Thursday, October 22, 2015

Christmas Shopping At The Tryon Antique Mall

      Christmas will be here in no time.  You don't need to go to Target or Wal Mart or Sears or Macy's.  This year, put a little creativity in the nativity.  You can go to Bass Pro Shop and buy your husband a new pocket knife.  You can go to the Tryon Antique Mall and buy him an antique pocket knife that was made in the U.S.A.  You could buy him a gun cabinet or a gun rack at the Tryon Antique Mall.  The price would be a third of the price at Cabella's.

     At the Tryon Antique Mall, we have a plethora of musical instruments.  We have vintage guitars and bass guitars and horns and drums and trombones and cellos and other musical instruments.  You could start your own band at the Tryon Antique Mall.  You must have a relative that wants a xylophone under the tree.
In the box above the  map it tells you to ferry your car to Cuba

     Do you think Grandma might like a new rocking chair for Christmas?  We have a bunch from which to choose. Maybe Grandma would like a copy of Life magazine from the year that she turned 21.  We probably have, at least, one copy.  How many relatives do you have that own an antique car?  Maybe we have something to help them enjoy that antique car more, something like a drive in movie speaker or a road map of Florida from 1958 with a map of Cuba on the back.  We might even have an owner's manual for their 1969 Corvair.  We might even have a model car just like it.  If the antique car is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, we do have a model car just like it.  Stop by the Tryon Antique Mall and look around.
Six 1955 Thunderbirds licensed by Ford Like new

     Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or Candyland are just a few of the games we have available at bargain prices.  Stop in between now and Christmas.  The Tryon Antique mall is on U.S. Hiway 176 between Tryon, North Carolina and Landrum, South Carolina.  We are right at the state line.

     Are you going to eat Christmas dinner on those old ugly plates?  Wouldn't a set of antique fine china be a memorable gift for the Mrs.  She pretends that she doesn't care whether she is serving on Melmac or Noritake.  She does care.  Come in and buy her a set of China.  It doesn't cost $40 per plate like it does at Macy's.  Two hundred bucks will have your table looking as good as the Rockefeller's.  Maybe a set of matching antique flatware would be appreciated. You buy it for Christmas this year and the wife passes it on to the heirs.
Fine China is so inexpensive when you buy it at an antique shop 

     You know what is dull and boring?  Christmas presents in boring boxes are dull and boring.  Stop in at the Tryon Antique Mall and pick up a fun, interesting box to put your Christmas present in.  A small wooden box that was sold new at a tourist trap in 1953 that says "Great Smokey Mountains" would be a lot more fun on Christmas morning than that bland vanilla box from Sears.  We probably have a heap of interesting boxes at the Tryon Antique Mall for less than ten dollars.  Do you know what else you can buy at the Tryon Antique Mall for less than $10?  You can buy an old piggy bank.  What a great Christmas present that would make!

     Stop by the Tryon Antique mall on U.S.176 in Tryon, North Carolina.  Put a little bit of creativity with a little bit of $$$$.  Make Christmas morning memorable .  You can find that perfect gift without breaking the bank.      

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When Buying A House In Hendersonville, Feel Free To Make An Offer

     A couple of months ago, I drove five hundred miles to look at antique motorcycle.  The price was right or I would have never left home.  When I got there, the bike was nice as pie.  I bought it for the asking price. 

It does not always happen that way.  Sometimes you go to a lot of inconvenience to look at a house for sale in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  You feel like the house is not worth the price that the seller is asking. 

My wife and I have a cliché that we use a lot.  When we drive  a long distance to look at something that is for sale, we say to each other," We have done the hard part.".  The hard part is traveling there to look at whatever is for sale. 
Ron Climer says when you have done the hard part, make an offer

If you have driven five hundred miles or five miles to Hendersonville, North Carolina and checked into a hotel and gone to look at a $200,000 house, if you don't like the price, make an offer.  If you don't like it for $200,000, would you like it for $160,000?  If the answer to that is yes, make an offer.  You have already done the hard part.  Your Realtor is not to busy to present your offer.  The listing agent is not too busy either. 
In Og Mandino's book,"The Greatest Salesman In the World", he tells us in one of the ancient scrolls that teach us to be better salesman a little bit about human nature by describing a man that will today not buy gold chariots for a penny will,tomorrow, exchange his house for a tree.  It is true.

You make that $160,000 offer.  Something has happen in the seller's life. that causes him to accept that offer.  You have done the hard part.  You have inconvenienced yourself to look at the property.  Make an offer.  All negotiation begins with an offer.  Do you want it at some price?  If so, tell your Realtor,"If we could get this for$160,000, we would buy it.".  What is the worst thing that could happen?  The seller says,"No" You have done the hard part.  Do the easy part.  Make an offer.

My wife is an antique dealer.  She spends a lot of time at yard sales and flea markets.  We were at a yard sale last July.  It was hot.  It was 2 P.M.  There was this beautiful rocking chair with no price.  It was well worth a hundred dollars.  Kathy asked the price.  The seller said,"Make me an offer.".  Kathy hates yard sales with no prices.  She replied,"$25" .  The seller went crazy.  He broke into a ranting tirade monologue about how tired he was dealing with yard sale varmints and how valuable that rocking chair was and the state of the national economy and how he was ready to throw everything into the street and set it on fire.  Kathy calmly replied,"Will you take the $25?'.  He said,"I will take $30.".  He helped me load it into the truck.  You have done the hard part.  Make an offer.

I am not sure why so many potential home buyers would rather spend their time looking for a seller that has priced his property right.  If everything else is OK but the price, make an offer. You have done the hard part.  

Often, the seller knows that his price is too high.  An equal amount of time, the seller does not know the price is too high.  Father Time will let him know.  If his property has been for sale for too long, he will sooner or later get the message.  Maybe his listing agent is not obnoxious enough to nudge him to lower the price.  You come along and offer $160,000 for his house with the $200,000 price tag.  He counter offers at $170,000.  You buy it.

Nobody else in Hendersonville, North Carolina knew that house could be bought for $170,000.  You have done the hard part.  Make an offer.  A reluctance to make an offer will inhibit your ability to find the home of your dreams in Hendersonville, North Carolina or anywhere else.  If everything else is right except the price, Make an offer. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hendersonville North Carolina Toastmasters Club

     Many people find themselves on a career path where the ability to speak to a group is an essential skill.  Even if your career path does not require you to speak in public, this skill can enhance any career.  Public speaking is is a fun and profitable skill to learn.

     This is what Toastmasters in Hendersonville, North Carolina is about.  Toastmasters is a club.  It is not a class that starts and ends.  It is a club that meets weekly.  It goes on for as long as you find it beneficial.  For me, that is over thirty years.  Four Seasons Toastmasters in Hendersonville, North Carolina meets every Wednesday morning at 8 A.M. We invite you to join us. .

     Toastmasters is not a service club.  It is a club to learn.  You will learn to speak better.  You will learn leadership skills.  People join Toastmasters for lots of reasons.  "It will look good on my resume", a young lady told her audience was the reason she joined Toastmasters many years ago.  It was obvious from the eloquent speech she had just delivered that she had gained a lot more benefit from Toastmasters than just a bullet point on a resume.  
Betty McCallister has used her Toastmaster skills to enhance her real estate career

     Once, we had a young man join our Toastmasters club.  He told us the reason he had sought us out and joined us was because he had attended his best friend's funeral.  He was asked to speak but he could not.  He was afraid to stand up in front of a group of his friends and express his feelings.  He joined Toastmasters to get over this fear.

     Then there is me.  I joined Toastmasters thirty years ago because I read in a book that joining Toastmasters would make me a better salesperson.  I had just started my real estate career and it made sense to me.  Today, I am certain that much of my income has come to me from what I learned at Toastmasters.  Maybe, I would have learned these things anyway.  I doubt it.

     People join Toastmasters for a dozen different reasons.  They all boil down to self improvement.  There is not much that affects your success more than who you associate with.  The one thing that all Toastmasters have in common is a desire to be better and teach others to be better.  You can't go wrong associating with people like that. 

     Join us at Toastmasters in Hendersonville, North Carolina at 8 A.M.on Wednesday.  I can promise you that you will meet some very nice people.  I can promise you that you will learn to be a better public speaker.  I can promise you that you will learn leadership skills that will enhance your career and put money in your pocket.  I can promise that it will be fun.  Join us on Wednesday morning at 8 o,clock.  Call me at 828 755 6996 if you need more details.

     If you are not near Hendersonville, you can still benefit from joining Toastmasters.  There is a Toastmaster club in most cities.  Go to the Toastmasters website at .  Toastmasters has been around since 1927.