Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The More Prospects You Talk To, The More Listings You Get

The most basic rule of salesmanship is, "The more people you talk to, the more people you sell.".  If you want to list ten houses in a month, you likely need to make ten listing presentatons.

Many new Realtors only see two prospects per month.  Then they wonder why they are not listing five houses per month.  Here is the rule.  You have to get face to face eyeball to eyeball belly to belly with a prospect to get a listing.  You have to sit down at Mr. and Mrs. Seller's kitchen table and tell them why they should list with you.  In today's world their kitchen table might be a Zoom meeting.  Face to face is still best.

If you do this really really well, maybe eight out of ten will list with you.  If you are average, five out of ten will list.  If you are mediocre, two out of ten will say yes.  How many presentations did you make last month?  If your answer is two and none listed, here are your choices.
Make more listing presentations.  You will get more listings

Make a lot more presentations per month or improve your presentation or learn to live on a strict budget.  Please start thinking in terms of " How many listing presentations have I made today?".

If you will make one listing presentation every day to a seller, you will make a nice living in real estate.  Do you suppose that you might get pretty good at making listing presentations with all that practice?  Do you reckon maybe you might get good at answering objections? If you need help answering objections, watch this. 
The good news is as your presentation skills improve, you will hear less objections.  Pretty soon, your most common question will be,"Where do I sign?".

Choose to make more listing presentations.  To whom do you make presentations?  SELLERS!  Lots of people woke up today in your marketplace and decided to sell their house.  Will they call you?

If they received your "just listed" postcard last week that you mailed out when you listed their neighbor's house two blocks away, they probably will call you.  Maybe it was seeing your new sign that prompted them to think about moving.  Why would any Realtor anywhere list a house and NOT mail out two hundred "just listed"postcards to the neighbors?

Why wouuld any Realtor anywhere sign a bilateral contract between a buyer and a seller and NOT mail out two hundred "just sold" postcards to the neighbors? Why indeed?

Why would any Realtor anywhere leave a closing and NOT mail out two hundred "just sold" postcards to the neighbors again?  Could it be because...... Well I can not think of a reason but please leave me your excuse in the comments.  Ron, I did not mail out "just sold" postcards to the neighbors because..........

If you do mail out "just listed  and "just sold"  postcards to the neighbors , someone will call you and say," We have been thinking of selling.  Can you help us?"  This s called prospecting or lead generation.  The person that called is called a prospect.  What is a prospect?

A prospect is "someone that needs or wants your product,the services of a Realtor, can afford it, and will likely buy it from you or your competitor within aa reasonable time period".

What if you also mailed out a similar postcard to all the EXPIRED LISTINGS in your MLS every day?  Would they call you?  Are they prospects?  Well let's see.  They need the services of  a Realtor.  Their motivation has increased since they listed with Nogood Realty six months ago.  They are now living five hundred miles away.  They are making payments on their new house.  They are still making payments on their old empty house.  Will they call you?  Yes indeed they will call you.  They will ask you, "Can you get my house sold?".  Can you take it from there?

Mr and Mrs. Out of Town Seller are called red hot prospects.  If none of them are calling
 you now, it is because you are not investing fifty cents to mail them a post card.

If you are not listing,at least, two houses per month, you need to be making more presentations.  You need to be prospecting more.  This is top priority.  This is more important than the Board of Realtors luncheon.  This is more important than you child's  soccer  game.  This s more important than your club meeting  Call a prospect today.

If you live in central Florida and need to get a real estate license or take a post license course, check out  When you call, guess who answers the phone. 

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  1. I love this post. This is great advice for new and seasoned agents. Thank you for the shout out.