Sunday, February 10, 2019

Looking For a Lay Down, a Unique Prospecting Method For Salespeople

When I was young, I worked in a Buick store in Orlando, Florida.  Selling cars is a good place to learn to sell.  Everyone needs a car.  Everyone is a prospect.  

In the car business, they have their own language.  The term 'Lay Down"  refers to a customer that walks in and is so easy that Bozo the Clown could sell them a car.  They don't need financing.  They don't have any objections.  They are not concerned with the color.  A symptom of a lay down is that they arrive at the dealership in a taxi cab with a insurance check in their shirt pocket.  They have lay downs in every industry.  Maybe other industries do not use that term.  Easy customers are everywhere in all industries.  

After I had gone through my one month training at the Buick store with Henry and learned to sell, ( If you have not read that article, you need to read it. Here is a link )  I found one or two lay downs every month.  

In real estate, we certainly have plenty of lay downs.  If you are not finding your fair share, perhaps it is because you are not looking, prospecting, enough.  If you called fifty expired listings, SURELY there would be one lay down in that group.  
In my youth, I learned a lot about selling at a car store

If you called fifty  forsalebyowners, certainly there would be one lay down among them.  

If you held fifty Open Houses, surely one lay down would walk into one of those open houses.  

If you joined some service club or lead exchange club, surely you would meet one or two lay downs per year.  

If you posted You Tube videos about real estate in your town, maaaaaaybe a lay down would see your video about USDA financing with 1% down payment and call you.  Maybe.  

If you called fifty of your friends and past customers and asked them if they know anyone about to move, perhaps your buddy would refer you to a lay down that lists his house with you.  

If you called fifty foreclosure victims, surely one of them would be glad you called to solve their problem.  

If you did some of the above activities, even if you never met a lay down, you would certainly meet regular prospects that do have a few objections and do need financing and do care about color and neighborhoods etc.  You should be able to sell them.  

Get your fair share of the lay downs.  Call lots of prospects or find a way to make lots of prospects call you.  When the boss walks by and you are sitting at your desk with your headset on and the boss asks if you are lead generating.   Tell her the truth.  " No Boss.  I am looking for a lay down.".    Call a prospect today.  

Friday, January 18, 2019

How To Lower The Cost of Getting a North Carolina Real Estate License

     You can lower the cost of getting a North Carolina real estate license by passing the North Carolina real estate exam the first time that you take it.  In  December of 2018, five hundred and three real estate exam candidates took the comprehensive real estate exam for the first time.  All of these real estate license applicants had graduated from a real estate school in North Carolina.

     Many of these applicants had not been warned by their real estate instructor that only 280 of them would pass.  Forty three per cent of these applicants will be back paying $164 to try again.  This is so unnecessary.  Study for the North Carolina real estate exam BEFORE you take it. This test is tough.  This test is expensive to retake, $164 every time you go back.

     There is no mystery about what is on the North Carolina real estate exam.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission publishes a booklet telling us exactly what is on the exam.  Here is a link to the details about that.   This is published in your textbook.   You have to read it.  Many people go take the North Carolina real estate exam without reading this booklet.

     There are fifteen math questions on the North Carolina real estate exam.  I have every math question that is on the North Carolina real estate exam explained on You Tube.  Here is a link to one of those 100 videos.  Why would anyone go spend $164 to take the North Carolina real estate test without knowing how to do the math?  One hundred and sixty four dollars is a lot of money at my house.  Watch all of these videos until you know how to do all the math that you may encounter on the exam.

     In December of 2018, one hundred and sixty six test candidates took the North Carolina comprehensive real estate exam for the second or third or fourth time.  Twenty three of these repeat test takers passed.  They all paid $164 for the opportunity.  Eighty six per cent failed.  They will be paying $164 to try again.  Please pass the first time.  The North Carolina real estate exam is not easy.  If your real estate instructor failed  to tell you that, take it from me.
After you pass, let me tell you about Keller Williams Realty

     You must study.  You must read the book.  If you went to the best real estate school in North Carolina with the best instructor ever, you can not learn enough in class to pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  You have to study outside of class.  You need to answer the questions at the end of the chapters.  Grade yourself.  Do the practice test in the book.  Do my practice test at Find other study aids online and use them.   Get together with your classmates and study in groups.  Go take the state exam as soon as possible after your class is over.

     Read Appendix A in your textbook.  Half the questions on the North Carolina section of the exam comes from Appendix A also known as "The Comments".   Here is a link to me reading the comments if you are too busy to read them.  Listen to me read them while you drive etc.

     Please do not take this exam two or three times at $164 per try.  You can pass it the first time IF YOU STUDY.

     After you pass, please call me and let me tell you about Keller Williams Realty.  It is a wonderful place to start a new real estate career.  Ron Climer 828 755 6996 or 828 440 1064

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Please Write A Letter to North Carolina Real Estate Commission Repeal 58 H. 0302

     Earlier this month, I received a letter from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission stating that they are considering repealing the rule that requires a new real estate school instructor permit applicant to submit an hour long video of their teaching to be "approved" by the staff of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.  This is rule 58H .0302.

     As part of their consideration process, the Commission wants to hear from you.  Between January 15 and March 13, 2019, the Commission is accepting written comments from you.  They want to know how you feel.  If you do not know how I feel about this, read my article about my ordeal in 2016.  Here is a link to that.   After thirty years of teaching real estate classes in Florida, I applied for a instructor permit in North Carolina.  My video was rejected by the staff of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission three times for silly reasons like like I took my glasses on and off too much and I ended a sentence with a preposition.  It appeared to me that this video approval was some sort of hazing for new instructors.
Write a letter to N.C.R.E.C. Repeal 58H .0302

     Today, in 2019, it appears that the North Carolina Real Estate Commission is considering eliminating this unnecessary, humiliating process.  Just to be certain they know how I feel, I am writing another letter to the N.C.R.E.C. It will be very similar to what I said when I went to speak to them in person. Here is a link to that.

     Would you please take a few minutes and write a letter to the N.C.R.E.C. and let them know how you feel.  Ask them to repeal 58 H. 0302.  We do not need video evaluation of new instructors. There are too many young, ambitious real estate instructors that do not have as much tenacity as I do. This video evaluation hazing process has stopped too many real estate instructor careers before they began in North Carolina. .

     Please take a few minutes and send a letter by US mail or email to the N.C.R.E.C. at PO Box 17100 in Raleigh, N.C. 27619 or  Help end this discriminatory practice that does nothing to protect the public and does nothing to make North Carolina real estate schools better.

     Thank you.  Mail your letter today. Anyone can mail a letter.  You do not have to be an instructor.  You do not have to be a Realtor.  You do not have to live in North Carolina.   Please leave a comment.  Here are a few more links.