Friday, August 19, 2016

Why Is My House Listed in the Hendersonville M.L.S. Not Being Shown To Buyers?

     I met a couple at a social function.  They told me their house was for sale.  It was listed with a local Realtor.  It was not being shown.  They asked me why. 

     Many years ago when I was a rookie Realtor, I had a memorized listing presentation that ended with the four reasons houses don't sell.  Those four reasons are location, condition, terms and price. 

     Some locations are better than others.  Oceanfront, Riverfront, Lakefront, these are A+ locations.  Everyone loves these things.  Rate your location.  Is it the best in town?  Is it OK?  Is it undesirable?  Think like a buyer.  Don't think like a seller. 
Ron Climer says," If your price is right, your property will sell."

     How is your condition?  Is your house "like new"?  Be honest.  "Like new" is what everybody wants.  Nobody wants to call a repairman on moving day.  If you have items (like the dishwasher ) that do not work, get them repaired or replaced.  Clean ,clean, clean your house.  Everyone likes clean.  Get your house in as good of a condition as possible.  Do not expect a "like new" price for your house if your house is not "like new". 

     The third thing is terms.  How much down and how much per month?  An average house in Hendersonville, North Carolina is $200,000.  With F.H.A. financing that house can be bought in today's financial climate for as little as $7000 down and $854 per month. With U.S.D.A. or V.A. financing, you can buy a house with only the closing costs down.  Interest rates are as low as 3.25% for people with excellent credit. 

     We are lucky that "The Fed"  has kept interest rates for so low for so long.  What a great time to buy a house when interest rates are less than four per cent.  If you are thinking of selling soon, do not wait until rates go up.  They can not get much lower.  As interest rates go up, property prices go down. 

     If you are thinking of selling your free and clear property and you already have a couple of hundred thousand in the bank earning you 1% interest, you may want to consider financing your own house.  Get a buyer to give you about thirty per cent down payment.  You hold the mortgage for the rest at five or six per cent interest.  This is a perfect investment for the seller.  This will make your house very attractive to a buyer.  It is easy.  Attractive terms always make selling easy. 

     Fortunately,  the low interest rates in today's make terms attractive for everyone.  It is a great time to buy. 

     Location, condition, terms are important.  The other obstacle to selling is the price.  How can you know that your price is right?  If Realtors are not showing your house, your price is not right.  That is called negative feedback. 

     Today, we are in a seller's market.  If you house is priced too high, your house will not get shown by Realtors.  If it does get shown, the buyers will not buy it.  They will buy the house down the street that is just as nice as yours and cheaper. 

     Sellers lament to me,"  The buyers can always make an offer."  They can but they won't.  Why not?  Americans do not think like that.  You don't go to the store.  See an item on the shelf and offer the merchant less money for that item.  This is a common practice in other parts of the world.  It is not a common practice in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  If a house is priced at $500,000, very few people will offer $400,000 for it.  Realtors beg,  cajole, beseech, insist, request buyers to make an offer.  It is just not in our culture.  If you doubt this is true, ask yourself, " When was the last time you made an offer?". 

     Price your property to sell.  It will sell.  Price your property to solicit an offer.  Be prepared to wait for that offer.   How can you determine a right price?  You could ask your Realtor.  Why not just pay an appraiser to tell you what your property is worth?   That is the system that banks and lenders have been using  with repossessed property for over a hundred years. 

     If no one is looking at your house, it probably needs a price adjustment.  Pay attention to negative feedback.  You can not change your location.  The government  and the mortgage market have set the terms.  You can change the condition a little .  You, Mr. Owner, have total control over the price.  You have total control over the most important thing.  Be certain that your price is a price that your house will sell for.  Forget about leaving a little room to negotiate with people that do not like to negotiate.  Price your property right.  It will sell. 

     To prove this to yourself, consider this.  If you advertised a twenty dollar bill for $19.50, how many do you think you could sell in a day?  If you advertised that same twenty dollar bill for $20.50, how much advertising would it take to sell it?  What if you took out a full page  ad in the Wall Street Journal?   Would that work?  I doubt it. 

     Price is the most important part of the sale process.  Oceanfront property, Beverly Hills Property, Manhattan Property and Hendersonville property will not sell for more than it is worth.  Price your property right.  Start packing.  Call  me, Ron Climer, if you have some property for sale near Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Let Keller Williams Realty Pay Your Real Estate School Tuition In Hendersonville

     Tuition to First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, North Carolina is $300.   Add the cost of taking the North Carolina real estate exam to that and the cost of the application fee to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and the cost of the background check fee.  This applying for a North Carolina real estate license can get expensive. 
First Real Estate School has the lowest tuition in WNC

      First Real Estate School at 404 S. Main Street in Hendersonville has created an opportunity for you. After you get your real estate license, you can go to Keller Williams Realty in Hendersonville and ask them about the "First Transaction" deal.  Here it is.

     When you earn your first commission at Keller Williams, they will reimburse you the $300 tuition that you paid to First Real Estate School in Hendersonville IF YOU ASK IN ADVANCE.  You pay $30 for the application fee to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for your application.  You pay some money for your background check.  You pay $64 to take the North Carolina real estate exam.  You need all the help you can get. 

     Call me, Ron Climer, at 828 755 6996.  Let me show you how to let Keller Williams Realty pay you back for your tuition.   Here is a link to Janice Cox explaining this on You Tube. 

     What a great career selling real estate is.  What a great place Keller Williams Realty is to start a new real estate career. Call me or call Janice.  Let's talk. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pass Fail Statistics For The North Carolina Real Estate Exam for July 2016

     The North Carolina Real Estate Commission released the July, 2016 pass fail statistics for the North Carolina real estate exam today.  This is the same real estate exam that is given in Asheville.  This is the exam that you have to pass to get your North Carolina real estate license. 
First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, N.C.

     Four hundred and nineteen exam applicants attempted to pass the North Carolina real estate exam in July.  They all paid $64 for the privilege.  Two hundred and twenty nine of these real estate license applicants passed.  That is a 55% pass rate.

     The ones that failed will pay $94 to take the North Carolina real estate test again.  One hundred and thirty three repeat test takers took the  comprehensive test for the second or third or fourth time.  Only 29 of the 133 passed.  That is a 29% pass rate for the repeaters. 

Pleeeeeeeeeeese do not underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam. Use any means available to you to study.  Study.  Study.  Study.  Study in the morning .  Study at night.  Throw your TV out the window.  Study.  If you want to watch TV, get a bowl of popcorn and watch my North Carolina real estate math videos on You Tube.    There is no arithmetic on the North Carolina real estate exam that I don't have a video for.  Watch them.  They are free.  I teach sloooooowly.  Isn't that nice?

Take some practice exams.  Have you done all the practice exams in the book?  If not, when would be a good time for that?  I think, before you go spend $64 to take the North Carolina real estate exam would be a good time for that.  We have a practice exam on this blog.     Check it out.  Ask your classmates what they are doing to study.  Study with your classmates.

Make yourself a bunch of flashcards.  Flashcards are easy to use .  Put them n the seat of the car and do them at the red light.  Do them all the time.  Many of my students are making their flashcards on their phones.  Ya gotta love modern technology.    

If you are considering getting a North Carolina real estate license, we would love to have you as a student. If you live anywhere near Hendersonville, contact us.  Our tuition for the basic class is $300.  I teach what is on the North Carolina real estate exam.  Our website is    Read our Google reviews.

We want you to pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  Do not underestimate it.  It costs $94 to take it again.  Here is a big tip 


Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Recipe for Passing The North Carolina Real Estate Exam The First Time

     One hundred per cent of the people that pay $64 to take the North Carolina real estate exam in Asheville for the first time want to pass.  Last month,(May 2016) fifty seven per cent of the first time real estate test candidates left the exam site with a smile on their faces.  Forty three per cent of those exam candidates failed.  The repeat exam candidates did even worse.  Only twenty six per cent of repeaters passed.  The North Carolina real estate exam is tough.

    Here are a few things you can do to be certain that you are smiling when you leave the real estate exam site.
Attending class increases your likelihood of passing

     Start by attending real estate class 100% of the classes.  If you paid your $300 tuition, attend class.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission says that you can miss 15 hours of the 75 hour course.  If you miss ten per cent of the class, that is ten per cent of the material presented by the real estate instructor that you missed.  Attend class.  It is a simple thing to do.  Pay attention in class.

     Read the textbook.   If you failed the North Carolina real estate exam and you have not read the textbook, you have a right to be disappointed.  You do not have a right to be surprised.  Reading the textbook is pass insurance.  Read the textbook.  Read every word in the textbook.  Do all the practice exams in the textbook.

      First Real Estate School has posted several videos on You Tube to help anyone understand the real estate math that is on the exam.  These   videos are free.  They cover problems that you will encounter on the exam.  There are fifteen math questions on the North Carolina real estate exam.  Why would you go spend your $64 if you do not know how to prorate taxes and HOA dues?  Why would you spend your $64  to take the North Carolina real estate exam if you don't know how to compute interest or excise tax?  Why would you spend $64 to take the exam if you can not compute the number of acres in a rectangular lot?  You know these questions are going to be on the exam.  It says so in the book.  I assume you have all read the book, "Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina".  If not, watch this video.   
This video will show you how to get the information about what is on the North Carolina real estate exam.  You need to be able to do the math that is on the test.  It is not hard to sit and watch a ten minute video.

     Many North Carolina real estate exam candidates have what seems to me a strange attitude.  Many candidates tell me that they do not want to make 100% on the exam.  They just want to pass.  It would seem to me that setting a goal to make 100% on the exam would be a better plan.  If you set a goal to make 100% on the exam and you miss and only make an 80%, that is OK.  If you set a goal to make a 72%, barely pass and you miss by one point, you are back paying $64 to take the exam again.  Set yourself a goal to make 100% on the exam.  Study like you intend to make 100%.  It is an attitude.  You only have to pass this exam once in your life.

     Take practice exams. Take any practice exams that you can find.  I like free ones.  I have a free one right here on this blog at   Take this practice test if you think you are ready for te big one. 

If you are anywhere near Hendersonville, call First Real Estate School for your initial real estate class.

Let's Create Some Inertia

     Sir Isaac Newton, a English scientist was born in 1643.  Many people consider him the most influential scientist ever.

     He explained gravity to laymen.  He also explained inertia and momentum. Newton tells us that any body at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an outside force.  Any body in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force.

     Selling is not physics.  These principles certainly apply to selling.

     If you are one of the low producers in your office, look for an outside force.

     What would be an outside force?  A sales training seminar might be an outside force.  A good mentor or coach might be an outside force.  Reading the right book, like Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesman in the World" might be an outside force for you.  Just standing in the training room and staring at the "Leader Board" and wondering why you are not on it might be an outside force for you.

     Maybe this could be your outside force.  Think of a giant railroad locomotive with 12,000 horsepower sitting still on the tracks.

     That is you Mr. Low Producer.  Sitting still.  Inertia will keep you sitting still forever.  What is something you can do today to start some forward motion?
First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, N.C.

     You could call your one and only listing and ask them to lower the price.  That is not much but it is something.  There is a free seminar at the local mortgage company about financing next week.  You could call and make reservations to attend that.  Have you read that book that I recommended in the previous paragraph?  You could go to the free public library and check it out.  You could write down ten excuses for why you are not earning a great income on small pieces of paper and eat them.  There are things that you can do to get that 12,000 horsepower selling machine moving.

     It takes effort.  You could take a blank sheet of paper and write "Ten Things I Can Do To Get This 12,000 Horsepower Selling Machine Moving"  An idea might come into your head, something like call a forsalebyowner.  If such a wild notion such as that comes into your head, call a forsalebyowner.  Don't overdo it.  Just call one or two.

     If you can overcome your fear of calling prospects, your whole life will change.

     Call one today.  Call two tomorrow.  Call three the next day.  Maaaaaaaaaybe you will make an appointment with a prospect.  If you do, go see them.  Smile.  Practice your rapport building skills.  Send them a "Thanks for taking the time to chat with me card.".    Twelve thousand horsepower takes a lot of effort to get moving.

     Would you agree with me that if you went out every day and took five swings with an ax on a large tree that one of these days that tree would fall over?

     Just start doing a few things.  Call one prospect.  Volunteer for floor duty.  Hold an OPEN HOUSE.  Send out post card invitations to your open house. You know what to do.  It is labor intensive.

     Here is the part that is hard to see when you are standing still.

     Once that 12,000 horsepower selling machine starts moving, everything changes.  Momentum starts working for you instead of against you.

     One day  you receive a phone call.  The voice on the other end says,"Do you remember me?  We talked last year about selling our house.   We listed our house with your competitor but we kept your card.  Our listing has expired.  Can we talk again?" . 

     Momentum is working for you.  You would not be receiving this call if you did not contact that prospect six months ago.  No effort goes unrewarded.  That is the Law Of Compensation.  Read Emerson's essay.

     Momentum and inertia are hard to understand when you are standing still.  When you are moving down the tracks at sixty miles per hour, enjoy the ride.  Call a prospect today.