Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Financial First Time Home Buyers Seminar in Hendersonville N.C. in Spanish

     If you don't quite understand home financing, you need to attend P.J. Gonzalez's first time home buyer's seminar on Friday June 8th 2018 at 6 PM  at the Keller Williams Hendersonville Real Estate Office at 404 S. Main Street in downtown Hendersonville, N.C.

     There are several super government programs to help you become a homeowner.  You can own a home for little or even NO money down.  You need to know about these programs.
P.J. Gonzalez will conduct seminar for first time home buyers.  

     This ninety minute presentation will show you how can own your own home.  Quit paying rent.  Quit putting up with a landlord.

     There are a dozen reasons why owning a home is sooooooooooooo much better than renting someone else's house.  The home you buy today will likely double in value in thirty years.  The rent you pay today will also likely double in thirty years.

     Join P.J. and Reina and Self Help Credit Union on  Friday, June 8th at 6 to 7:30.  Learn how you can be a homeowner ( probably with payments less than your current rent) .

     This seminar will be given in Spanish.  Contact P.J. Gonzalez at 828 606 6363 to get the date and time for the English version.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

In Real Estate School, Share With Your Classmates

Real estate school can be a daunting experience.  You walk in the first night.  You don't see a single person that you know.  Everyone appears to be older, wiser, more experienced more confident than you.  That is an illusion.

Here is one suggestion about how to get more out of real estate school.  Be more sociable. Social creatures do better.  Every one there has the same goal; to pass the test and get their real estate license.

When you find something that you can share with the group, do it.  Bring in a bag of mini Snickers or Reese cups one night.  You will be the class hero for a night.  More importantly, someone else will bring in snacks another night.

As you are perusing the internet to find practice tests and articles to help you pass the North Carolina real estate exam, share what you find with your classmates.  During class breaks ask your classmates," If I found something helpful on the internet, would you like me to share it with you?".  Nine chances out of ten that classmate will respond with a yes.  Ask for their email and send them a link.  Ask them to do likewise.  Send friend requests on Facebook to your classmates and instructor. 

As you find helpful information such as my free North Carolina real estate practice   Share this with you classmates.  If you find my free real estate math videos on You Tube, share this with your classmates.  Any math that is on the North Carolina real estate exam, I have posted on You Tube.  Just go to You Tube.  Put my name, Ron Climer North Carolina math, into the search bar. If your real estate instructor teaches too fast, you will certainly benefit from these videos.  There are a dozen.  Here is a link to one.  Your classmates can benefit from these also.  Send them a link or mention it in class. 
Share tips for passing with your classmates in real estate school

I have another practice test at  Share what you find with your peers. 

After you finish real estate class, you are not finished with your license process.  You still have to pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  The pass rate last month was 63%.  It costs $164 to take it every time you take it.  Pass it the first time is my advice.  Share with your classmates when you are taking the North Carolina real estate exam.  Call your classmates and congratulate them on passing.  Ask them questions about the test center environment.  Ask them if they took the chocolates.  If you don't know about the chocolates, read this   Ask them about the tutorial.  Ask them if there is really a camera right over your head to detect cheaters. 

If you find help on the internet or anywhere else, share it with your classmates.  Many of my students buy  the "Hiking The Real Estate Trail" CD program by Terry Wilson. 

Many of my students want more practice math questions.  I suggest "Real Estate Prelicense Math Workbook"  This is available at 

Search the internet and share what you find.  It costs $164 to fail the North Carolina real estate exam.

If you are near Hendersonville and need to get a real estate license, contact First Real Estate School at or 828 440 1064

Thursday, May 17, 2018

North Carolina Real Estate Exam Pass Fail Statistics for April, 2018

     The North Carolina Real Estate Commission released the pass fail statistics for the North Carolina real estate exam for April, 2018.   Seven hundred and eighty seven real estate license applicants attempted the North Carolina real estate exam for the first time in April.  Four hundred and ninety five of those exam candidates passed.  They all paid $164 for the opportunity.

     That is a 63% pass rate.  That means that if you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate exam, your odds of passing are 63%.  It costs $164 every time that you take the North Carolina real estate exam.  You can not afford a "practice run".  You want to pass the first time.

     If you think you are ready for the North Carolina real estate exam, take my practice test at .  There is a ten dollar fee.  If you want a good practice exam, this is cheaper than the North Carolina real estate exam.

     Fifteen per cent of the one hundred and forty questions on the North Carolina real estate exam are arithmetic.   If you can not compute interest and pro rate taxes and rent and amortize a mortgage balance after two payments and determine square feet and ascertain value given NOI and capitalization rate and tell a buyer how much money to bring to closing and tell a seller how much he will take home, you need to master this math BEFORE you show up at the PSI test center with money in hand to take the North Carolina real estate exam.

     The best way to be certain that you know how to do this math is to watch my North Carolina real estate math videos on You Tube.  There are a dozen of these videos.  There is no math on the North Carolina real estate exam that I do not have on You Tube.  If you encounter one, call me and tell me.  I will post it.

     Take the time to watch these videos.  It is free.  It is easy.  You can make it a social affair.  Invite a few of you classmates over to watch with you.  Invite that guy that is shouting out the answer before you have your calculator turned on.

     Most real estate test applicants study like they want to baaaaaaarely pass.  Study like you want to make 100% on the North Carolina real estate exam.  Help your classmates.  Tutor some of them that need help.  The best way to learn anything is to teach it.

     If you are still in real estate school, ask your instructor that question that your neighbor does not want to ask because he is afraid that the teacher will embarrass him.  Read every word in the eight hundred page textbook.  Do every question at the end of the chapter.  Do the test in the back of the book.  Do the fifty question math test that is in the textbook.  I have the explanation to that on You Tube.

     Read the "Comments" in the textbook.  There is a lot of test material from that.  Read the glossary in your textbook.

     Stay in touch with your classmates.  Get your classmates contact information.  Find out when they are taking the exam.   Call them five hours later and congratulate them on passing.  That seems so tacky.  Did I mention that it cost $164 to take the North Carolina real estate exam every time that you take it.  That is tacky!

     What do you think?  If your classmate had a question on his exam asking how many members of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission must be real estate brokers, could you possibly get the same question on your exam?  Maybe.  You would not discuss what was on the North Carolina real estate exam.  There is a skull and crossbones warning on the computer screen telling applicants NOT to discuss these confidential questions with anyone.  I am certain these questions are never discussed outside the PSI test center.
Stay in touch with your First Real Estate School classmates 

     Get to the test center early.  Relax.  Do not show up to take your exam after rushing in the traffic.  Read the glossary in the parking lot.  Leave a note pad on the seat of the car on top of your textbook.  If you come back to the car with a failure notice in your hand like 37% of the test candidates do, start writing down the questions that you saw that you did not know the answer to.   What is TRID?  What is the Conner act?  What is functional obsolesce? What is CFPB?  If you saw those questions today, you will probably see them again.  Do not go back at $164 per chance without knowing the answer to these questions.  Thumb through your textbook  to remind yourself.  Share this advice with your peers.  Send them a link to this article. 

     I have talked to students that have taken the exam five times and have never done this.  How many test do you think they have?  Write down what was on your test and start learning the answer to those questions.

     I can think of a lot better way to spend $164 than to take the North Carolina real estate exam again.  Pass this exam the first time.  Help your classmates pass it the first time.

     If you are near Hendersonville, North Carolina and need to get your real estate license, contact me at