Saturday, December 3, 2016

Solving Real Estate Math Problems for the North Carolina Real Estate Exam

     If you are taking a North Carolina real estate pre license course to get your North Carolina real estate license. you may find the North Carolina real estate math questions to be a challenge.

     You may also have the misfortune to a less than perfect instructor that assumes all of his students have a PHD in math.  He teaches rapidly.
First Real Estate School can help you solve math problems

     If this is your problem, here is your solution.  Go to You Tube.  Put my name, Ron Climer North Carolina real estate math into the search bar.   You will find twenty plus videos, similar to this one, teaching you how to do the math on the North Carolina real estate exam.  If you need help with the arithmetic that is on the North Carolina real estate exam, watch these You Tube videos.  The instruction is slow enough that you can keep up.  The price is right.  It is free.

     I have videos to help you:
     compute commissions in North Carolina
     compute price per acre when given lot dimensions and price
     compute price per square foot in a North Carolina house for sale
     compute value when give gross income and appropriate capitalization rate
     compute value using cost depreciation approach
     pro rate taxes and rent for a North Carolina closing statement
     compute interim interest for buyer and daily interest for the seller
     compute how much money buyer needs to bring to closing
     compute how much money seller will take home from closing
     compute excise tax in North Carolina
     compute how much rent a property must produce in order to net a given "before tax cash flow"
     compute per cent of profit on North Carolina real estate
     compute price with CMA using CBS CIA including matched pair analysis
     a plethora of other information to help you pass the North Carolina real estate test.

     If you live anywhere near Asheville or Hendersonville, First Real Estate School   would love to have you as a student.  Call us at 828 440 1064 .  We are located at 404 S, Main Street in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  We are licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to teach broker pre license classes,  We have one starting soon.

     After you pass your North Carolina real estate exam, call me.  I will tell you about a wonderful place to sell North Carolina real estate in Hendersonville.

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