Friday, May 17, 2019

Selling Real Estate Can Be a Stepping Stone or A Career

     Yesterday, I Googled "Success in real estate".  I was surprised at the quantity of articles about how tough, hard, difficult  it is to be a successful Realtor.  Many of these articles pointed out that as much as 75% of new Realtors don't last five years .  These people were described in many articles as "failures"

     From where I am standing. ( the front of a real estate classroom) these people are not failures.  They are successful.  I see lots of people arrive in a real estate license class from a not so hot place in the socio economic world.  They are working at a $12 per hour J.O.B. They come to First Real Estate School with hopes of changing their economic lives.  They do change their lives.

     Selling real estate is a life long career for many people.  It is a stepping stone or a rung on the ladder of success for others.
Selling real estate can be a stepping stone in your career path

     Many people get into real estate.  They start to earn a nice income.  That turns into an above average income.  That turns into an extraordinary income.  That turns into an opportunity outside of selling real estate.  That person leaves real estate to pursue some other endeavor.  This other endeavor is often NOT another $12 an hour job.  It is a step up from selling real estate.

     To be mildly successful in selling real estate requires a lot of personal development.  You learn as much about persistence, and attitude and budgeting and creativity and leadership  and presentation skills as you do about how to write up a contract or measure square feet in a house.  These new skills and attitudes naturally  propel people to greater heights.

     If these heights are in real estate, that is cool.  If these new heights are in some other field, that is just as cool.  What a person learns from five years of making a living selling real estate on commission will serve that person for the rest of their career.

     Take a look at your current career path.  If it looks like you are income is close to maxing out, consider a career in real estate.  It is a very pleasant way to earn an above average income.  If you are highly motivated, it is a great place to earn an extraordinary income.

     If you are anywhere near Hendersonville, North Carolina, contact me at First Real Estate School.  I will show you how to start a new real estate career.     

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