Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The North Carolina State Only Exam for Out of State Real Estate Licensees

     If a real estate licensee from another state wants to get a North Carolina real estate license, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission has a special program for these people.  This out of state Realtor does not have to attend the seventy five hour real estate class at First Real Estate School in Hendersonville that most real estate license applicants are required to pass.

     These out of state real estate applicants do not have to take the 140 question exam that my students take.
The North Carolina real estate exam is not easy

     These out of state real estate licensees only have to pass a 40 question test testing their knowledge of North Carolina laws and customs.  Sounds simple.  It is simple.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission tells you exactly what is on this forty question test on page 14 of their  booklet," Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina".  Here is a link if you want a free download.  www.ncrec.gov .

     The pass rate for this forty question exam is 22%.  That means if a hundred people took it, 22 passed and 78 will be paying $164 to take it again.  If you wonder if you can pass, try my practice exam at www.ncreexam.com .  Download the booklet from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission first.  Study page 14.

     The number one mistake that out of state licensees make is to believe that what they already know is going to help them.  It won't.  You need to know North Carolina stuff.

     When real estate students from North Carolina go take the exam, there are 140 questions.  One hundred are from the "general" section and forty are from the "North Carolina" section.  That real estate license applicant has to pass both sections.  Many students pass the "general" section and fail the "North Carolina" section.  There is a good way to waste $164.

     That applicant will be going back to PSI and paying $164 to take the "North Carolina"  section again.  That applicant needs to check out my practice exam at www.ncreexam.com

     If you are anywhere near Hendersonville, North Carolina and need to get a real estate license contact First Real Estate School at www.firstrealestateschool.com  .

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