Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Pass Fail Statistics For the North Carolina Real Estate Exam for March, 2018

     Hooray!  The news is good.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission released the pass fail statistics for March 2018 today.  It is the best pass ratio in twelve months.  The worst was January of 2018 with a whopping 48% pass rate.  The North Carolina real estate exam is not easy. 

     In March of 2018, seven hundred and fifty three real estate license candidates attempted the North Carolina real estate comprehensive exam for the first time.  Four hundred and ninety one of those applicants passed.  That is a 65% pass rate.  WOW!   That is the best pass rate in a long time. 

     I think the reason for the improvement is the $164 re take fee that the North Carolina Real Estate Commission charges people that take the real estate exam for the second time.  I constantly tell my students at First Real Estate School in Hendersonville that it costs $164 every time you take the North Carolina real estate exam.  That is a lot of money in my neighborhood. 

     I urge my students to study like you intend to make a 100% on the real estate exam.  Don't study like you intend to barely pass. 

     I urge my students to read the chapters before we get to them in class.  I tell my students about study aids that we have for sale, like the 350 page book published by the same people that publish our textbook, " Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam".  AMP is the people that give the real estate exam in North Carolina.  This book is full of explanations and sample test questions to help anyone pass this exam the first time.  You can find it on my website at www.firstrealestateschool.com 

     I tell my real estate students about the nine CD program that we sell that they can listen to in the car or home to study effortlessly.  It helps them review the points that we covered in class. 
If you can not pass the exam, everyone in this picture is smarter than you

     I also tell my real estate students that I have posted twenty real estate math problems on You Tube to help them study the real estate math.  The North Carolina real estate exam is 15% math.  Why would anyone show up to take the exam without knowing how to amortize a mortgage or determine value given capitalization rate and NOI ?  It cost $164 to try again.  It does not matter that you failed by one point.  It doesn't matter if you passed by one point.  Learn the math.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HbEwoiVBMY 

     I have a practice test right here on this blog.  I also have practice exams at www.ncreexam.com  .  On these exams, the answer key is a video of me explaining the answers. 

     The North Carolina tells us exactly what is on the North Carolina real estate exam in their booklet, "Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina"   It is a free download from the NCREC.   www.ncrec.gov .  Here is a video describing it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZFPZGo_DJ4&t=10s   This booklet is also published in your textbook. 

     Here is a idea.  Invite several of your classmates over and watch several of my math videos.  or take my practice test together.  Studying together is a great activity.  Get three to six of your classmates together and make flashcards.  Read this: http://rondclimer.blogspot.com/2017/12/what-about-those-trick-questions-on.html   Here is another idea.  Ask your classmates when they are taking the exam.  Call them a few hours later and congratulate them.  Stay in touch with your classmates.  Talk to them about where you are going to work and why. 

     Before you spend your $164, read the glossary.  Read the "Comments" on page 591 or page 603 in your textbook.  There is a mountain of test material in the "Comments".  It cost $164 the next time that you take the North Carolina real estate exam. 

     Please, please, please study like you intend to make a hundred per cent.  Do not study like you want to barely pass.  If I or First Real Estate School can help, contact us at www.firstrealestateschool.com. 

     Here is another statistic.  Last month, March 2018, eighty seven test applicants with a real estate license in another state took the North Carolina forty question exam to get their North Carolina real estate license.  Thirty of these applicants passed.  If you are soon taking that test Mr, Out of State licensee, check out my practice test at www.ncreexam.com   It is $164 every time you take the test. 

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