Friday, February 17, 2017

North Carolina Real Estate Exam Pass Fail Results For January 2017

     The North Carolina Real Estate Commission released their test results yesterday.  Five hundred forty two real estate license applicants took the North Carolina real estate exam in January.  Two hundred eighty three of those applicants passed both the national and the North Carolina portion of the North Carolina comprehensive real estate exam. That is a 52% pass rate.  There are 100 questions on the national portion of the exam. There are 40 questions on the North Carolina portion.

     If you want to know what those questions are, watch this short video. 

     You would think that the real estate exam applicants that  failed the North Carolina real estate comprehensive exam the first time would do better when they pay to come back again.  This is not true.  Repeat test takers had a 22% pass rate in January of 2017.  This North Carolina real estate exam is no picnic.
First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, North Carolina

     You have to study if you intend to pass the first time.  Read your text book.  Read the booklet that I mentioned in the above video.  Get together with your classmates and study.  Watch my free real estate math videos that I have posted on You Tube. I have posted videos on You Tube that will show you how to do any math that is on the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is free.  It is as easy as learning math can be.  Real estate math is 15% of the North Carolina real estate exam.  Study the math.   Watch this video if you are soon taking the real estate exam.

     Take my free real estate practice exam.  It is online at  Take this practice exam like a real test.  Grade yourself.  If do not make an 85% ,   keep studying.  You can not start your new career until you pass the North Carolina real estate exam.

     I also have an eight hour video review online at   It is not free.  It will certainly help you pass the North Carolina real estate exam the first time.  Check that out.

     Pass the exam the first time.  Do not underestimate this exam.  The pass rate should warn you that it is tough.  Stay in touch with your classmates.

     Here is a tidbit of advice that I give to every test taker I know.  Almost all of them ignore this advice.  Leave a writing pad on the seat of your car.  If you leave the exam with a failure notice in your hand, before you crank up the car, start writing down the questions that you had on your test.  You will see those questions again.  Take your textbook and thumb through it.  Did you see questions about deeds?  Write that down.  Did you see questions about agency?  Write that down.  Did you see questions about the Sherman Clayton Anti Trust act?  Write that down.  You will see these concepts again.  Make notes in your book.

     If you live anywhere near Hendersonville, North Carolina, First Real Estate School would love to have you as a student.  Contact us.  Our phone number is 828 440 1064.  Let us help you start a new real estate career.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pay Your Home Mortgage Off Faster

     Interest is the fee we pay when we borrow money.  Interest is always attached to time.  Two years' interest is more than one year's interest.  Thirty years' interest is more than twenty years' interest.

     You can borrow $200,000 to buy a new house.  At 4% , your thirty year pay back payment would be $954.83 per month.  In thirty years, you will pay $143,738 in interest.
Pay off your mortgage as fast as possible

     If you started from your first payment paying $1211.96 per month, you house would be paid for in twenty years.  You would pay $90,870 in interest over the twenty years.  What is the difference between $1211 and $ 954 ?  The difference is $257.  You can afford that.  You would save yourself    $ 52,800.

     Start making a payment that will pay off your mortgage faster.  You will be glad that you did when you make that last payment.

     You don't need anyone's permission to do this.  You don't need the bank's permission.  You don't even need your spouse's permission.  Write the check and mail it.  Check your statement next month and be certain that the excess money is properly credited.  Learn to compute your own amortization.    Here is a link to a video about computing amortization.

     Start today.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Class You Need Near Asheville To Get Your North Carolina Real Estate License

     First Real Estate School in Hendersonville is teaching the required course that must be passed to get a North Carolina real estate license.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission calls this course the Real Estate Broker Pre License Course..

     The class is 75 hours long as required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.  This class that starts on March 20, 2017 meets on Monday and Wednesday nights from six until ten.  It ends on May 22nd.  The class meets at the Keller Williams Mountain Partners Realty training room at 404 S. Main Street in Hendersonville.  Ron Climer is the instructor.
First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, N.C.

     If starting a career in real estate has been on your mind, call us at 828 440 1064.  Selling real estate is a wonderful way to make a living.  The tuition for this course is $300.

     Once you have your real estate license, it is not hard to find a opportunity selling real estate in Hendersonville.  Keller Williams Realty is constantly looking for talented, hard working people to join our firm as trainees.  The pay is 100% commission.  I hate to sound like a sound bite but the sky is the limit when it comes to income in real estate.

     Keller Williams Mountain Partners Realty has a tuition reimbursement program.   Here is a link to describe that.  You can call Janice at 828 290 1001 for more details.  .  Tell her Ron sent you.

    I hope I see you on March 20th


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Post License Real Estate Class Near Asheville

     The next post license real estate class in Hendersonville, North Carolina is at 404 S.  Main  Street in Hendersonville at First Real Estate School.

     This post license real estate class will start on February 27, 2017.  It is a four day class.  The second day is March 3rd .  The third day is March 6.  The fourth day and the test is March 9th.  You may wonder,"Why the erratic schedule?".  First Real Estate School teaches in the Keller Williams Mountain Partners Realty training room.  We have to take the room when we can get it.
Attend post license real estate class at First Real Estate School

     This post license class so much more fun than pre license real estate school.  The tuition is $180.  We loan you the textbook just like high school.  $180 is all you pay.

     Ron Climer is the instructor.  Join us.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Put A Helmet On When You Ride A Motorcycle

     Yesterday in Cherokee county South Carolina, a motorcycle rider was killed in a collision with a truck.  This rider, riding at night, was not wearing a helmet.  Why?  Why?  Why?

     Why would anyone engage in any dangerous activity like riding a motorcycle with no helmet? Please leave a comment and enlighten me.

     We do not need a new law.  We need common sense.  Riding a motorcycle is certainly as dangerous as skydiving or playing hockey  or riding a human propelled bicycle.  These people are smart enough to wear a helmet when engaging in dangerous activities.
When you leave the driveway on a motorcycle, wear a helmet

     Motorcycle riders are safer when wearing a helmet.  This is not open to discussion.  This is not debatable.  This is not an opinion.  This is a fact.

     If you are going fifty miles per hour on a bike and car pulls out in front of you, you will not be thinking about how macho you look while the concrete is grinding your ear off.  You will be wishing that you were wearing a helmet.

    If you believe that you are safer with no helmet, you may be eligible for the Darwin Award. 

     Forget about looking good.  Forget about being free.  Forget about your constitutional right.  Put a helmet on you head.  Put some boots on your feet.  Put some glasses on your eyes.  Put some gloves on your hands.  You only get to die one time.  Later is better than sooner.

     If you have never taken the free Bike Safe course offered by the North Carolina Department of Transportation,    take it.  It is free.  It is fun.  It will surely make you a safer rider.

    Put a helmet on your head.  Ride safe.