Sunday, June 25, 2017

Concealed Firearm Weapons Class in Tryon, North Carolina

     Gunner's Custom Holsters is a small storefront on Highway 108 between Columbus, North Carolina and Tryon, North Carolina.

     They sell all sorts of holsters for your Glock or your Beretta or you Sig Sauer or your Smith and Wesson or Ruger handgun or whatever handgun you need a holster for.

     Many people in today's world in North Carolina feel the need to carry a concealed firearm.  Whether or not you have a permit to do so is the difference between being a criminal and being a law abiding citizen.

     Joe Poe, a retired Marine officer, teaches the required class to get your concealed carry permit in North Carolina at his holster shop in Polk County North Carolina.

     It is an eight hour class.  Joe is very precise.   He makes the class fun and interesting.  He teaches you what you need to know to to be legal and ethical when you carry a concealed firearm in North Carolina.

     If you live in Tryon or Saluda or Landrum or Columbus or Hendersonville or Mill Spring, contact Joe at 

     You don't have to drive to Hendersonville or Shelby to take a concealed weapons class.   You can take it right here in Columbus.  Call Joe at 910 382 2738

     You can not find a better firearms instructor .  Joe does an excellent job teaching the NRA class that you need to get your North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit.

     Contact Joe.  I am glad I did.

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