North Carolina.  Tryon is the equestrian center of  North Carolina.  There are lots of horse people in Tryon.  Many people come to Tryon for equestrian events.  The Tryon Equestrian Resort  and Harmon Field host several horse shows frequently.  One of the largest tack stores in the Carolinas is about one mile out of Tryon in Landrum, South Carolina , The Farm House Tack Store on U.S. 176.  This is horse country.
Side Street Pizza is one block away from The Stone House

     If you are planning a visit to Tryon and looking for a place to stay, consider the Stone House.  The Stone House is a rustic cabin right in the middle of Tryon.  The post office is a half block away.  The First Baptist Church is a block away.  Several restaurants are within walking distance.  The Tryon Equestrian Resort is a few miles away.  Harmon Field is about one mile away.  The only movie theater in the county is across the street from the Stone House. 

     Come stay at the Stone House.  We rent it out by the day or by the week.  What a great place for a week vacation!  You can go whitewater kayaking one day and visit the Biltmore mansion another day.  You can hike to a waterfall one day and golf at the Tryon Country Club another day. 

The Tryon IGA grocery store is two blocks away on U.S. 176
      If you are planning a motorcycle trip from Florida or to Florida, spend a day or two in the Stone House.  U.S. 176 between Tryon, North Carolina  and Saluda, North Carolina is as challenging a road as anyone needs. ( lots of curves).  The Stone House sleeps six people very comfortably.  Join us in June for the Tryon Barbeque.  Here is alink to our video.   For more information about the Stone House, call us at 828 440 1064 or check out VRBO at
   Put visiting the Stone House on your list.  If you are visiting Tryon, you can not find better, more affordable accommodations.  Stay at the Stone House. 


Monday, December 1, 2014

New Visions Antique Marketplace In Hendersonville, North Carolina

     New Visions Antique Marketplace is a very cool antique store between Fletcher, North Carolina and Hendersonville, North Carolina on U.S. 25.  Their address is 5428 Asheville Hiway.  They have lots of antique furniture and antique jewelry and antique tools and antique stuff. 

     New Visions Antique Marketplace is a collection of several vendors that constantly update the inventory of vintage radios and vintage clocks and antique tables and beds.  These vendors display their unique antiques in booths.  Ron and Kathy just started a booth at New Visions Vintage Marketplace in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  If you have any antiques that you would like to sell, call us at 828 440 1064.