Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pass Fail Rate for North Carolina Real Estate Exam in November, 2018

     The fee for attempting the North Carolina real estate exam is $164 EVERY TIME YOU TAKE IT.  Last month in November 2018, five hundred and thirty six real estate license applicants took the North Carolina real estate test for the first time.  All of these test candidates had already passed a test at a real estate school that is approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

     The North Carolina real estate exam is divided into two parts.  One part is the national portion.  That is one hundred questions.  To pass, an applicant needs to get seventy two of those one hundred questions correct.  The other half of the North Carolina real estate exam is the North Carolina section.   This is forty questions.  An applicant must get twenty nine of these forty questions right to pass.  If you have not read Appendix A from your textbook, you better read it before you spend $164.  Here is a video of me reading it to you.   About half of the questions on the state portion of the exam come from "The Comments" .  Either read Appendix A or listen to me read it to you.  It is seven videos.

     In order to leave the test center with a smile on his face, a test applicant has to pass the national section and the North Carolina section of the test.  In November of 2018, two hundred and seventy nine exam candidates did this. Two hundred and fifty seven test applicants left with a sad face and a failure notice.  That is a 52% pass rate.
Do not underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam.  

     If you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate exam, please do not underestimate this test.  It is tough.  It is expensive to to fail.  If you have to take the exam again, it costs $164 every time.  If you pass the national portion and fail the North Carolina portion, it costs $164 to take the portion you failed. If you pass the state portion and have to take the national portion again, it will cost you $164.

     Last month, forty three real estate license applicants (repeat test takers) took the national portion only for the second or third or fourth time.  Twenty seven of those applicants passed.  That is 63%.

     Last month two hundred and sixty four exam candidates (repeat test takers) took the North Carolina only portion of the North Carolina real estate exam for the second or third or fourth or fifth time.  One hundred and forty five passed.  That is  55%.

     This is really depressing.  One hundred thirty six test candidates (repeat test takers) took both halves of the exam for the second or third or fourth time.  Twenty nine of these repeaters passed.  That is a 21% pass rate.

     Unless you have a lot more money than I do, you can not go take this North Carolina exam without being prepared.  It is too expensive.  You need to pass on the first try.  Many students study like they want to baaaaaaaaarely pass.  They are aiming to make a 73 on the national portion and a 29 on the state portion.  Please study like you intend to make a 100% on both halves.

     I operate First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  I tell my students what to study and how to study.  Why do some of them go take the test at $164 per opportunity without reading the textbook?  I tell them to read the textbook.  Half do.  Half don't.  Why?  I do not know.

     Why do some of the students answer the questions at the end of the chapter and some do not?  I do not know.  Any test applicant needs practice answering questions similar to the ones on the North Carolina real estate exam.  I have a free practice exam right here on this blog.   I have another practice exam at  Why would anyone go spend money to take the exam without doing these practice exams?

     We sell a book in our class titled " Guide To Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam" .  It has a thousand practice questions to help anyone pass the North Carolina real estate exam.  You would think that every one would buy this book.  Half do.  Half don't.  At First Real Estate School, we also sell a Math help book published by 3 Wise Teachers .  The math is ten per cent of the exam.  We also have the solution to any math questions posted on You Tube.  Why would any test applicant NOT avail themselves to this help?  There is a dozen of these videos on You Tube.  If you are soon taking the North Carolina real estate exam at $164 per pop, watch them.  Why would anyone go pay $164 to take the exam when they don't know how to determine value when given cap rate and NOI ?  If you don't know how to determine maximum payment that a buyer can qualify for when given debts and income, don't bet $164 that you will not get that problem.  Watch the video.  Why would anyone spend $164 to take the exam when that test applicant does not know how to compute the number of acres in a football field?  Why indeed?  You know what is going to be on the test.  Certainly you know if you are going back for the second time.  If you don't know, watch this video.   It is not a mystery what is on the North Carolina real estate exam.

     Here is a tidbit of advice that will diminish your cost of taking the exam.  When you go take the exam for the first time, leave a pad of paper and a pen laying on the seat of your car.  If you come back to your car with a failure notice in your hand like 48% of the test takers do,  start writing down questions that were on your test.  Sound simple?  You will not believe how many people DON"T do this.  They see a question on their repeat effort at passing the exam that was on their first attempt test.  They did not know what an extender clause was the first time they took the test.  When they saw the question the second time they took the test, they figured it was probably time to find out what it is.  Sure enough , the same question was there the third time.  Write those questions down and find out the answers before you go back at $164 per trip.  Better yet, talk to your classmates.

     Study, study, study.  Obviously, 48% of the first time test takers underestimate the North Carolina real estate exam.  Don't be one of those folks.  At First Real Estate School, we teach a state exam review on the second weekend of each month.  If you live anywhere near Hendersonville, get yourself a test date soon after the second weekend and join us.  The tuition is $60.  After taking the exam four times that does not seem like much money.

     Get together with your classmates and study together.  Call your classmates and congratulate then on passing the exam.  Watch my math videos.  The exam will be ten per cent math.  Share tips and ideas that you find online with your classmates.

     If First Real Estate School can help you in your license process, contact us at www,   Our next pre license class is 1 -29-19 .  Our next state exam review is 1-12-19 Saturday and Sunday /  Call  us to register at   828 440 1064 .