Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pass Fail Ratio for The North Carolina Real Estate Exam for June , 2018

     In June of 2018, six hundred eighty six real estate license applicants attempted the North Carolina real estate exam.  Three hundred ninety three of those real estate license applicants passed both parts of the North Carolina real estate exam.  That is a fifty seven per cent pass ratio.  Forty three per cent of those applicants will be paying $164 to try again.

     This situation is not quite as dismal as it may appear at first glance.  The North Carolina real estate exam is a two part exam.  One hundred questions are the "general " portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  Forty questions are the "North Carolina"  portion of the exam.  You can pass one and fail the other.  If you do, you will be paying $164 to try THAT portion again.

     Last month, one hundred sixty seven repeat test takers took the cumulative (both parts) exam for the second or third or fourth time.  They all paid $164 for the privilege.  Thirty of those applicants passed.  That is an 18% pass rate.  Do not underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam.

     Here is some more information.  In June, forty seven real estate license applicants took the "general" portion of the exam as a repeater.  Twenty six of those test takers passed.  Forty five percent of those exam applicants will be back paying $164 to try one more time.

     Two hundred ninety three real estate exam applicants took the North Carolina Only portion of the North Carolina real estate exam as a repeater in June.  They all paid $164 .  Forty per cent of these folks will be paying $164 to try again.

     If you are soon taking the North carolina real estate exam, may I ask you a few questions?

     First, is $164 a lot of money at your house?

    Second,   have you read "The Comments" AKA Appendix A in your textbook?  It is on page 615.  A better question would be, How many times have you read it?   Half the "North Carolina" questions come from "The Comments".  Read it at least five times.  It is also a free download from the NCREC www.ncrec.gov

    Third,  have you read the NCREC's booklet, "Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina"?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZFPZGo_DJ4    Here is a link to a video I made about that. It tells you what is on the exam.  Many repeat test takers don't read this booklet until they have failed the exam a couple of times.  I suggest reading it before your first attempt.  It is also in your textbook on page 638.  It is also a free download from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

    Fourth,why would anyone go spend $164 to take a test that they have not studied for?  The two above documents contain half the "North Carolina " questions.  Read Appendix A, at least, five times.
Giving a small gift is a good way to start a business transaction.

     Fifth, have you answered ALL the questions in your textbook?  There are questions at the end of the chapters.  Have you answered them?  There are practice tests.  Have you answered those?  There is a fifty question math test.  Can you do all the math?  Have you done that test?   The North Carolina real estate exam is at least ten per cent math.  That is 14 math questions.  If you have any problem with that test from your textbook, it is on You Tube.  Here is a link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxc4SZ1CW1w  Any math that is on the North Carolina real estate exam, I have it posted on You Tube.  Put Ron Climer North Carolina math into the search bar.  Most people that fail the exam, only fail by a point or two.  YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO DO THE MATH!  I did the hard part and posted them on You Tube. You do the easy part.   Before you go bet $164 that you are ready, watch all the math videos.  Read this.  http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2016/12/solving-real-estate-math-problems-for.html    Make the math be your friend instead of your enemy.

Sixth, have you done my practice exam at www.ncreexam.com ?  Have you done my free practice exam at http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2015/04/real-estate-practice-exam-for-north.html   ?   Practice exam are great study aids.  Have you bought the book, "Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam"  ?  It has a thousand practice questions.

Seventh, have you called your classmates and created study groups.  Do you have most of your classmates contact info so you can call them the evening of their big exam and congratulate them on passing?  Have you read my article about trick questions?   http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2017/12/what-about-those-trick-questions-on.html

Eighth, Did you leave a notepad or recorder on the front seat of your car so IF you return to your car after the exam with a failure notice in your hand, you can start writing down the questions that you saw that you did not know the answer to?  Do this before you leave the parking lot.   Did you? Did you?   Because I have so many helpful videos posted on You Tube, I get phone calls from all over North Carolina.  Almost all of these calls are from people that have failed the North Carolina real estate exam, at least, twice.  They tell there was stuff on the exam that they had never heard of.  My natural reply was, "Like what?'.  Almost always they tell that they can not remember what.  Gee!  Do you think if they see that same question next time, they will know the answer?  At $164 a pop, I suggest that if you see a question like, "What is the CFPB?"  you better know what that is before you go back.  Anyone that failed both portions of the exam had to miss more than 39 questions.  Find out the answers to those 39 questions BEFORE you spend that next $164.  If you know what the CFPB is, please leave a comment for your fellow travelers.   If you don't know what it is, find out before you write that $164 check.

Ninth, did you take a box of chocolates and give it to the exam monitor as you ask him to give you the EZ test?   I have been suggesting this to my students ever since computerized testing was started in Florida.   I started telling my students back in 01 that if they would take a box of chocolates to the exam site and ask the monitor to give them the easy test, she would.  Half my students were skeptical.  The other half believed me and took the chocolates.  A couple of years later, I received a letter from the F.R.E.C. informing me that there is no EZ test .  I should quit telling my students to bring chocolates to the exam monitor.  Of course, I continued to suggest that the students take the chocolates.  A year later, we received a phone call at the school from the testing center.  It was one of the exam monitors.  She just wanted to let us know that her favorite chocolate was Godiva chocolate.  Take the chocolate.

     The reason I started to suggest this was because I read Dr. Robert Cialdini's book, "Influence".  In this fabulous book, he explains the basic, instinctual, power of reciprocity. This is a principle of influence that states that if I give you a gift, there is a strong urge  for you to give me a gift back.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOypv1AqYu0

     A couple of months ago, I had a man call me from the flat end of the state. He told me that he had taken the North Carolina real estate exam several times.  He told that the last time he took the exam, he walked in and the test monitor told him to go sit at table 7.  He had sat at table 7 the last time he was there.  He asked if it would be alright if he were assigned another table.  There was no other test candidates there.  The monitor barked at him and said," Get your ass at table 7 or get the Hell out of here."  He told me that was rather disconcerting.  He failed one more time.  Do you think that would have happen if he walked in with a box of chocolates?  There may not be an EZ test.  There is probably some things known only to the test monitor that can make your visit to the testing center more pleasant.  Take the chocolates.  If you can not afford a three dollar box of chocolate, at least bring a big smile and a pleasant attitude.

     Question number ten, would you please quit studying like you want to BAAAAAARELY pass. Please study like you want to make 100%.  Study like you want to get your picture on the front page of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission's Bulletin as the only person this year to make 100%.  Study like you have a $100,000 per year job waiting for you.  Because you do.  Get together with your classmates, suggest that everyone that is willing puts $164 in a jar.  The first one to leave class and get their real estate license keeps all the money in the jar.  Study like you have $164 in that jar and so do ten of your classmates.  Don't study like you are hoping to pass.  Study like it is life or death.

      Question number eleven, would you please leave me a comment and tell me what else you can do with $164 besides taking the North Carolina real estate exam over? 

     If First Real Estate School in Hendersonville www.firstrealestateschool.com can help you get your North Carolina real estate license contact us.  Our next class starts August 14, 2018.  Leave a comment.



Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Just Say No to Non Compete Clauses in Employment Contracts

     If you are looking to make a $100,000 mistake, sign an employment contract with a non compete clause.  Just as your career is shifting into second gear, you are offered a job with a competitor.  Your current employer reminds you that, when you started here, you signed an employment contract agreeing NOT to leave us and go to work for another employer in the same field and the same area.  WHAT!  I signed WHAT?  Read the employment contract before you sign it.

     Who benefits from the agreement NOT to compete in this area for two years?  The employee?  I don't think so.  The employer?  YESSIR.  The employer gets the benefit of the employee's work.  The employer pays for that.  That is fair.  The employer also gets an agreement not to compete with him for some period of time after termination of employment.  Does the employer pay for that? Nope, not one penny.  That is grossly unfair.  Wait!  The employee agreed to it.  That was before he read this article.  Is this agreement enforceable in court?

No non compete clause in your employment contract
     It was for me.  In 1996, I went to work as a part time real estate instructor for a real estate school in Orlando.  In 1998, I left that real estate school and opened my own real estate school in Orlando.  My old employer reminded me that two years ago, I had signed an employment contract agreeing NOT to compete with him for two years after termination within fifty miles of his location.  He sued me.  He obtained an injunction from the court ordering me to NOT teach any real estate classes within fifty miles of his location.  I moved fifty one miles away to Daytona Beach.  I opened Climer School of Real Estate.  Twenty four months later, I moved back to Orlando.  That was my $100,000 seminar.  I was a lot smarter after that.

     Just say NO to non compete clauses.  There is no upside for the employee.  It may be ten years later when a competitor offers you a opportunity as a sales manager.  Your old employer gets a court order stopping you from working in your field in his town.

     I promise that you will feel violated.  You are.  Do not let this happen to you.  Learn from my mistakes, not your own.  Just say no to non compete clauses.  www.firstrealestateschool.com

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Post License Real Estate Class in Hendersonville, North Carolina in July 2018

     In North Carolina, when a person gets their North Carolina real estate license, that new real estate licensee is not through with real estate school.  That new licensee is called a provisional broker.  Before the anniversary of passing the North Carolina real estate exam and receiving their North Carolina real estate license, that provisional broker is required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission www.ncrec.gov to take at least one post license course.

Post license real estate class in Hendersonville, N.C. 
     First Real Estate School www.firstrealestateschool.com in Hendersonville, North Carolina will teach this class, post license 301,  starting on July 20, 2018.  This is a Friday.  This thirty hour class will meet for four Fridays in a row ending with the real estate test on August tenth.  The hours are 8 AM to 5:30 PM.

     The class will meet at Keller Williams Realty's  new training facility at 404 South Main Street in downtown Hendersonville.  Students that attend this class will learn  more about contracts and agency responsibility.  Ron Climer will be the instructor.  Boredom will not be a problem.

     The tuition is $180.  First Real Estate School will loan the textbook to the students (like high school).  If you need this course to keep your to keep your real estate license active, please join us on July 20th.  Call 828 440 1064 to enroll.  Be sure to bring your real estate pocket card.