Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Failing the North Carolina Real Estate Exam is Not So Embarrassing Since It has Become So Expensive

     Because I have so many real estate math videos posted on You Tube, I receive phone calls from all over North Carolina from real estate test candidates that have failed the state portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  They tell me things like, 'I have never heard of the NCREC.  My instructor never mentioned that."  They say things like, "My instructor never talked about willful omission."  I ask them, "Did you read the "COMMENTS, Appendix A, in your textbook?  One hundred per cent of the time, the answer is NO. 

Read the "COMMENTS".  Pass the real estate exam the first time
     The Comments is about the North Carolina real estate license law.  It is 22 pages in your textbook.  It is a free download from the N.C.R.E.C. at www.ncrec.gov .  There are forty questions on the North Carolina portion of the North Carolina real estate exam.  Twenty five of those questions come from this 22 page document called the "Comments".  You only have to get 29 of the questions right to pass. 

     If you don't like to read, listen to me read the "Comments" to you.   Here is a link to the first of seven videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaPLEyKzX24&t=142s  .  Watch them all.  It is free.  It costs $164 every time that you take the state portion of the North Carolina real estate exam. 

     At First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, our motto is "Pass the First Time."  www.firstrealestateschool.com    If you think you are ready for the $164 version of the real estate exam, take my practice test at www.ncreexam.com  If you can not make a 85% on my practice test, keep studying. 

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