Tuesday, December 26, 2017

To Be Terrific , Be Prolific

     In Gary Keller's book, "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent", he quotes another book, "Art and Fear"  by Bayles and Orland .  In "Art and Fear"  the author describes a college course in pottery where the professor gave the class a choice about how to be graded.  They could be graded on quantity or quality.

     One choice was to turn in one piece of pottery.  Your entire grade depended on the quality of that piece.

     Your other choice was to to be graded on how many pieces of pottery you could create  during the course.  Fifty pounds of clay equals an A.

     At the end of the course, the quantity people made the best pottery.  Of course!   They had the most practice.  Can we apply that to what we do?  If you start off 2018 with fifty houses listed in your inventory, I will bet that you have a good year.

     If you start the year with one really good, red hot, clean, well priced, motivated seller, good terms, staged, listing, I will bet on the guy with fifty ho hum listings.  He will make the most money in 2018.

     What if only half his listings sell?   That is still 25 closings.  QUANTITY !

First Real Estate School in Hendersonville 
     You are reading this blog post.  What if you don't like it?  I have 100 more.  Try another one.  If  I write a lot of blog posts, I am bound to write one that will attract a seller or buyer to contact me.

     If I only write one blog post, it better be goooooooood.

     If you call ten prospects per day, maybe one of them will list with you.  If you only call one prospect per day, you better be really smoooooth on the phone.

     Be prolific in your prospecting.  Be prolific in your blog writing.  Be prolific in everything you do if you want terrific results.

     Quantity will prevail.  As quantity increases, quality will follow.  There is an old time tested cliche : "Practice makes perfect." .  It is true.  Lots of practice makes perfect.

     Practice your listing presentation every day.  Practice it on a forsalebyowner or maybe some poor soul that has had the misfortune to have his listing expire in the MLS recently.

     Practice your skills prolifically .  You will love the results,

     If you live near Hendersonville, call us at Keller Williams if you want a new career.  828 755 6996 or www.firstrealestateschool.com

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  1. In timeshare, they say, "The more tours you take, the more money you make." The ones who take the most tours are the ones who get really good at their presentation.