Thursday, November 29, 2018

New Realtors, Here Is What You Are Doing Wrong

     New Realtors, This is your last chance to get it started right.  If you started a new real estate career in 2018 and things are not going as good as you hoped, I know what you are doing wrong.  I know how to fix it right now. 

     If you attended any basic sales training class anywhere in America, the sales trainer told you create a list of everyone that you know that would recognize your name.  Here is a video I posted many years ago about this.  Watch it.  This is the number one most basic sales technique in real estate.  Your sales trainer told you to list your friends, your relatives, your in laws, your old coworkers, your old club members, your church members, every person that you know.  Send them a letter or card with your business card inside letting them know that you have started a real estate career. 

     At Keller Williams Realty in Hendersonville, North Carolina, we call this your database or sphere of influence.  The sales trainer told you to send all of these people a piece of mail.  Why does every sales training program in America teach this technique?  BECAUSE IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC! 

     Why do 95% of the sales trainees NOT do this valuable training exercise?  This is the mystery of the industry.  If you have ignored this valuable advice, today, December 2108, is your opportunity to repair this mistake and get back on track. 
Send a Christmas card to everyone you know.  

     In December, start over.  Put the list together now like the trainer told you to last March.  Put a minimum of 200 names and addresses on a list and mail them a Christmas card with your business card in it.  You can start the list with me.  Ron Climer PO box 403  Tryon, North Carolina 28782. 

     Mail a Christmas card to the 200 people on the list.  Put your past customers on the list.  Put your child's teacher on the list.  Put your doctor,lawyer ,dentist on the list.  Put your liquor store owner on the list.  Put your motorcycle mechanic and your plumber on the list.  Put your city commissioner on the list.  Put everyone that attended your wedding on the list.  Put your past customers on the list.  Put everyone that might attend your funeral on the list.  Mail these people a Christmas card. 

    Isn't modern technology wonderful?   Once you make this list, you can use it next year and the year after that.  This is basic,basic salesmanship.  From the time I was 21 years old until my mother passed away, there were two people that I was certain would mail me a birthday card; My mother and Ray Hansen, a insurance salesman that sold me a policy when I was 21. 

     If you did not make as much money as you had expected in 2018, here is the simple, easy solution for 2019.  It works.  It works every time.  It works for everyone that uses it.  The problem is that only a small per cent use this simple sales technique.  Give yourself a present.  Send out two hundred Christmas cards.  Next year will amaze you. 

    Forget those email cards that are deleted within seconds.  Put a card in the U .S. Mail. 

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  1. I came here to read this article looking for a story that I have told dozens of time. Many years ago I worked as a sales trainer for a real estate franchise. The franchise gave the curriculum. I was expected to teach it the way they wanted it taught. one of the techniques that w taught in the class was "cold calling". This is where you call everyone on Elm St. and everyone on Pine St. and everyone on Maple st. and say something like, " Hello Mr. Johnson, This is Ron Climer with KW Realty. Are you folks thinking of moving soon? If you call 100, you will get 2 appointments to list their house. It is brutal exercise. One day I was at a convention in Florida. I ran into one of the franchise brokers and he told me this story. He said one of his rookie agents had attended my training. He was walking through the office and she was talking on the phone with tears in her eyes. He listened. She was saying, "Hello Mr Johnson . This is Susan with XYZ Realty. Are you folks thinking of moving soon?" It was not going well. Her Broker took the cross reference book from her and threw it in the trash can. He told her to take her appointment book out of her purse. ( this was the 80's) He asked did she have a list of phone numbers of her frequently called numbers. This would be your phone in the 21st century. He told her to call them all and say hello . Find out what is new and exciting with them. Chat. She was the number one salesman in the office the next month. She was having fun, calling her old friends and saying hello. This is not hard. Call a friend today. Save the cold calling for another day.