Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Dupont State Forest Park Ranger Is My Hero

     Yesterday, we went to Dupont State Forest near Brevard, North Carolina to  hike and look at Hooker Falls and Triple Falls and High Falls.  We had intended to hike to Bridal Veil Falls but we ran out of foot power.
Always take a picture at the beginning of the hike

     This morning, my daughter in law that was visiting from out of town could not find her wallet.  We looked everywhere for that wallet.  No wallet.  I called the Dupont State Forest Ranger Station lost and found.  One of the rangers had found it and turned it in.  What a hero.

If you live or are visiting anywhere near Hendersonville, North Carolina, don't miss these beautiful waterfalls in this magnificent state forest.  It is a very nice day hike.  Wear your hiking shoes.
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Friday, March 27, 2015

North Carolina Real Estate License School, Pass The Exam

     To get your North Carolina real estate license, you have to attend North Carolina real estate school.  That costs $$$$$$$.  I don't want to pay $$$$$$ for a course and fail the course.  You want to pass.  You want to pass the first time.

     Many, many students don't pass the first time.  They pay their $$$$$$.  They don't pass the real estate course.  Do not let this happen to you.  When you enroll in North Carolina real estate school, remind yourself.  This is not high school.  You need to learn this stuff so you can pass the North Carolina real estate school test. Why do you need to know this stuff?  Because it is on the exam. That is the only reason.

     The first thing you need to do is attend class.  Show up.  The class rules allow you to miss a certain amount of hours.  Don't miss class.  You can not learn the stuff if you are not there.   The second thing you need to do is read the book.  Either read the chapter before the instructor goes over the material or read it after the instructor goes over it.  Read the book.

The third suggestion I have for you is to learn the real estate math.  The Math is about 15% of the test.  If you instructor teaches it too fast, watch the ten free real estate math videos that I have posted on You Tube.  The cool thing about the videos is you can watch them once or you can watch then ten times.  You can also hit pause if you need to.  This is a wonderful way to learn the real estate math that is on the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is free.  It is easy.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp0blrLu9xs   There are nine other real estate math videos posted on You Tube.  If you are struggling with the math, watch them.  Do the math with me.

     We also have a North Carolina real estate exam review on video that covers all the material that you need to know to pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  It is not free .  It is inexpensive ($99).  Check it out at www.northcarolinaexamreview.com  It is far less expensive than failing the North Carolina real estate school exam.  You can watch the review while you are enrolled in real estate school and after you finish real estate school and are anticipating taking your North Carolina real estate exam.  You certainly do not want to fail that.

     My fourth suggestion is to pay attention to your own attitude.  Your attitude is very important.  Expect to pass.  Study with your classmates if possible and practical.  Make flash cards.  This is a super way to study.  Take a 3x5 card.  Write "What is a mortgagee?"  on the front.   Write "Lender" on the back.  Take another 3x5 card and write,"What is mortgagor?"  on the front .  Write "borrower" on the back.  Make yourself about 500 of these.  Put them on  the seat of the car.  At the red light, read a couple of the cards.  While you are watching TV, read a few cards during the commercials.  Flashcards are great.

     Study.  Study.  Study.  Read the North Carolina real estate textbook.  Attend class.  Watch my free videos to learn and reinforce the real estate math.  Get my $99 review class.  www.northcarolinaexamreview.com  Make some flashcards.  Pass the first time.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When your Real Estate Listing Expires in The Hendersonville, North Carolina MLS

     When your house listing expires in the Hendersonvcille, North Carolina M.L.S. , everyone loses.  Mr. Realtor has wasted whatever marketing efforts he has made.  Mr. Seller is six months further down whatever road  he is traveling on.  Sometimes, Mr. Seller has moved on to a new city and is making payments on an empty house. No one wants to do that.  What you want to do is get that house sold. 

     Call me.  Spend twenty minutes letting me show you what we at Keller Williams Realty can do to get your house sold.  I am Ron Climer, Realtor.  My phone is 828 755 6996.  Do you know what you are looking for in your next Realtor?  If you do, call me.  See if I have those qualities.  Google me.

     I know a lot about selling real estate.  I care about my clients.  I appreciate when someone trusts me to sell their property.  I always strive to be worthy of that trust.  I know enough about salesmanship to shut my mouth and let a buyer tell me what he wants.  I know enough about marketing to know how to find buyers or, in today's world help  them find me.  I know enough to know that my duty that I owe to a selling client is to encourage a seller to price their property right.  Overpriced property is almost impossible to sell unless you get lucky.  I don't rely on luck. I do get lucky sometimes.  I find the harder I work, the luckier I get.

     Call me.  Let me help you get your property SOLD.  828 755 6996  www.ronclimer.com

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nine New House For Sale In Hendersonville, North Carolina's MLS

     Today is March 14, 2015.  The Hendersonville, North Carolina MLS published nine new real estate listings of houses for sale in the Hendersonville area.  I am a Realtor in Hendersonville.  I have access to this information.  Today's new listings are:

35 Lone Coyote Ridge in Fletcher, North Carolina for $199,900
220 Dogwood Drive in Lake Lure, North Carolina for $249,000
23 Kaly Lane in Fletcher, North Carolina for $395,000
119 Dotsuwa in Brevard, North Carolina for $189,000
122 English Ivy Lane in Zirconia, North Carolina for $249,000
308 Scenic Ridge Drive in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $224,000
114 Founders Drive in Flat Rock, North Carolina for $649,000
42 Vera Lane in Columbus, North Carolina for $135,000
64 Shelter Road in Mills River, North Carolina for $257,000
and one condominium
141 Ewbank Garden Drive in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $129,900

     If you see one on this list that you might like to own, call me, Ron Climer Realtor, at 828 755 6996 .It has never been easier to qualify for a mortgage.  Interest rates have never been lower.  It is a great time to become a homeowner in Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Which Is Better, An Empty House Or A Bucketfull Of Cash?

     It has always amazed me how many people own empty houses.  Once when I lived in Orlando, Florida, I called a lady in Miami that owned an empty four unit building in Orlando.  I asked her if she would like to sell this empty building.  She said,"yes".  I bought that building from her.  Later, I asked her why she owned an empty building in Orlando.  She told me that her son had attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  Five years ago, she bought that four unit building, sight unseen.  Her plan was that her son would come to Orlando, live in one of the apartments and rent out the other three.  Her son pulled up in front of this building and said," I am not living here in this neighborhood.".  He drove out near the university and rented himself an apartment.  That was five years ago.  Since she had paid cash for the building, she just left it there, deteriorating,  until I called.  I assume the lady in Miami was rich.  She was rich.  She was rich enough that whether or not that building created rent was little consequence to her lifestyle. 
Watch Ron's video on You Tube about the IDEAL investment

     Lots of people are rich.  Almost anyone, rich or poor, would rather have some cash than an empty house.

     Sometimes people inherit a house.  It is free and clear with no mortgage.  It creates no financial burden for them.  Often, it takes these people a year or two or three to realize that they can sell Grandpa's house and use the money.  Often with inherited houses, the heirs have to settle their own arguments.  I do think cash is easier to argue about than an empty house. 

     Vacation house are another empty house that people choose to own.  Often people own a vacation house, especially here in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  The vacation house was a good idea twelve years ago when they bought it.  Now, the kids are grown and their situation has changed.  They don't really enjoy the vacation house as much as they used to.  Often, momentum lets a year or two go by before they realize that it is time to sell the vacation house and put their money into something that they will enjoy more. 

     Sir Isaac Newton stated that " Any body at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an outside force.".  This is the scientific principle of inertia.  Sir Isaac Newton also told us that " Any body in motion will tend to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force."  This is the corollary to inertia.  It is called momentum.

     Let me and this article be your "outside force".  I believe many people continue to own empty houses and vacant lots that they should have sold years ago just due to inertia.  Call me, Ron Climer Realtor, in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Let me sell that empty house or empty lot that you own.  Your situation has changed.  Turn that empty house that is costing you taxes and maintenance and liability and emotional stress   every day into a bucketful of cash.  Cash is so much easier to store.  You can buy something that you really want or you can just put it in the bank and earn interest.  

     If you own an empty house, for whatever reason, call me at 828 755 6996 .  Let's let someone else own that house.  You enjoy the cash.

     In investment circles, there is an expense called "lost opportunity".  This is the theory that often an opportunity will come along that having cash will make you able to take advantage of and not having cash will cause to to pass on this opportunity.  Owning an empty house in Hendersonville, North Carolina will not help you.  Call me.  Lets convert your empty house into a pocketful  of cash that you can enjoy.

       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdu3K3Y5_N0   Here is a link to the I D E A L video

Ten New Hendersonville, North Carolina Houses For Sale Today

      Today is March 13, 2015.  The Hendersonville, North Carolina Board of Realtors MLS added ten new houses for sale to the local real estate inventory today.  They are:

2441 W. Cummings Woods Lane in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $297,000
707 West Saint John Street in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $165,000
29 Hunters Lane in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $339,500
164 Winner's Circle in Tryon, North Carolina for $228,900
656 Shawn Rachael Parkway in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $329,900
10 Whitehead Road in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $329,000
163 South Drive in Lake Lure, North Carolina for $165,000
4 Breezy Drive in Fletcher, North Carolina for $199,900
98 Pamlico Road in Fletcher, North Carolina for $242,500

     If I can help you own one of these homes or any other home in the Hendersonville, North Carolina area, call me at  828 755 6996.  I am a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty on Main Street in Hendersonville.  If you own a house in Hendersonville that you would like someone else to own call me.  I can make that happen. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Houses For Sale Today In Hendersonville, North Carolina

    Today is March 11, 2015.  There are seven new houses for sale in the Hendersonville MLS today. I am a Realtor member of the Hendersonville, North Carolina MLS.  I have this information to share with you.

440 Puppet Place in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $399,000     
Call Ron Climer at 828 755 6996

169 Gateway Drive in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $365,000
118 Sweetwater Hills Drive in Hendersonville,North Carolina for $349,900
136 Usdasdi Drive in Brevard, North Carolina for $159,000
245 Whistlewood Lane in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $413,900
50 Bed Lou Lane in Saluda, North Carolina for $139,000

and one condominium

28 Capri Lane in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $89,900

     If you would like to own one of these homes, call me, Ron Climer, at 828 755 6996.  If you have a house near Hendersonville that you would like someone else to own, call me. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

How Will The World Change In Fifty Years?

     I had a dream that I was sitting in Mrs. Holt's English class at Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, Florida in March of 1965.  Mrs. Holt gave us a weekend homework assignment to write a 1000 word essay entitled,"How The World Will Change in Fifty Years".  Here is my essay that I would have written then.  I would love to read yours.

                                            "How The World Will Change In Fifty Years"

     In fifty years, the thought of an un air conditioned classroom in Florida would probably be considered cruel and unusual.  Probably a dirt parking lot would be considered unsafe.  The world will have become so safe that the Strategic Air Command will no longer be necessary.  The McCoy Air Force Base will be closed.  Oak Ridge will survive and thrive.  We have all heard rumors that Gene Autrey or Roy Rogers or Walt Disney or some other millionaire is going to open an amusement park near here.  This will probably create enough jobs for Oak Ridge High School to continue to have students. 

     Within fifty years, the new Interstate 4 will probably be extended beyond Lee. Road, maybe as far as Sanford.  There will probably be another shopping mall just like the new Colonial Plaza Shopping Mall at the corner of Bumby and Colonial.

     I think television will change a lot in the next fifty years.  Color television will become common in fifty years.  Instead of three channels, we will probably be able to get fifteen channels.  What we see on television will change.  Sexual scenes will be common even on ABC and NBC.  We will see couples naked in bed together in prime time.  There will be more commercials.  There will be commercials for things we don't see commercials for now.   There will be advertizing commercials on the CBS evening news for products to make sex better. K Y will be advertising products to make sex more exciting.  Trojan condoms will be advertising products to make sex safer.   There will be commercials from lingerie companies for push up bras to make sex more likely.  I also believe that television will start going out of style in fifty years.  Much like radio went out of style fifteen years ago when television came along to replace radio.  There will be something more exciting  than television.

     I think telephones will also go out of style.  I believe a device will be invented that will allow us to communicate instantly and almost telepathically .  The telephone will be too slow for the fast paced world fifty years from now.  Speaking of being too slow, I believe that ovens will also go out of style.  A faster , better way to cook will be invented in the next fifty years.  Restaurants will become faster and better and cleaner.  Many people will eat half their meals from fast restaurants.  

     I think that people will distrust the government even more in fifty years than they do now.  People will also start to take a bigger stand against the government.  Some of those marches and demonstrations that the Negros are doing now is just the beginning.  In fifty years, people will be aghast to know that that we used to have "colored"  rest rooms and water fountains at the court house.  There will probably be a law against that someday.  Probably in fifty years, the word Negro will be considered a pejorative word.  To use such a word in public could probably cause a person to be socially ostracized or even fired from their job.  The president of the United States could even be a Negro.  We would never use that word to describe him.

     Words and polite vocabulary will probably change during the next fifty years.  Words like Wops and Japs and Spics and Pollocks will probably cease to be used by polite society.  We probably won't call homersexuals queer anymore.  Homersexuality probably won't even be considered unusual in fifty years. As homersexuality becomes more common, it will no longer be required to kept a secret as it is now.  We will probably have  men marrying men in fifty years.

     Speaking of marriage, I believe marriage in general will take on a new connotation in fifty years.  Having children out of wedlock will not have any social prohibition as it does now.  If a woman chooses to have a child without a husband, she will.  People may or may not choose to get married.  Unmarried people of the opposite sex sharing a home will be common in fifty years.

     Are women going to change in the next fifty years?  You can be certain of that.  Leadership by women in political roles and corporate roles will be common in fifty years.  Women will probably still be fighting for equal pay  for equal work.  Female entrepreneurs will be common in fifty years.  The mayor of Orlando may even be a woman, maybe an Oak Ridge High School graduate.

     Have you read the book,"1984" by George Orwell?  Mister Rubenstein assigned us that book to read for his class.  It was written in 1947.  It is not about history.  It is about the future.  In this book Orwell tells us that by 1984, the government will have a camera on every corner.  Every move you make will  recorded on a movie camera.  You could even get a traffic ticket for running a red light because the camera saw you do it.  I believe this will surely come to pass.

     I think money will become obsolete in fifty years.  The president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, just last year did away with silver to back our money.  Today our money is just paper.  In fifty years, I think we will just have an account with our money in it.  We will pay for things by giving the merchant a plastic card with our account number on it.  Thieves will no longer use a gun to rob you.  They will just figure out a way to get your money out of your account and into the thief's account.  Merchants will love this system because they can keep records of what you buy and advertise to you based on what you buy.  The government will also keep track of where and on what you spend your money.

     I do have some good news.  I think war will go out of style.  The government will no longer force young men to go into the military when they turn eighteen.

     Travel will be so much easier and less expensive in fifty years.  Jet airplanes will make a trip to Atlanta as easy as a trip to Lakeland.  Air travel will be considered safer than riding in a car.  Tourists will be going to the moon.   Lots of tourists will be coming to Orlando.

     Cars will certainly be different.  Almost all cars will have air conditioning and an automatic transmission and a FM radio. Cars will also have a map on the dash that tells us how to get where we are going.  All cars will have seat belts.  The government will require you to wear them.

     Modern medical research will have cured most diseases.  People will live much longer in the 21st century.
     Books will no longer be published on paper.  Books will be stored on vinyl discs like music is today.  When you want to read, the words will be projected onto a screen.  The government or whoever has control will be able to change books.  If they find the language in a book like "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain offensive to modern society, they can just change it. I suppose they could also change history books.

     Fifty years from now, lots of things will change.  There is one thing that will never change.  That is our memories of the wonderful time we have spent here at Oak Ridge High School.  Fifty years from now when someone asks me,"Ron, Who was your favorite teacher at Oak Ridge?", I will tell them Mrs. Holt , my English teacher.   

     Here is Mrs. Holt's reply       Ron I am giving you a B- .  I had decided on a C but your last paragraph  was brilliant.  Have you considered a career in selling?  I think you should learn to type.  When you turn your paper in handwritten, it just does not look neat.  When you get to college or the military, enroll in a typing class.  This is  a skill that will enhance your career.  I like your use of sophisticated words like pejorative and ostracized.  The only misspelled word you had was homosexual.  Use your dictionary.  Misspelled words make the author look foolish.  Maybe in fifty years, someone will invent a typewriter that spells the words for you.  I was concerned with some of your ideas about sex and marriage You mentioned sex a lot.  I was so concerned that I have made you an appointment to see the school guidance counselor, Mr. Mayfield next Thursday at three. Be on time.       

     Fellow Pioneers, if you have an article that you could have written then, leave us a link to it in the  remarks  .

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Today in Hendersonville, North Carolina, We Have Four New Homes For Sale

     Today is March 1, 2015There are four new real estate listing in the Hendersonville area in the Hendersonville M.L.S.  Since I am a Realtor member of the Hendersonville Board of Realtors, I have this information to share with you.  I try to do this every day. The new real estate listings are:

16 Hobe Crest in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $364,900
811 Carolina Drive in Tryon, North Carolina for $149,000
516 Melrose Ave Ext.  in Tryon, North Carolina for $149,000
136 Starling Terrace in Lake Lure, North Carolina for $285,000

     If I can help you in any way with any real estate questions that you may have, contact me at 828 755 6996 or leave me a comment here.  I will respond any way you prefer.  A couple of weeks ago, someone ask me to post a video explaining how qualifying for a mortgage works. Here is my answer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy1Y7zDO3M4  If I can help you, call me.