Sunday, April 8, 2018

Toastmasters Will Teach You To Think and Respond Quickly

     Last night, I was sitting up watching C-Span.  There was a "town hall" meeting on concerning the Parkland, Florida school shooting.  This meeting was in Broward county Florida.

     They had several state politicians and local politicians.  Citizens and students asked questions.  It was obvious that most of the politicians were overwhelmed by the questions.  They had no answers. Since the purpose of the meeting was to make the politicians look good, this meeting was a failure.

Learning public speaking skills is easy at Toastmasters
     I am a member of a local Toastmasters club.  We teach our members public speaking  skills.  What great skills to learn.  One of the exercises that we do every week at Toastmasters is called "table topics".  This works like this.  The table topic master asks a question and calls on a member to answer that question.  The question may be something like,"What have you learned this week?".  The purpose of this exercise is to learn to think quickly and respond quickly.  What a great skill to learn!  It is hard to learn this skill without practice.

     In business, you are are often asked to answer a question RIGHT NOW.  Your answer may determine whether or not you make this sale or get this account.  Thinking quickly and answering quickly and confidently will make you money.

     If you live near Hendersonville, North Carolina, join us on Wednesday morning at eight o'clock.  In a couple of years, you will be an excellent public speaker.  This skill will go straight into your wallet.


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