Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Dream Job in Central Florida

     Did you ever meet someone that seemed to have a dream job?  A job with good pay, good benefits, little stress, good hours and a pleasant work environment is a blessing.

     In Orlando, Florida there is such a job that is within reach of of any reasonable person.  You don't need a college degree.  You don't need any fancy connections.  You just need to know about it. 

     What is this job?  It is selling time shares.  Central Florida is the time share capital of the planet.  There are more time shares resorts in central Florida than anywhere else in the world. 

     If you can get along on $100,000 per year, selling time shares is a job that you would love.  Many of the really good time share sales people make twice that.  Times shares are sold on commission.  Time share sales people are employees  with benefits at most time share resorts.  Most resorts pay you while you are  in sales training.  Selling time shares is selling vacations and dreams. It is a very pleasant way to make a living. 

     In most sales jobs, the biggest challenge is finding prospects to present to.  At a time share resort, the company finds the prospects.  They put the prospect in front of the sales person.  All the salesperson has to do is to get their signature on the contract. 

     Most time share sales people are home from work before the kids are out of school.  You don't take your job home with you in a briefcase. 

     Do you want a pleasant place to work?  Most time shares are sold right at the luxury resort that you are selling.  You are working where other people go on vacation.  It is tough touring through the pool twice a day. 

     If you have a Florida real estate license or can get one, check out selling time shares.  http://floridarealestateinstructor.com/looking-for-a-real-estate-class-in-orlando/   It is a fun way to earn an extraordinary living in central Florida.   . 

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