Friday, July 21, 2017

Pass Your North Carolina Only Exam The First Time

     There are two types of people that take the "North Carolina only" real estate exam.  One type of real estate exam candidate is the guy that took the comprehensive exam.  He passed the 100 question "general" exam but he failed the "North Carolina only"  forty question portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.

     This is an expensive mistake.  It will cost a repeat test taker $164 to take the exam for the second time.  Another reason why passing the first time is a really good idea.
Take Ron's practice test at

     The other type person that may be taking the North Carolina only portion of the North Carolina real estate exam is the person that has a real estate license in another state.   If that out of state license has been active for three years, that real estate license applicant does not have to take the entire exam.
     That out of state real estate licensee only has to pass the forty question North Carolina portion of the exam.  If that applicant passes that test.  they can be issued a North Carolina real estate license.  Last month, the pass rate on this test was 22%.   Seventy eight per cent of the folks that take this test , fail it.  I can find better ways to spend $164.

     If you would like to know if you are ready to pass this forty question test, take my one hundred question North Carolina only exam at  .  That will cost you ten dollars.  You can not find a better way to spend ten dollars.

     If taking my ten dollar test and watching the video explanation of the answers was all the studying you did, it would almost be enough studying.  If you also got the North Carolina Real Estate Commission's booklet, "Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina", you would know what you need to be studying.  It is a free download at   Click on publications.  Here is a video about it.   Get this booklet. It is free.

     I promise that if you take my ten dollar test, you will learn lots of stuff.  There are people that take the North Carolina exam that do not even know how many members are on the North Carolina Real Estate Commission or how long is their term or what is the Conner Act or is our foreclosure process strict or judicial or non judicial?   You have to know the answers to this.  You either know or you spend $164 to try again to get your North Carolina real estate license. .

     Go to  Take my ten dollar test.  See if you are ready. 

You Failed The State Only Portion of The North Carolina Real Estate Exam, Now What?

     The North Carolina Real Estate Commission has raised the price of failure to $164.  Are you kidding me????

     To return to take the North Carolina real estate exam again is EXPENSIVE.  My best advice is to pass this test the first time.  If it is too late for that advice, my second best advice is to pass it the next time.  Let's call that first attempt a practice run.
It costs $164 to fail the North Carolina only exam

     Would you like another practice run for ten dollars?  Here it is.  Check out .

     This is a one hundred question practice exam that I created for my students at First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

     All the questions on my "North Carolina only" practice exam are similar to what you may encounter on the real North Carolina real estate test given by AMP in Asheville.  My test costs ten dollars.  The one in Asheville costs $164.

     The limitation to most practice exam is that you take the test.  Then you take the answer key and grade yourself.  Often the student does not really understand the answers.  With my ten dollar test, the answer key is an hour long video of me explaining the answers.    I don't just tell you that the answers is B.  , the Conner Act.  I tell you what the Conner Act is and what a third party is.  An explanation of the answers is a big help.  This is a wonderful study aid.

     Use this before you take the North Carolina Real Estate Exam the first time.  You will hardly notice the ten dollar investment.  You will certainly notice the $164 failure fee.

     If you like the "North Carolina only" practice exam, take the other one also if you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate exam for the  first time.  Pass the first time.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Real Estate Post License Class in Hendersonville, North Carolina

     When a person gets their real estate license in North Carolina for the first time, that person has to take a post license course before the first anniversary of obtaining that initial real estate license.  That is the rules from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.
Relax at First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, N.C. 

     This class will be taught at First Real Estate School at 404 S. Main Street in Hendersonville starting  on Thursday. October 27 , 2017.  Here is a link to more details

     If you have received your first real estate license since last August, you need to be there.  Join us.   You can call the school at 828 440 1064