Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lake Lanier Antique Cottage In Tryon, North Carolina

     In Tryon, North Carolina, there is a super antique shop.  The name of that antique shop is Lake Lanier Country Cottage.  It is a super shop because it has lots of super antique stuff.  The antiques at Lake Lanier Country Cottage are priced right.  There are plenty of bargains there.  There are several vendors that have booths and are constantly changing and updating the inventory.  There is lots of variety.  There is antique furniture.  There is antique tools.  There is antique glassware and pottery.  There is antique outdoor stuff like dinner bells and bird baths. 

     Not everything at Lake Lanier Country Cottage is antique.  They have newer stuff that many people call vintage or collectibles like Star Wars or Barbie.  Depending on how old you are, you may not consider a Marilyn Munroe poster as a antique. 

     Lake Lanier Antique Cottage is located at 974 South Trade Street in Tryon.  Trade street is US Hiway 176, which is the main road that runs from Landrum, South Carolina to Saluda, North Carolina.  If you find yourself in Saluda or Landrum, just drive a couple of miles to the state line, there is Lake Lanier Country Cottage.  You will probably go home with some new antiques. 

     If you have any antiques that you would like to sell, call me at 828 440 1064

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