Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lake Lanier Antique Cottage In Tryon, North Carolina

     In Tryon, North Carolina, there is a super antique shop.  The name of that antique shop is Lake Lanier Country Cottage.  It is a super shop because it has lots of super antique stuff.  The antiques at Lake Lanier Country Cottage are priced right.  There are plenty of bargains there.  There are several vendors that have booths and are constantly changing and updating the inventory.  There is lots of variety.  There is antique furniture.  There is antique tools.  There is antique glassware and pottery.  There is antique outdoor stuff like dinner bells and bird baths. 

     Not everything at Lake Lanier Country Cottage is antique.  They have newer stuff that many people call vintage or collectibles like Star Wars or Barbie.  Depending on how old you are, you may not consider a Marilyn Munroe poster as a antique. 

     Lake Lanier Antique Cottage is located at 974 South Trade Street in Tryon.  Trade street is US Hiway 176, which is the main road that runs from Landrum, South Carolina to Saluda, North Carolina.  If you find yourself in Saluda or Landrum, just drive a couple of miles to the state line, there is Lake Lanier Country Cottage.  You will probably go home with some new antiques. 

     If you have any antiques that you would like to sell, call me at 828 440 1064

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Real Estate What I Should Have Known When I Started

     When I was instructing real estate license classes, I told this story at the end of almost every class.  I tell it the last hour of the last day.

     My first contract that I ever wrote fell apart and did not close.  I really needed that commission.  It was a house on a corner lot on a dirt street.  The day before closing, the title company discovered a special assessment from the county to pave the road, $2800.  The seller refused to pay it.  The buyer refused to pay it.  The transaction did not close.  I did not know how to handle the problem.

     Could I handle that problem today?  Of course I could.  I probably would not even break a sweat solving that problem today.  When you are new, you don't know much.  I had no idea how to solve that problem.  This was a big problem.  They are all big problems when you don't how to solve them.  Looking back, I suppose my broker did not know how to solve this problem either.

     I tell this story to my real estate students to let them know that what seems like a major problem when you are new will seem like a minor problem in a couple of years.  Everything in real estate gets easier and easier.  It does not get harder and harder.  As you learn more, you know where the potholes in the road to success are.  You don't even have the problems.  When one does come up, you know how to handle it.

     Another thing I wish I knew back then is how important that first broker is.  As I mentioned, my broker did not know how to solve this problem.  I should have taken a hint and started looking for a more knowledgeable broker.  What a difference that would have made.  It is easier to learn with a good teacher teaching you.

     Find a good broker,teacher, trainer from the beginning.  I survived.  Many new Realtors don't survive a bad beginning broker.  I wish I had known that when I was a brand new real estate agent.  Can this person teach me the skills I need is your most important question when choosing your first broker.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Post A You Tube Video For Fun And Profit.

     If you have paid any attention to my recent blogposts, you know I firmly believe you need to be posting You Tube videos to promote your business.  I know you are having a hard time coming up with ideas of what to post on You Tube.  Here is how you get good ideas.

     You look at your own problems.  Chances are other people have the same problems that you have.  You invent a solution to your problem and share what you learned with others.

     Moving is a major pain.  Many people hire professional movers.  Many other people "do it yourself"  with the old trusty U haul truck.

     A for sale by owner is a do it yourselfer.  What if you posted a series of videos about moving.  You could have one for what to do thirty days out, then twenty days out, then ten days out, then on moving day.  You could have a video about safety tips.  You could have a video about packing the truck.  You could post a video changing addresses and how important that is.  You could end every video with,"Or you could hire a professional".  In the background is your contact information and a link to your website and your video about how to get your house sold quickly. 

     When you discover a for sale by owner or anyone that is moving soon, get their email address and send them a link to this series of videos.  This was just an idea that rolled across my mind as I was taking the U Haul truck back to the store.

     It is the 21st century.  You Tube is the second largest search engine on the planet.  If you are in business, you need to show up when someone searches for how to do something that your business does.  If you don't, your competitor will.

     The real estate business is changing .  You have to get your phone to ring.  You Tube is working for your fellow Realtor.  Make it work for you.  If you are new in real estate and need some training or mentoring, contact me.