Sunday, February 10, 2019

Looking For a Lay Down, a Unique Prospecting Method For Salespeople

When I was young, I worked in a Buick store in Orlando, Florida.  Selling cars is a good place to learn to sell.  Everyone needs a car.  Everyone is a prospect.  

In the car business, they have their own language.  The term 'Lay Down"  refers to a customer that walks in and is so easy that Bozo the Clown could sell them a car.  They don't need financing.  They don't have any objections.  They are not concerned with the color.  A symptom of a lay down is that they arrive at the dealership in a taxi cab with a insurance check in their shirt pocket.  They have lay downs in every industry.  Maybe other industries do not use that term.  Easy customers are everywhere in all industries.  

After I had gone through my one month training at the Buick store with Henry and learned to sell, ( If you have not read that article, you need to read it. Here is a link )  I found one or two lay downs every month.  

In real estate, we certainly have plenty of lay downs.  If you are not finding your fair share, perhaps it is because you are not looking, prospecting, enough.  If you called fifty expired listings, SURELY there would be one lay down in that group.  
In my youth, I learned a lot about selling at a car store

If you called fifty  forsalebyowners, certainly there would be one lay down among them.  

If you held fifty Open Houses, surely one lay down would walk into one of those open houses.  

If you joined some service club or lead exchange club, surely you would meet one or two lay downs per year.  

If you posted You Tube videos about real estate in your town, maaaaaaybe a lay down would see your video about USDA financing with 1% down payment and call you.  Maybe.  

If you called fifty of your friends and past customers and asked them if they know anyone about to move, perhaps your buddy would refer you to a lay down that lists his house with you.  

If you called fifty foreclosure victims, surely one of them would be glad you called to solve their problem.  

If you did some of the above activities, even if you never met a lay down, you would certainly meet regular prospects that do have a few objections and do need financing and do care about color and neighborhoods etc.  You should be able to sell them.  

Get your fair share of the lay downs.  Call lots of prospects or find a way to make lots of prospects call you.  When the boss walks by and you are sitting at your desk with your headset on and the boss asks if you are lead generating.   Tell her the truth.  " No Boss.  I am looking for a lay down.".    Call a prospect today.  


  1. In timeshare, we call them lay downs. I've heard some industries use the phrase, "low-hanging fruit".