Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Find Your Deed Restrictions For Your Property In Polk County North Carolina

     As a Realtor in Polk county, North Carolina, I have listed several  vacant lots and houses on Lake Adger near Tryon, North Carolina.  This big beautiful lake is just down the road from the new Tryon International Equestrian Center.  Officially, Lake Adger is in Mill Spring, North Carolina.  To learn more about Lake Adger, visit our website at www.lakeadgerforsale.com   
Tryon is the first exit in North Carolina on I 26 forty miles south of Asheville

     Since all of the lakefront lots on Lake Adger are in a huge subdivision, they all have deed restrictions designed to keep Lake Adger as natural and beautiful in fifty years as it is today.  When you are buying a vacant lot in Lake Adger or anywhere, you need to be aware of the deed restrictions.  If you would like to read the deed restrictions for a property in Polk county, here is the process.

    Get the deed to the property.  The deed restrictions are mentioned in the deed.  They are mentioned as being recorded in book number ? on page number ? in the public records of Polk county North Carolina.

     Go to http://cotthosting.com/ncpolkexternal.  Click on book page.  Put in the book and page that you learned from the deed.  Click on pages.  Your deed restrictions will appear.  Usually, they will be several pages.  You can print them out if you like.

     I learned how to do this when one of my clients was looking at lot 3 in Hawk Ridge.  This is the least expensive lakefront lot on Lake Adger as of this writing ($99,900).  Here is a link to a video of that lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N45YBEuquAY

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Preparation Is Paramont

     I was hanging around the magazine section of the grocery store last week.  That is where I spend most of my time when I join my wife grocery shopping.  I was reading a survival magazine for people that feel the need to be prepared in case of a life changing event such as a hurricane, flood or attack by zombies.

     These are articles about how to prepare  an emergency "bug out" bag in case you have to leave quickly as in a forest fire or flash flood.  There are articles about how to purify water and create shelter from a tarpaulin.  Certainly, being prepared is important.

     Let me suggest something you can do to prepare for a more common emergency, a flat tire.  Last year, my sixty five year old brother had a flat tire on Interstate 95.  He was not strong enough to turn the lug nuts on his wheels with the little toy wrench that came with the car.  His flat tire turned into a five hour adventure.

A four way tire wrench is better than the one that came with the car
     I bought him a four way tire wrench for Christmas. This is the perfect gift for the man that has everything but isn't as strong as he used to be.  It costs about twelve bucks.  If you are not as strong as you used to be, buy yourself a four way tire wrench.   Put it in the trunk of your car. Buy one for your dad.  Buy one for your mom.  Buy one for your wife.  Buy one for your daughter. Your seventeen year old weight lifting son does not need one.

     Flat tires are not nearly as common as they used to be.  You don't really care how unusual a flat tire is when you are sitting beside the road.  Today most wheels are installed with a power air wrench.  If you are not ready for American Ninja Warrior, put a four way tire tool in your trunk.

     An ounce of preparation is worth a ton of aggravation.