Friday, May 3, 2019

A Dozen Questions to Ask the Sales Manager on Your First Real Estate Job Interview

1.  What are my required hours?

2.  Do I have to work weekends?

3.   Explain how "desk duty" works.

4.   Explain how the training works.

5.  Explain the commission split using a $200,000 house.  

6.   How much money would I have to earn to be the top earner next year?

7.   If I buy or sell my own house, do I have to pay the company a commission?

8.  Will the company reimburse me my tuition from real estate school?

9.  If I invited my classmate from real estate school to join me here, would I earn a recruiting bonus?

10.  Is there a retirement plan?

11.What company is your toughest competition?  

12.  How much would I need to sell to get 100% commission?  



  1. These are just a few suggestions from me. If you have some to add, feel free to add to my list.

  2. I've got one...
    Will you pay me a 25% referral fee on all listings I abandon when I leave the company?

    BTW, If you don't have a real estate license yet, check out my list of twelve items here
    I have a video of twelve tips to help you pass the Florida real estate exam. I don't have a NC license, but I would guess that many of the tips apply to NC as well.