Friday, May 22, 2015

Lake Adger Houses For Sale

     As you know, I have become rather excited about a big beautiful lake that we have here in Polk county, North Carolina.  That is Lake Adger in Milll Spring, North Carolina.  As a member of the Hendersonville, North Carolina Association of Realtors, I have access to all the houses for sale in Lake Adger near Tryon, North Carolina.  I am publishing this list today, May 21, 2015.  I will constantly update this list.  If you are interested in owning a vacation home or permanent home in western North Carolina, contact me at 828 755 6996 and let me show you one of these houses in beautiful Lake Adger communities.
Here is the boat ramp at the Lake Adger Marina

     1.   357 Lake Adger Parkway for $269,000
     2.   770 Lake Adger Parkway for $379,000                    

     3.   1890 Lake Adger Parkway for $329,900
     4.   590 Hawk Ridge Drrive for $329,000
     5.   61 North Boundary Road for $349,000
     6.   59 Indian Summer Lane for $480,000
     7.   1800   Lake Adger Parkway for 475,000
     8.    2123 Parkway North for $449,000
     9.    116 Fallen Tree Lane for $450,000
     10.   247 North Highland Road for $499,000
     11.   117 North Boundary for $459,000
     12.   2110 Lake Adger Parkway for $485,000
     12.   104  Kingfisher for 549.000
     13.   75 Silver Ridge Road for $550,000             
Equestrian trails meander throughout Lake Adger communities

     14.   2455 Lake Adger Parkway for $572,000
     15.   3790 Lake Adger Parkway for $530,000
     16.    680 Highland View Lane for $550,000
     17.   60 Canoe Drive for $645,000
     18.   116 Piney Pointe Lane for $527,900
     19.   705 Parkway North for 699,000
     20.   875 Mountain Parkway for $915,000
     21.    465 North Park Lane for $1,098,000

Don't wait to buy real estate.  Buy real estate and wait.  Call Ron
     Instead of buying an existing house in Lake Adger, you may prefer to purchase a vacant lot and build your home exactly as you want it.  I have posted a list of vacant lots for sale in lake Adger.  Here is a link to that list.  Call me, Ron Climer, at 828 755 6996 .  If you are interested in lakefront living you need to see Lake Adger.  Here is a link to a $99,900 lot that is new on the market.    Contact me.  Let me help you become a Lake Adger resident.  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Make An Offer Now Is A Good Idea

     Have you ever had this experience?  You go look at something that you want to buy, a used lawn mower.  The seller is asking $1000 for the mower.  You know it is not worth $1000.  You would be willing to buy it for $700.  You also know that it is very unlikely that the seller will  sell it for $1000.  You know what is going to happen.  The seller will have it for sale for three or four weeks.  He will lower the price and lower the price.  When the price gets to $800, someone will offer him $700.  They will buy it for $700. 

     In the meantime, you are out wasting your time looking for a good buy on a used lawn mower.  Here is my question.  Why did you not make the seller an offer when you first went to look at his mower?  Most people don't.  My wife, Kathy, and I have a cliche that we use a lot.  When we go look at an antique or widget or whatever we want to buy, we almost always make an offer before we leave.  Our cliche is,"We have already done the hard part."   The hard part is driving twenty miles to look at this overpriced widget or house or lot or whatever it is.  We have already done the hard part.  We know we are not going to buy their $700 lawn mower for $1000.  We also are pretty certain that the owner is not going to sell it for $1000.  We know what is going to happen.  Sooner or later, the owner is going to sell their item for what it will sell for.  The bad news is Ron and Kathy are long gone and forgotten by then.  How can we avoid this?  Here is the answer.

     Make them an offer in writing.  If I know I would buy the item (lawn mower) ,  for $700, I make them an offer.  I don't just talk.  I put it in writing.  I take my business card or a scrap of paper.  I write $700 on the back.  I tell the seller," If the price gets to $700, call me.  In real estate this could mean signing a contract offer to purchase.  The owner is asking $300,000.  You would buy this house for $225,000.  Make them an offer.  Sign a contract at $225,000.  In real estate contracts, there is a paragraph that states that this offer is valid until a certain date.  That date is usually a week or less from the offer.  You could make that date six months from now if you wanted to.  Five months later, after a few price reductions, Mr. Seller gets an offer of $199,000.  His listing agent will probably be calling you.  I am certain I would if I were the listing agent.  A normal buyer may not be able to do this.  An investor type can.  You can always cancel the offer.  If you are willing to pay $225,000 today, you will probably be willing to pay $225,000 six months from now. 

     Back to Ron and Kathy looking at the used lawn mower for $1000.  Take your business card.  Write $700 on the back.  Ask the seller to call you before he sells it for $700.  This works even better if the owner is in some sort of time trap. He is moving to a condominium at the end of the month.  If you don't make the offer in writing, the seller can not find you when he mellows out.  If his merchandise is overpriced, he will mellow out before he sells it.  He can always put the mower in a storage shed for fifty bucks a month or he can call you.  Which choice makes more sense?

Ron Climer, If you have a house for sale in Hendersonville, N.C.
     This article is just one tip, make an offer.  Learning to negotiate better is something that everyone is almost forced to do when they sell things like real estate , used motorcycles, antiques, used cars etc.  Learning to negotiate is learning to speed up the mellowing out process that sellers of stuff have to go through. Learning to negotiate is a life long process.   This is just one little tip.  It is a good tip. The next time you are trying to buy something, make the seller a written offer. 

     Ron Climer is a Realtor in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  His wife buys and sells antiques.  If you have a house you need to get sold, contact Ron at 828 755 6996. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tryon Antique Mall in Tryon, North Carolina

     Kathy's antique booth at the Tryon Antique Mall has turned into an adventure.  It is amazing how much there is to learn about antiques and antique auctions and antique markets.  The Tryon Antique Mall is at the South Carolina North Carolina state line on U.S. 176 (Trade Street) between Tryon, North Carolina and Landrum, South Carolina.
Antique chandelier made from stained glass 

     Kathy has filled booth number seventy nine with lots of treasures and trinkets.  My favorite is the needlepoint chandelier.  Who would create a stained glass chandelier with the word "Needlepoint" on it?  I don't know but I know they did it a long time ago and it is unique.  It would look super cool in your man cave.  She has a  WW II cap.  She has several small pieces of furniture, a beautiful hutch and a dining room table.  She found two matching cupboards from the 1930's.  They are cool and in excellent condition.  She has a sword and an old hunting knife.  A Roy Rogers movie poster and a Mae West movie poster are hanging on the wall.  Did I mention the Harley Davidson clock? It chimes every hour on the hour.  Va roooom Varoooom.  There is a bunch of other stuff like a linoleum top table and a mahogany drop leaf table.  It is an adventure. 
A pair of cupboard from the 1030's

     If you find yourself out looking at antiques anywhere near Tryon, North Carolina, stop in to booth 79 at the Tryon Antique Mall.  There are 79 other booths besides Kathy's.  Kathy is always looking to buy old cool stuff.  If you have one antique or an attic full of antiques that you want to sell, call Kathy at 828 440 1064.