Thursday, April 26, 2018

Florida Real Estate Exam, A Tutor for You

     I  have been teaching real estate license classes for a long, long time.  Teaching to a group of thirty to fifty real estate students has some built in pitfalls.  One of these pitfalls is feedback.  I may explain a point.  A student does not quite understand what I thought I explained perfectly.  Will that confused student ask me to explain again or ask me a question?

     Rarely!   Why is this true?  The student is afraid of being embarrassed.  The student is afraid that the teacher will embarrass them.  Or worse, one of their classmates will embarrass them.

     One solution to this problem is to NOT ask questions.  That is a bad solution.  It does not take my students long to realize that I will never embarrass them in class.

     Another solution to this dilemma is one on one tutoring.  When I tutor a student, there is only the student and me.  If I ask a student,"Do you understand?", I know that they are telling me the truth. In a classroom with thirty five other real estate students, this is not true.  Students will say that they understand when they do not.  

     My daughter, Karen Climer, is excellent real estate tutor.  She has helped many real estate exam applicants pass the Florida real estate exam in Orlando.

     The pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is slightly over 50%.  Almost half of Florida real estate license applicants pay to take the exam a second or third time.  Many of Karen's tutoring clients don't call her until they have failed the Florida real estate exam.  Karen has an extraordinary sense of what is on the Florida real estate exam.

     Karen has been a real estate instructor since 2003.

     If you want to pass the Florida real estate exam the first time, call Karen at 407 493 3974.  She teaches one on one or small groups.   She blogs about passing the Florida real estate exam.  She has tips on You Tube. 

     Do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam.


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